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  • Fabulous Shoe Bag:Bought this as a storage bag for a new blood pressure monitor. I can understand why monitors no longer come with their own storage bag as that particular size is so hard to find. This is a bit large, but all the pieces can be put in without jamming them including the electric plug as well and the computer connection cables. The color also makes it easy to locate. Black bags seem to just disappear in the closet.Replica Gucci Belt Women
  • Come-on, it’s a shoe-horn… It horns shoes effectively.:This review is for a shoe horn, not a pair of shoes. Anyway, it works just as you would expect a shoe horn to work, and it was delivered quickly.Mens Replica Gucci Belts Replica
  • Great find:I absolutely love this. It is very strong, sturdy, and well made. I use it to put in a pair of side zip Danner work boots. This is helping to save the heals of the boots from breaking down. Now my foot slides right in! A short shoe horn did not work.I can see how this would help others if bending is difficult, or for putting on any other boots.So glad I bought this one!Women Replica Gucci Belts
  • Five Stars:Recently used this on a trip overseas – I was perfect for what I was looking for! My partner and I shared the one case for the trip which kept our passports, money, credit cards and other important things we needed organised.Seems well made as we had no problems with the zips or seams over the months we were away.Its fairly basic looking and the coverings are synthetic material (not leather) so not an ideal choice for the fashion forward however fulfilled all my requirements.Recommended.Update: Oct 2012. This wallet continues to be my staple travel accessory. Used on several more trips and always thankful for the organization and convenience it supplies.I originally mentioned its not for the fashion forward however my partner took the wallet on a recent trip and received many comments on how great it looked and asked where she got it. So I may have to retract that remark!Replica Gucci Belt Cheap
  • Love it!:I have a pair of tall boots that I struggle to put on every time I want to wear them. I ordered this shoe horn and am amazed how easily my boots go on now! VERY fast shipping. Very pleased with product and will travel with this shoe horn!!
  • my balance improved with these socks:The black open toe yoga socks are so cute. The socks are very soft and comfortable. I love using them while I do my daily exercises. I have a slippery floor so I always have to watch my footing as I stretch. But with these it helps me stay balanced and I don’t have to worry about hurting myself. The socks grip the floor and prevent any hazardous falls from happening. They’re really comfortable and I can run easily in them. I was sent these for review, however it does not effect my thoughts and opinions.
  • this is the best shoe horn I have ever tried I love it …:Had hip replacement surgery 1.5 weeks ago. Got this so I could put on my sneakers and start going outside. Works perfectly, even with my cushy sneakers. Happy to have it, even after I am past the recovery.
  • Thanks for a good product!:WHY DID I IGNORE THIS GLORIOUS ITEM FOR SO MANY YEARS?! Really simplifies my shoe wearing struggles… Just a perfect little thing to keep by your shoes.
  • works well:Just recently had hip replacement surgery. This device made putting on shoes a breeze. It is long and sturdy. Recommended purchase!
  • update on the plastic shoehorn:I bought two of these to use after my hip replacement and have been using them frequently. Today I used the device for the first time with my snow boots. The loop of plastic broke while I was holding it firmly while putting my non-op foot in the above-ankle boot. Will use the other one gently until I am done needing assistive devices, and then have a little ceremony when I throw them both away. woo hoo!
  • The thing is sturdy, which is always the concern with a plastic …:We purchased one of these several months ago and just receive another in today’s mail !!! We love it, a wonderful help for both of us. I purchased the latest one for my sister as she has serious health problems and it is going to be a tremendous help to her!!We have get another one for ourselves so we can have them in the bedroom an coat closet in the hall!!
  • PurSabino Bella toeless yoga grip socks are by far awesome ty:So I do some work outs at home and I have a yoga mat and the Pilates big ball and while I was looking around I saw thereabouts toeless grip socks and thought you know maybe theses will be better then my socks or sneakers or being barefoot ,so I asked a few friends that do yoga and so forth about them and one gal said you should get a pair ,so it goes with out saying I got a pair .and I absolutely love my toeless yoga socks , well it was one of the best ideas I have seen ,they fit great and my feet don’t slip or slide any more and they keep your feet nice and cool .So to my friend thank you, and to my family and other friends if you do yoga or even just workout at home get a pair of theses