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  • Works great made well, but needs an eye at the end:Bought a long shoe horn at IKEA several years ago for just a couple of buck. Absolutely love it and, of course, they don’t carry it anymore. Have been looking for another and bought this one largely based on the reviews of others, even though it’s a lot more money. It works OK, but I like the IKEA one better. The shape of the horn seems awkward and I’m not convinced the spring adds anything. You have to be careful not to get it too far down into the shoe because it doesn’t come out easily.Mens Ferragamo Belt Replica
  • Super lightweight handbag:I got a lot of compliments from having this bag. Pretty much like every female I encountered was like “Where did you get that bag? What is that monkey? That’s a Kipling monkey? What is a Kipling monkey?” I am doing this brand a lot of advertising!I do actually own another Kipling bag. It is a smaller size and I got it actually for around the same price. I was a dork and I did a thorough online bag review search. That’s right. I researched which bags had the highest reviews and then sorted by price and function. I took the highest ranking items and did a cost-value comparison. There are actual websites devoted to this, so I’m not the only one! Anyways, I went to some baggage specialty site and bought my first Kipling then. This was a couple years ago. I used it for my travels abroad because I wanted to get something with a bunch of pockets. You know, so I could hold my valuables safe but in the open. Bad guys would be fooled because I had so many decoy pockets. Anyways —Since then, I feel like Kipling has improved even though they were awesome back then too!This bag is about the price of other Kipling bags (around $78 at time of purchase). It is a bit more pricey, but it is still at a lower price point than the designer bags like Coach or L V. I think this bag is a good day bag because it has many compartments. If you pick the right color, it can go with many wardrobe items. It is a bag that could blend in with casual wear and a little more formal wear. (I took this to the streets of NYC and even to a 3 star Michelin restaurant! No one looked at me funny.) Nylon does feel thin though against the skin. I can see how some people may question whether or not nylon would be very durable if they are new to having a bag made of the fabric. My other bag (that I bought years ago) has still lasted. I just wanted a bigger bag to stuff more things into.The inside fabric color now, at least for the white bag, which I bought matches the color of the outside. I liked that. My older Kipling bag had this green tint inside which I didn’t like. But this bag seems to have improved to be more color coordinated inside and out. I found all the zippered pockets to be well placed and thought out. I could put small bills in the back. Keep some receipts in the front. Have a pouch left over for keys. Put my phone inside the main compartment. Slip in tissues into the fold in the main compartment. Bring some paper soap along with me also in the fold in the main compartment. Plus, stuff my sunglasses inside with much room to spare.In short, I love this handbag! It is very functional. I would recommend this for someone who is traveling and needs to bring a lot with them to feel comfortable that she is not leaving something important behind.Authentic Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Extended handle shoehorn:the shoehorn is constructed very well. I believe it will last for years to come.I am very pleased with the product.Black Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Replica
  • Good, but pricey.:this was a gift. It came as promised and seemed sturdy. nephew seem to like it at christmas. Thank youMens Ferragamo Belt Replica
  • Everything you need in a wallet:I love this wallet! I wanted something I could carry in my purse, but pull out when I didn’t want to carry a big bag and have everything in it that I need. Even room for my cell phone. Lots of prints to choose from so maybe one for each season:)
  • Great for Flying:These worked great at the KINGS STANLEY CUP rally… My newborn was in love with the sound of winning and they work great for SHARKS fans who are constantly choking on everything it really blocks it out……
  • Perfect size:I really love this bag. It’s well made and unique. I also like that it has many pockets and compartments, nice for avoiding the "black hole" purse effect where you can never find anything. I love the vibrant color of the bag, but on the computer the "Atlantis" color looks light blue. In person, the bag is like an aqua green. That came as a surprise to me, but fortunately I am happy with the color even though it isn’t what I was expecting. Very cool bag, all around.
