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  • Five Stars:Nice …but it didnt say where it is made fromReplica Louis Vuitton Belt Men
  • very good. wear size 11 xl fits fine.:See my review for the Darn Tough Vermont Men’s Merino Wool 1/4 Cushion Socks, Oatmeal, LargeReplica Louis Vuitton Belt For Sale
  • Expensive but…:Are these socks worth 15$? Maybe not right away, but I figure if they have a lifetime warranty I’m going to get my moneys worth in the end. Buy one pair of these a year or month or whatever and you’ve got four or five pairs of awesome socks for the rest of your life! Just think about it…The socks are really comfortable, I actually get excited to put them on and always pick them over my other socks now. The blend of wool and polyster is good perfect for my hot feet in the summer when hiking.Prada Mens Belt Replica
  • great hipster:This bag arrived fast, and it is beautiful. It is the perfect size, and holds everything I need including an extra diaper, and the quality is great.Buy Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Shoe horn:This is a wonderful product. I bought this for my husband who has a hard time putting on shoes. I had just bought him a pair of sheepskin slippers with a high bootie back. I wound up helping him put them on whenever he wanted to wear them. This shoehorn makes it so easy for him to put them on himself without stepping on the heel. I originally thought the large handle was dumb but I can see where it’s something that really helps in helping to grab and maneuver the horn. My husband said that it could be 6 inches longer so he can sit on the edge of the (high) bed and put on his shoes without having to lift his foot but he’s thrilled to have it.The construction is very strong and the edges are very smooth – important for diabetics so there is nothing that will cut or scrape the skin.
  • Works great! Could not find anything like it in any …:Works great for the kids cleats. Very sturdy & no rough edges.
  • Comfortable:These flip flops are like no other. I have high arches and regular flip flops make my feet hurt. These have great arch support. I bought multiple pairs in different colors.
  • Best kids sandals:Can’t get the daughter to take them off.She LOVES these shoes.She has rafted, climbed mountains, lounged on the couch, gone for 10 mile bike rides, waded in the river, and kicked her brother’s ass in these. Excellent shoes.
  • Super product:So glad I finally found this!! This product works so well for my husband who cannot bend over because of back issues. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs assistance with putting on their shoes!
  • Amazing ear protection for little ones!:Bought these for our 9 mth old Grand daughter. They really don’t stay on her head well. Perhaps they will fit better when she’s older. I also purchased the Ems 4 Bubs Hearing protection Baby Earmuffs and they are AWESOME! Would recommend the EMS 4 Bubs over the Baby BanzearBanZ.
  • Very good Choice:Great!!!
  • Vera Bradley:I absolutely love this bag. My Kindle Fire fits perfectly! As does all the other essentials. I love that it is crossbody and I can run errands without having to hold a bag!

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  • Great socks:They were as advertised. While others on the hiking trip were uncomfortable, the person receiving the gift was not.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Price Replica
  • Five Stars:Very comfortable, I’m ordering 2nd for my partner..Mens Ferragamo Belt Replica
  • Love the design and they seem to work great!:These made it to our house in the expected time. They fit our babyboy very well, but they are a little on the smaller side. He’s 3-1/2 months and these might only fit him for another couple weeks (he’s a big boy, though, so other babies should be fine).Replica Louis Vuitton Belts For Women
  • Worked great for a graduation and wedding:Used for taking an infant on a Single engine plane. Although he can’t tell me he likes it my older kids say it quietens down the cabin noise as much as their standard aviation headsets.Replica Louis Vuitton Graphite Belt
  • A great tool for making it easy to slip into your shoes.:The 24″ handle Shacke shoehorn is ideal for the orthopedically challenged. It’s made with very durable plastic for strength and long life. The grip is ideal. I even use to get into and take off 30-40 mm pressure hose. The grip is ideal for a steady hand with boots.
