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  • I wear OOFOS daily:Took a while to get used to.can know wear them most of day.i started out about 5 or 6 hours a day.wore them 8 hours them.have a lot of trouble with shoes because I have a very high arch.Replica Gucci Gold Belt
  • Thank You, Fellow Amazon Reviewers!:The size, color and quality construction met my expectations. I was disappointed when I found that it is not waterproof when placed in the same bag with boots than had snow on them. It absorbed the water and needed to be hung dry before use again. I would recommend this bag for packing footwear for travel with the understanding that it will not protect footwear if exposed to inclement weather.All Black Replica Gucci Belt
  • Quality product.:I bought this to replace one that we lost on vacation. It is even better than the one we had! Received promptly, and the vendor checked to be sure we are happy with the product. WE ARE! I would buy again.Replica Gucci Belts For Cheap Replica
  • Very Happy:My product arrived as expected and on time! I am very pleased with it! Beautiful and very convenient ! Thanks for your service!Belt Replica Gucci
  • One Star:I have several pairs of shoes with ghillie laces, and I was tired of bending over to put them on. I had to hold the back/heel area while trying to slip them on to keep the heel from crushing. A shoe horn was definitely in order, and I decided to try a long-handled one. I bought one at the drug store, and while it got the job done, the curve of the blade was too exaggerated, so my heel didn’t slide into the shoe very easily. When this one arrived, I was delighted! Excellent design, from the curvature of the blade to the length – and even the convenient handle at the top!I’m very pleased with this purchase.
  • Cheer in a bag!:This item was delivered without delay in the condition stated. As always I am not disappointed with the Vera product. I love the pattern was recently retired and so I have been searching for an item that I liked enough to order as I love the blues. This bag can be worn over the shoulder or cross body. It is roomy and has a couple outer pockets that I like so I can keep phone/keys handy. I would recommend this item to others.
  • this is a very sturdy shoehorn, I have a bad right hip:Product is good and arrived quickly. Was bought to assis my wife with putting on some boots. unfortunately doe to the way the boots are made this product doesn’t help with them.
  • What u c is not what u get!:I’m a big fan of Darn Tough socks. The Boot Sock Full Cushion is my favorite for wearing to work in the winter. These socks come about 2″ above my Red Wing 10″ steel toes and keep my feet warm and dry.
  • Easy:I purchased this for my husband. It arrived right on time and is well made. My husband loves it. The company was very attentive to our satisfaction. Heartily recommended.
  • Great Laces!:Great product for my kids shoes, i recommended it.
  • Handy helper:Bought as a gift……person loves it…….senior citizen and big help on putting on shoes…..Saw a review that thought might break….I don’t think so….not ever !!!