  • Five Stars:Well made socks fit great, comfy and they stay up. you know the quality is there if they back them with a lifetime warranty. :)
  • Make fitting Rossi boots a Dream:I chose this shoehorn for its 24" extra long length. Anyone who finds it difficult bending over, when tying their shoes (those with daily conic lower back pain, or arthritis, etc.) will appreciate how easy it is to place the shoehorn in the back of their sneakers, without needing to bend over. Standing, or sitting on the side of a bed or chair, the extra long handle will reach your shoes with ease. Slightly lift you leg and place it over you knee, to tie the laces. You’ll love the pain free comfort this product offers,when slipping on your shoes. It has a large easy grip handle, useful for hanging in a close, where you store your shoes. I highly recommended this product. I purchased this long handled shoehorn for an out-of-town guest, who was visiting. However, he didn’t want to return home with the shoehorn in his luggage. He feared customs might want to examine his luggage (if the long object looked suspicious?) Not wanting to worry my elderly guest (we all hate going through airport security!) I mailed the long shoehorn, via USP. If anyone has flown with this product, please leave a message regarding your experience. I’m curious if security examined the inside of your suit case, because of the long length, the unusual shape? Thanks.
  • The best, period.:I don’t like Darn Tough socks, the toe seems are bulky and really rub, plus the wool is scratchy.
  • I wish I ordered this years, nay, decades, ago:I had my 3rd back surgery in April. When my family is home, I can get them to help me, but how frustrating is it to have help putting on socks and shoes. But I am home a lot and minus the socks, really struggling to get my tennis shoes on, so I purchased this shoe horn. I can sit straight and get my shoes on. It is sturdy and works real well.Thank you for making this. It is fantastic.Glad you are a NON Corporate Family business. We need to support you more. God Bless
  • Dry & warm:This is my third pair of Darn Tough Sox and I love them. These were sized larger than the other two I have purchased so that surprised me. But it is an excellent sock. They are pricey but last forever.

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  • super comfy and warm:Don’t cheap out on socks! Good long lasting socksReplica Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle Replica
  • Great hiking socks.:Great fit that made my feet tingle with joy! Oh how quality feels on your skin. NOT made in China. What more can I say? Well, they’re very comfortable, breathable, and after a few washings they still look great. I’ll definitely go back for more, they are well worth the money.Damier Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Five Stars:Great weekend bag!!Belts Replica Louis Vuitton
  • flip flops soak up water like a sponge:I don’t think I have wide feet- I usually fit into regular shoes happily, and have never noticed anything amiss. With these, I felt suspiciously wide. The sides of my feet weren’t spilling off, but they are exactly on the edge! I ordered the brown on brown if that makes a difference.I really like the feel of them and I am pretty sure I’m going to keep them, they’re just a bit narrow.Replica Louis Vuitton Men Belt
  • Love it !!! And happy with my purchase !!!:Such a pretty bag and it fits everything perfectly, with more room to go. I love all of the little pockets and pouches! :)
  • Five Stars:My daughter loves her bag.
  • Tote for the wife:i love this bag. lots of space inside & side pockets are a plus! so stylish & i always get compliments on it, will be buying more Michael Kors bags from here soon
  • I loved this bag:I just received my bag today and it surpassed my expectations. I will definitely order more. This bag was not to small or to big it was just right.
  • Five Stars:buena
  • Walking on air!!!!:I got these flip flops because my old flips (croc capris) hurt my feet if I wore them too long. The Crocs have ‘nubs’ the rubbed the ball of my foot wrong. I heard great things about the Sanuk yoga mat flips, so I bought them and wore them to a day long trip to Six Flags. They were great that day. My feet didn’t hurt at all at the end of the day. I wore them a few more times for a few minutes at a time and they were fine. The next time I wore them for a day long trip, the yoga mat feeling felt as though it was worn down and my feet hurt very bad at the end of the day. It was almost like I wore them out in just a couple of weeks.
  • Very Happy:Roomy, practical and attractive! Would purchase another one in the near future. Certainly recommend it to all my friends and family.
  • Love these socks:Very tough socks, warm and comfortable. Just make sure you wash them inside out as directed or the outsides will start to pill and fray.

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  • Five Stars:The best socks ever!Prada Belts Replica
  • Happy customer!!!:I have a very happy little girl!! She loves this bag! Very well made and the price was outstanding!!Replica Louis Vuitton Belts For Sale
  • Just what I was hoping for. Not itchy or …:I have been wearing these socks for a short while, and I am pretty happy with them.They are really comfortable.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Price Replica
  • Very helpful!:Had back surgery with nerve damage in one leg and can’t bend over to put on shoes. This is perfect. It’s made of very sturdy material and high quality and I’m very happy with this purchase.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Men
  • Exceptional Product:Not cheap but with socks you generally get what you pay for. If you like cotton tube socks, go for it but Merino wool is the best winter or summer and will last for years.. I like that these come in XL to better fit my size 13’s. Not real bulky but very soft and fit well with just the right amount of stretch.