  • Very well made, Many uses!:This multipurpose bag is great, it is a small size, but just big enough for me to carry my phone, money, keys, and hand lotion in. I haven’t had to use it for traveling just yet, but it is perfect for when I go to my sons school for lunch, and don’t want to carry my purse!They have other sizes available as well, and they will hold everything from toiletries, to feminine hygiene products, and anything else you can think of!*I received this product in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own*
  • Birthday gift from my daughter.:I love this purse so much!! There’s a lot of room and the perfect size.
  • great organizer:Love the material of this product; durable and sophisticated at the same time. It features many interior pockets to hold all of my travel items. Great buy!
  • I Like It:This product is great! It is long enough so that when my arthritis is bothering me I do not have to bend over to put my shoes on. This product works as good a I hoped it would.
  • … gift for my mother and she really seems to like it. ty:The shoe horn works fine. The questions asked are ridiculous.
  • love, love it!:I am inlove.
  • Love these shoes!:Having lived in warm climates most of life, including Hawaii, I spend most of the year wearing flip flops am a serious connoisseur. The Sanuk Yoga Mat is one of my all time favorites. I bought these last summer after trying them on in a local store that only had them in black. I couldn’t justify another pair of black flip flops at the time so I left them behind, but literally couldn’t stop thinking about them.I finally purchased them from Amazon in Aqua (so many colors) and I live in them. The aqua is true to color (on my monitor). They are actually made of recycled yoga mats and Sanuk is a very eco-conscious company, which is important to me. They arrived in a reusable bag that looked like plastic but was made of non-GMO tapioca root. Bags made of tapioca root use less petroleum, energy, and water, thus producing a lesser carbon footprint than ones made of plastic. These flip flops are also vegan (meaning they are not made with any animal products or by-products). Awesome.In addition to having had surgery on both ankles, I suffer from a chronic pain condition, so I’m all about comfortable shoes. The recycled yoga mat soles are incredibly plush, cushiony, and flexible, with a slighter firmer bottom layer that wears well. As with most flip flops, they only have the very slightest arch support, so beware if this is something you require. They soles provide plenty of shock absorption which I really notice when compared to other flip flops.The straps are synthetic and well-made. They do not have that crappy fake leather look. The interior of the straps have an aqua and white gingham design that adds a nice detail and make the Sanuk Yoga Mat Flip Flops stand out. The piece that slips in between your toes is made of a soft canvas-like material that forms to your foot. The entire shoe can get wet without damage.The white Sanuk branding on the heel of these flip flops wears off relatively quickly until it totally disappears. Unlike some flip flops with soft soles, these do not permanently mold to your foot but bounce back each time you take them off.If I had the cash floating around, I would absolutely own a pair of these in every color. Considering we had an unseasonably warm winter, I’ve worn these flip flops almost every day and other than the tiny chunk of sole ripped off by a foster kitten (with seriously sharp teeth who chewed on everything), they still look practically new.Buy these now. Just not in my size!

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  • these work better and don’t pill and tear like the “smart wools”:best darn socks ever. have a pair from a year ago still kicking. Really tough and long lasting pair of socks.White Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Replica
  • My second one of these. Love it.:Love the bright design. This was ‘m y first Vera Bradley bag. Very pleased but I wish it was a little larger. Still I can carry my kindle and other essentials.Replica Louis Vuitton Graphite Belt
  • Five Stars:These are the best socks I’ve ever bought. I use them with my hiking boots as well as my cowboy boots in cold weather. My feet stayed warm in my cowboy boots in 30 degree temps and my feet didn’t sweat. I’ve used a variety of socks over the decades for hiking, and these are my new favorites.White Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Heavy, but good quality.:Entrega en excelentes condiciones y tiempo rápido, vendedor confiable, oportuno, etc.. El pedido llegó más rápido de lo que estimé.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Replica
  • A little narrow!:Very soft and comfy. I can wear these all day and my feet feel just fine. They fit true to size and still look new after wearing them all the time. The only downside is you don’t want to wear them on rainy or wet days. They are a slippery mess when wet and also absorb wetness like a sponge.
