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  • like the arch support:Just okay – They are very ‘spongie’ to walk in, have to get used to them. I use them for beach shoes.Replica Gucci Belt Singapore
  • Mom’s Answer:This is just what I was looking for, a shoe horn that workseasily with any kind of shoe! I recommend it highly~Cheap Replica Gucci Men Belts
  • nice long shoehorn:Long shoehorn is solid and firm. It works just as described. Handle is easy to use, length is just as noted. Makes it easy to get into those tighter shoes, especially when standing and in a rush.Replica Gucci Belt For Men
  • Very good quality, well polished and sturdy.:Purchased for my dad. He was impressed with the quality of the horn, thought I spent a lot!Replica Gucci Belts Cheap
  • Love this Shoehorn !!:My first thought (and possibly yours) was "wait a minute…plastic?" I’d been used to the old standby small metal shoehorns, and my knee-jerk reaction was "is this going to be some flimsy plastic thing? Not to worry. This two-foot shoehorn is made of sturdy, heavy-duty plastic, and it works great. I’m kicking myself for not buying one earlier. Since I’ve only had it a week, I can’t comment on durability, but it seems rugged and built to last.
  • Love The Canyon:I love this cross body bag. The colors are vibrant. I don’t think it will show the dirt like others. It is the right size for traveling, it will hold essentials and has several pockets for phone, makeup, passport without being bulky and allows your hNd to be free. Delivery was quick.
  • Exactly what I wanted:I FREAKIN LOVE THIS BAG! But I didnt get the Michael kors storage bag like some said they did! They even have there tissue paper with there logo on it!!!!
  • DOT&DOT MAKES AN IMPRESSIVE PRODUCT AT FANTASTIC PRODUCTS!:Seem to be just fine. Haven’t used them yet. Think I will really like them, the concept is great.
  • Five Stars:All came as expected, works well
  • Excellent product from conscientious company:Although I haven’t used the product yet, I am pleased to find that it is seemingly sturdy and of an appropriate length to facilitate an easier job of getting my shoes/boots on. I have some recurrent problems with hip bursitis and it is uncomfortable for me to get down to floor level to get the back of my shoe over my heel. In addition, I bought another of the shoehorns for a diabetic friend who has lost a leg to diabetes. He now has a prosthetic leg/foot with a companion shoe on it to match his good leg. I also purchased a couple of boot jacks to further assist with the removal of the shoe.
  • a good sturdy shoe horn:Edges could be more rounded but otherwise solid and smooth shoe horn
  • A Great Help:Now this is a shoe horn and is exactly what I’ve been looking for! This shoe horn helps tremendously by coming around behind my heel and pushing the back of the shoe out so my foot slides in perfectly! The way it is contoured & with the excellent two feet of length & great handle gives me the friction that I need for my feet to slide right in my shoes, spectacular product!