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  • Love it!:More roomy than it appears and I really like the pattern. I also like all the pockets. All the VB bags I have had held up well. What’s not to like?Replica Gucci Belt Size
  • Amazing purse.:Its worth it and yes it is a real MK purseReplica Gucci Belt Black Replica
  • Five Stars:Great weekend bag!!Real Replica Gucci Belts For Cheap
  • 24″ Inch Extra Long Handled Shoehorn:Sturdy shoehorn that really will help my husband with his arthritic hands and inability to bend over to slip on shoes. Delivery was prompt too. Great customer service from the company too.Belt Replica Gucci
  • These Run Small and Have Slippery Soles:My LO is almost 9 months old, a little small for her size in weight terms but tall in height. These booties are a little large at the moment but they are cozy. The only downside is that they are no use when she wants to pull herself up onto her feet–not when paired with wooden floors, anyway. I’m going to sew gripper pads on the bottom.
  • extra long-handled shoehorn:This is long and convenient plastic shoehorn. I am 6’3" and need only mild bend when I am using this one. Despite being plastic, it seems pretty sturdy, and was usable with every shoe I have tried. The end ring is also large, make it easy to hang it on whatever type of the hanger you have on the wall.
  • Wish I had Seen This 10 Years Ago !!:Recently, back surgeries have not yet improved my abilities and I have to rely on implements such as this shoehorn to make my life more livable. When I saw this item I was quick to try it out because of its firm plastic and handle grip design. The price was a little steep however it is well worth it because it met my desire and overcame my concerns. I use it mostly for my boots…
  • Nice and long:Great product! All I expected and more. Very sturdy, easy to use, large handle, saves my back and worth every penny.
  • I bought this for my Wife:My husband bought me this for Christmas. Absolutely love it! Lots of room for its size. Has many pockets that zip and is light weight.
  • Victorinox Travel Organizer:Really, all the products VICTORINOX are of the highest quality. With this organizer I complemented very well the purses of hand-luggage. Excellent size, enough pockets. It has an external pocket where it fits any type of passport or ticket (air, train). Internal pocket with zipper in which they fit any size of bills and one extra for the coins and sufficient space for cards. Place for stylograph and as always the best thing, VICTORINOX
  • The best booties ever:A little boy at my son’s daycare had these so I had some prior knowledge of the fit on these. My son is 3 mo. and I bought 12 mo., what can I say, he’s a big boy. So right now, when he rubs his feet together he can get them off but the other little boy with these can’t get them off to save his life. That’s what I’m looking forward to. They are super cozy and cute and the color is beautiful.
  • Awesome Tool!!!:This was exactly what my husband needed and will use daily. We are very pleased with the product and the cost. We also appreciated the order being handled so quickly.