  • I love this bag:My daughter loves this purse. Roomy and so much more. She’s very happy with it and the colors!
  • Just what I was hoping for. Not itchy or …:Very comfortable. Very warm. Too warm for Texas summers, but fantastic for the colder months.
  • late arrival:About two years ago I was searching for a durable purse that would last for a while. As a student, the previous purses I owned rarely lasted a few months before I wore them out. Or I just flat-out disliked them. Anyways, I received a Vera Bradley Hipster Crossbody from a family member for Christmas right around that time. Words cannot describe the perfection of that purse.I carried it nonstop for two plus years. It was a wonderful green pattern (it’s discontinued now, so I can’t tell you the name of it), and only recently did it begin to fray. I can’t say enough good things about it: the fact that it lasted more than two years, or that when it became dirty I could just pop it in the washing machine and it would come out good as new, or how it was the perfect size to fit all of my crap, etc.This purse is a wonderful, wonderful deal – $38 is practically a steal. I promise, you won’t regret getting this. The picture accurately reflects the vibrancy of the actual purse. There are three pockets on the inside, and three pockets on the outside. The strap can be adjusted for comfort. The material is fabric, obviously, but as I said earlier, it can be washed if it gets dirty. I’m also very pleased with the quick shipping.
  • I can wear em for days!:I bought a few different brands/styles of different merlino wool socks to try them out. These are the most versatile of the types I purchased. These are average height & weight. They can be worn with boots or shoes and are warm. I bought additional pairs after testing the first set. Well made in the USA.
  • Five Stars:I bought these on the recommendation of a friend that thought they were very comfortable. I received them and found they had a notice attached that for health reasons they are NOT returnable. Who would buy shoes that are NOT returnable if they do not fit right?I certainly would not have. Well wouldn’t you know the high arch causes my right foot to be so uncomfortable that I can not wear these shoes, now I am STUCK with shoes I can not wear! Buyer BEWARE!!!
  • Five Stars:I have plantar faciitis. These shoes make it bearable to walk around on the tile floors in my home.
  • Love the hipster:Love the pattern! It’s a nice size, and the adjustable strap is great. Only wish it had more pockets inside.

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  • Perfect for cowboy boots:Don’t know how I lived this long without this awesome shoehorn. It has so many other duties than just putting my shoes on, like getting the dog’s ball out from under a sofa, scratching my back, etc.I will truly enjoy having this in my life.Replica Louis Vuitton Belts For Women
  • My husband loves it:Product of Shoe Horn was exactly as described and I felt it was a bargain. I’ve seen plastic shoe horns that sold for more. I would very much recommend this shoe horn.White Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • The best!:Had this bag and the strap broke after 6 months – I am so disappointed to spend over $200 on a handbag and have it come apart. Michael Kors has always been a great brand…I don’t know what happened. Maybe this one was defective.Replica Louis Vuitton Belts For Women
  • Pleasantly Surprised!:Exactly what we wanted. Strong, long, and smooth. thanks.White Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Great Product!:These head bands are great the fit my newborn and weren’t to heavy for her. They also expand quite a bit so, I am looking forward to having her use them for a while. I tried them on because I have a small head and it seemed to block the sound pretty well. Was a little spectical after reading bad reviews but I am satisfied with them. Also live the color!
  • Double great:This is wonderful. Keeps the backs of my slide on hikers from getting ruined by being crushed by my heel.
  • works great!:Excellent – will probably outlast me. It is sleek, has a sizable "ring" handle so easy to grip and hang up after use. I liked it so much, I bought a 2nd one. One is in my closet and the other is outside on patio. I use them every single day. Well worth the cost to me.
  • Very pleased:Indeed a Vera Bradley for a great price. Such a cute bag with lots of pockets! :)
  • Amazing Socks:Gave them to our son for Christmas and lives them .. Warm and very comfortable .
