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University rankings Australia 2020 – QS Australian Universities

Australia is among the top leading countries that have an excellent educational system. It also has 15 universities enlisted in the top 50 universities in the new times higher education ranking. If you are interested in any field, you can easily find a university that offers enrollment for that particular subject.

Moreover, the university rankings Australia 2020 features top schools and colleges that provide a higher education level to the students and easy access to various resources to carry out their workings. 

Australia is the house of prestigious universities that offers a high-quality education system and the various creational and effective program that helps develop the students’ skill and overall aptitude.

university rankings Australia 2020

Besides, it has great business schools, law colleges, engineering colleges, and schools, and you can enroll through best-reputed universities in bachelor’s, masters, or even Ph.D. The reason behind the plenty of students studying in Australia is that it is on the 3rd rank after the U.S. and U.K., where most of the immigrants travel to study abroad for higher education and the beautiful environment they live in has also attracted more students. Let us have a look at the top list of university rankings Australia 2020:

  • Melbourne University

The Melbourne university was found in 1853. It has seven campuses that are spread over Australia. Moreover, it comes on the 1st in the top global universities in Australia. A graduate or an undergraduate can live in one of the several residential areas of the college campus. However, the tuition cost may vary concerning the subject and a probably higher price for immigrant students. Some of the expensive programs it offers are dentistry, medicine, and veterinary science.

Generally, Melbourne university undergraduate students choose from various bachelor degrees such as arts, commerce, environment, music, fine arts, oral health, biomedicine, agriculture, and science. After that, they combined it with major subjects categories. Moreover, the university also offers an extended bachelor of science and bachelor of arts programs.

The Melbourne university has almost 20 graduate schools that include the Melbourne conservatorium of music and the Melbourne business schools. This university has nearly 5 Melbourne research institutes, which encourage collaborators and government, industry, and nonprofit organizations to invest in their university development.

  • Sydney University

It is one of the oldest universities present in Australia. It is located in the area of southeastern Australia. It has several other campuses looked in other areas of Australia. Some of the faculty focuses on the topic of climate change and geology. Moreover, students’ accommodations are available in the residential area of the university.

Students and immigrant students can live in residential colleges. However, the tuition costs may depend upon the subject you choose from, and the fee gets higher for immigrant students. It has more than 15 academic divisions such as environment and agriculture, social science and art engineering, business, medicine, and information technology. The main language of this university is English, and it has a semester-based calendar in academics.

Moreover, undergraduate students have options to enroll through a one-year university semester. Some of the university programs are developed to enhance the mental and brain attribute of the students. If you are looking to admit to the research focused honors program, this university is the best one for your skills. 

  • Queensland University

The University of Queensland is among the best leading universities that are located in nearby Brisbane, Australia. It has three main campuses: the st Lucia campus, where the majority of student study and learns different tactics; the Gatton campus, it is the university’s hub for veterinary and agriculture science; and the Herston campus, where houses for school’s clinical health faculty.

However, other sites of Queensland university involve teaching hospitals, marine research stations, and an underground mine situated around the Queensland campus. Moreover, students’ accommodations are available at both Gatton and St Lucia. The university has six main academic courses, such as economics and law, business, social sciences, engineering, biomedical and medical sciences, humanities, health, and behavioral sciences.

Moreover, English is used as the language of instructions at Queensland University. It follows the semester-based calendar. It also offers various small courses during summertime. Also, the university includes the Queensland brain institute, the institute for molecular bioscience, and the Australian Institute for bioengineering and nanotechnology. It also offers scholarships to undergraduate students who participate in research programs during winter and summer break organized by the research program team.

  • University Of Monash

Monash university is one of the excellent institutes established in 1958. It is named after Sir John Monash, a professional Australian military engineer, and leader, and the campus is located near southeastern Australia. The largest university spread over 12 miles around the southeast area of Victoria’s capital city.

Students at Monash university come from hundreds of countries. Though international students have to pay higher for tuition fees, the university offers a scholarship for those who excel in the academic test. It is divided into three campuses, and every campus offers on-campus student accommodation.

The university has various academic divisions such as design, architecture, business, economics, engineering, information technology, law, nursing, health science, pharmaceutical science, art, and science. The university follows a semester-based academic structure and has English as the primary language is spoken on the campus. 

The above-discussed universities come under the university rankings Australia 2020. If you desire to enroll in one of these universities, contact the university office for more detail. Moreover, Australia is the best place for students studying in warm weather or like to go out on the beaches. 

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