  • size was problem:Loved these sandals in terms of comfort. They fit great. Would be giving them 5 stars. However, I have had them about a month and the strap is already tearing. There was no trauma or injury to the sandal. It simply roar from less than everyday wear. Of course the tear happened about 2 days after the return window expired so I am stuck with an overpriced pair of torn flip flops. Very disappointed. I do have to say though that I complained to Amazon and they were of course wonderful and refunded my money!
  • great shoehorn:My father uses it everyday, works great!
  • great shoe storage cube for traveling!:I love the fact that these shoe bags are being offered in various colors. My tumi travel gear is grey and orange combination, so this shoe bag looks coordinated. From quality standpoint – I loved packaging in a clear zip lock pack. The fact that the flap opens entirely (end to end), the shoes do not have to be forced into or squished into the bag. The bag also has a small handle attached for carrying it. The mesh cover will keep my shoes ventilated. I love this shoe bag. Will definitely buy more for gifting it to my friends.
  • … bought this for my wife for Christmas and she love it.:Totally meet my expectation and I’m pleased with product
  • it had the official mk label like i bought it from the store:Perfect size not to large, easy to find keys since it opens wide. Reading glasses fit perfect in side pocket. You can hold on arm or hang on shoulder, this may be my favorite handbag ever. Looks great also!
  • very comfortable:It is so classy, elegant, excellent quality!! It matches with almost all of my clothes…I just love it!!! And I have used for any occasion…
  • Excellent!:The PurSabino Bella ToelessYoga socks I received in exchange for my unbiased hobest opinion are great. There is a difference in each and they are not ambidextrous. The left goes to left foot and right to right foot. They are easy to tell which is which by the toe slots. They have a nice grip on the bottom making it easy not to slip. These are comfortable and soft. I use them as everday socks. I am unsure ehat the top has oval shaped holes in them for but they are very comfortable. They fit nicely, not too lose or tight. I wear them all day for everyday use and walk in them everywhere even without my shoes.

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  • excellent, very durable product:Makes my shoes so much easier to put on. Great "shoe horn." Like the size of it.Replica Louis Vuitton Mens Belts
  • Came nicely packaged too:It’s a beautiful bagReal Replica Louis Vuitton Belts
  • ‘Wonder Balsam’ isn’t an exaggeration.:I have used this product for the past 10 years on all of my Dr. Marten shoes, as well as many others. This stuff works great! This is my 4th container of the Wonder Balsam. So, either I don’t use it often enough, or a little bit of this goes a long way. I choose to believe a little bit goes a long way. This product is as good today as it was 10 years ago when I first tried it. The only difference is they appeared to have added fragrance of some sort to it. Still awesome!Replica Louis Vuitton Belt For Men
  • Fantastic Socks!:Best sock on the market. Out rivals smart wool. Great odor control and hope the sock lasts through many more winters. Lifetime guaranteed.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Darn Tough sox.:These are the best socks I’ve ever owned. Plus, with a lifetime warranty they will essentially last for as long as the company is around to replace them.
  • They have great arch support:Perfect for people who have foot problems or are on their feet a lot… comfortable beyond belief!
  • Kipling best!:Beautiful, has a great space to fit everything. The best handbag I have ever bought. Would like to have it in other colours cause they’re all very nice. Exceptional quality. Very recommended. Worth every Dollar I spent on it.
  • My husband loves it!:I would recommend everyone have this long handled shoehorn, what a difference it makes in everyday living. The Shacke company has been extraordinary in coustomer service beyond any I have experienced, plus this comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.Great product! Great Service! Thank You
  • Very Happy!:We love these socks, very soft and well made.
  • Great Product!:Works great to get tight or laced shoes on without compromising the back if the shoe. It’s kind of bulky, but easy to use
  • Great for travel:These are great and an essential part of our gameday gear! Our baby loves them, and never tries to grab at them or remove them so that is key! I tried them myself (took them off the headband and held them over my own ears) and they DO work – they do a nice job of muffling everything around you.Can’t tell you how many times we’ve been told ‘that’s SO smart’ or ‘thank you for protecting their ears!’ by passersby – it truly makes you feel like a good parent!WAY better than the other headband-style option that looks like a fabric sweatband wrapped around your kids head/forehead! Our baby hated that feeling and tried to knock them off in seconds!! This is a MUCH better solution!