  • An extremely helpful product:I had my 3rd back surgery in April. When my family is home, I can get them to help me, but how frustrating is it to have help putting on socks and shoes. But I am home a lot and minus the socks, really struggling to get my tennis shoes on, so I purchased this shoe horn. I can sit straight and get my shoes on. It is sturdy and works real well.Thank you for making this. It is fantastic.Glad you are a NON Corporate Family business. We need to support you more. God Bless
  • proof they work!:Bought these for my little one (16 weeks) for when we go target shooting at our personal outdoor range- they worked amazingly well! The noise did’t seem to bother him at all. I tried them on myself and they seemed to suppress the noise very well. I highly recommend! (I won’t be missing any more concerts either!)
  • Great shoes:Love ’em. They are wonderful. But the looks. My teen says I can’t wear them out when she is with me. I think its the clunkyness of them. Anyhow I still do to her chagrin because they are awesome.

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  • Looove!:I love this purse. I don’t think I ever want to use another….How Much Is A Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Purchased for my wife:My wife loves her new Vera Bradley handbag, and it was good to get it at a discount. This is the first Vera Bradley that she has ever owned.Replica Louis Vuitton Men Belts
  • Best socks I have ever owned!:The best sock I have ever used period.The came with me to Roraima Tepuy in Venezuela as a test drive and they came on top of every other sock I have ever used super comfortable and very tough plus zero blistersPrada Mens Belt Replica
  • Beautiful Organizer!!:Better than I thought, I put 5 passports I. And it will still have space for the tickets and money.Ferragamo Mens Belt Replica
  • Nice sock:I am the world’s most frugal person – paying over $20 dollars for a single pair of socks gave me a panic attack with a load of regret.I’m deployed – the preferred pair of boots I brought with me are Men’s barefoot boots – I’m a female, so my heel slides around and rubs skin away when I wear my worn out, cheep "3 pairs for $9" boot socks – I figured that I needed an upgradewhen I got these I was still worried (because for $20 they better be magic socks)… until I put them on… they are SOOOOOO comfy! they are very thick and sturdy – so if my heel did slide around they would act as a second skin. these are super soft… this week was the 4th time I’ve worn them and, even with the terrible washer/dryers out here, they were still soft. the cushioning hasn’t worn down yet.Sizing… the pair I ordered fits perfectly BUT according to the sizing chart I ordered 2 sizes up – I wear men’s shoe size 6 (which should be a small), but I ordered a large (in a care package I received on a previous deployment I got a pair of Darntough socks size small and they are really tight and uncomfortable so I had the advanced knowledge to order bigger)If you buy these (one to two sizes bigger than your shoe size) you will NOT regret it!
  • Love it! Easy to carry and holds all I …:Absolutely love my bag! Excellent size and so comfortable
  • Five Stars:Received today. Very pleased with handbag.
  • Four Stars:Just read the name. Enough said.
  • better then I thought socks could be:These are the best socks I’ve ever bought. I use them with my hiking boots as well as my cowboy boots in cold weather. My feet stayed warm in my cowboy boots in 30 degree temps and my feet didn’t sweat. I’ve used a variety of socks over the decades for hiking, and these are my new favorites.
  • The spring is the best:The “Long Handle Shoe Horn” is excellent. The 31 inch length precludes having to bend over, the wood handle is sturdy, the spring connecting the handle and shoe horn provides flexibility and the shoe horn is long and slender. Well made…an excellent product, delivered as promised.
  • Helpful for aging parents:This product is very sturdy and easy to use. It is by far the best shoe "helper" I have tried to use. My mother can now put on her shoes without assistance! Shipping was 2 days. I will purchase from this seller again and refer the product!
  • Handy and Convenient:Delivered on time. Packaged well. Just what I wanted.I wanted a way to keep from breaking down my slip-on shoe counters. This is what I wanted to do the jog.

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  • Awesome:Love these socks! Keeps feet dry & warm. Made a great birthday gift. Love the fact that they are manufactured in the USA!Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Price Replica
  • This is a really solid shoehorn that would be perfect for the elderly or disabled who can’t manage that footwear …:I bought this for my husband and when he first saw it he was slightly insulted, thinking that this was something for the elderly. (I don’t mean this comment to be disparaging against older adults; we’re all going to get old.) I got it for him because he is 6′ 6" and a traditional, short shoe horn is not practical for his size. He loves it and uses it all the time. Yes, it’s terrific for the elderly, for people with physical limitation, and it’s wonderful for tall people!Mens Replica Louis Vuitton Belts
  • Five Stars:Very nice bag. Love the color. Nice size to have.Mens Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Replica
  • Five Stars:She loved itBelt Replica Louis Vuitton
  • Five Stars:Very warm and great cushion
  • Five Stars:Perfect size and color. And I get soooo many compliments. LOVE IT!
  • it’s the best:Looks very durable. Has multiple pockets to hold passport, forex, cards, etc. I would definitely recommend this to a frequent traveller.
  • beautiful classy bag:I have always wanted a Michael Kors purse. My hubby bought this one for me and it was perfect! It arrived in good condition and met my expectations. It can in the original packaging and the protective bag was included.
  • Very pleasantly surprised!:What’s not to like?!!!! It represents the latest in shoe horn technology by which all others should now be judged!
  • Five Stars:love the darn tough socks!
  • A Senior Must Have:I received the shoehorn on time. I have used it at home. It is sturdy and just fits in my largest suitcase.
  • Well made and attractive:I bought this as a present for an elderly relative with restricted mobility. While I have not used the item,I’m awarding a 5-star rating on account of this touching note of appreciation I received:What a thoughtful gift of a long handle flexible shoehorn for an old uncle who finds it difficult to bend and put on his shoes! It is marvelous and every time I use it, I think of you and your thoughtfulness.

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  • Comfortable but they run big:Love these shoes. Very soft and comfortable.Men Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Works great – passed the sleeping baby test:Just bought these for my 7 month old son for 4th of July. I tried them on him and he loved them. Laughed the whole time he had them on. Light enough and fit snug but not tight. They adjust for the perfect fit. I would highly recommend them for young babies and toddlers. I also tried them on myself to see how much noise they muffle and they do a great job.Real Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Wonderful !!!:Did exactly what it was suppose to do. Makes putting on tight shoes so much easier. Well made and sturdy. Won’t break or bend like other shoehorns. Thinking of buying a couple more to have in different parts of my home. Definitely worth the money.Replica Louis Vuitton Women Belt
  • Great wallet!:I love this wallet!! Lots of room and I love the vibrant red! Would recommend!Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle
  • Use overnight delivery:I wanted a Spring handbag and I love Michael Kors bags. I got into trouble when I thought that one of the bags was of a lighter shade then the others so I ordered the less expensive one and then ordered what I thought was the paler one. The photography was probably the problem. When they had both arrived, I found they were exactly alike so I asked for a refund on the more expensive one. I then ordered a Michael Kors vanilla bag which will serve for Spring and will use the remaining one for Fall. Thank You for your quick response.
  • Great gift:Great bag,great price. Shipping was so quick, I’m soo loving this.
  • Waste of money:Arthritis prevents me from tying shoe laces, or reaching down to my shoes. So I have to wear slip on shoes. This shoe horn works wonders for me! It’s easy to handle because of the large grip, and its length and shape work perfectly in aiding me to slip on my shoes. Thank you!
  • Works great for a finicky toodler:This shoe horn is quite heavy. It also snaps a magnet up to it like carbon steel. If it is stainless steel it a cheap grade as much magnetism that it shows. It appears to be nicely powder coated so one can not see the bare steel.
  • Shake metal shoe horn:It is nice and sturdy. No need to worry about this one bending!
  • Five Stars:Love it!!!!!!!
  • Nice over the shoulder bag:I have never had a purse from Vera Bradley, until I got this one. I love it. It has a lot of room inside to hold all my stuff. It is also easy to wear across your body.
  • Five Stars:I LOVE my purse! I get compliments on it every where I go! Very happy with my purchase!