  • SHOEHORN:My husband has trouble bending over and ordered this after research and reading reviews. So far, so good. It makes putting on his shoes very easy. We highly recommend this product.

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  • Your service is great and that’s why I gave a 5 star review:The Extra Long Handled Shoehorn arrived on schedule. It looks and feels pretty sturdy and so far easy to handle (pun intended). I will recommend this product and seller Shacke to any buyer interested in a shoehorn. Thank you.Replica Louis Vuitton Belts Uk
  • He said it works like a dream and he’s never been able to put …:Great Product. Just what i wanted. Small enough to easily carry with me. I Use it with sport shoes more often than formal shoesReplica Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Belt
  • So easy a caveman could use it!:My husband was skeptical as he planned to use this in assisting with putting on work boots. However, the first try was successful and even though he said nothing I could see the pleasant surprise on his face. I just hope the plastic holds up as men tend to be a bit rough with things….so far, so good…Replica Louis Vuitton Belt For Men
  • Five Stars:I was so excited to get the bag, and I started seeing the reviews after I ordered it . I was Horrified when I saw someone say they never received theirs because I thought that would happen to me too. The purse came in four days! And It felt and looked great! My mom loved it so much she said she is going to buy one as well!Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Women
  • Great small bag:It’s light beautiful, and yet has room for everything. Good pocket placement, I would especially recommend for we seniors. This purse is so light you will just love it
  • Good quality at a competitive price. Comfortable material and decent height make for good fit.:These socks are very high quality and fit well, adequate cushion in the bottom for me but you can get thicker if you so choose. I don’t see any performance difference between these and Smartwool, Smartwool just has a more recognized name.
  • Love my Oofos:Great shoe, my wife and I wear them all the time, it helps with the pain relief I have in my right foot planter fasciitis, a little big but next pair I’ll order the next size down
  • Great bag:I had this bag in purple & used it for travel or a “day bag”. When my daughter had a baby,I insisted she use mine for awhile until she decided what she wanted for a diaper/ stroller bag. The black one is now hers,& she loves it. We’ve recommended it to others also because of its “featherweight”& organization. Awesome bag!
  • Work well and not too uncomfortable:Does not serve the purpose at all.
  • There is no better product on the market:Great wool socks soft , don’t move all day , made with quality in the USA ( VT ) !!
  • Great product!:Works great. I use the rounded back part to push up the tongue of the shoe before sticking my foot in and then use it the normal way to get my heel in.The last long shoehorn I had was made of metal and flexed and eventually it started bending so much it was clear it was going to break shortly. Hopefully since this one is stiff plastic it won’t have that problem.
  • Great for elderly who can’t reach down to put their shoes on!:I broke my long handled shoehorn & looked through every product Amazon had for a replacement. I wasn’t sure plastic was what I wanted, but this shoehorn is a high quality product. I especially like the open handle. The grip seems more comfortable and it hangs on a hook easily. I would highly recommend.

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  • Great purse!:Love it as all VB’sHow Much Is A Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Darn Tootin’ they’re DARN TOUGH:My son in law loves them!!Ferragamo Belt Men Replica
  • Long and Sturdy:Got this for my grandpa who is roughly 6 foot and can’t really bend to put his shoes on, this shoe horn is just perfect great bit handle and it doesn’t fold or extend so it can’t really break in any way. Worth every penny.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Mens
  • Shoe horn:I have used this product for a few months now and am very pleased with my purchase.Ferragamo Belt Men Replica
  • One Star:light and comfortable with good arch support.
  • The grips at the bottom are comfortable to walk on (I’ve had other yoga socks that …:These yoga socks are wonderful! I usually do yoga barefoot so that I can get a good grip during all the moves, but I would prefer to be able to wear socks but now, I have the best of both worlds! They do look a little funny on, & made my husband giggle at me, but they have made my yoga sessions much more enjoyable & I really like the control & balance that they provide me with! They fit perfectly & comfortably, & with them being toe-less plus the nice no slip grips on the bottom, are absolutely wonderful for all the yoga moves & help you get & keep the perfect grip on your yoga mat or any other surface. I was lucky enough to be able to purchase these yoga socks at a discount, in exchange for my honest, unbiased review & that is exactly what you are getting!
  • Five Stars:Excellent!
  • Pretty and functional:Although it’s a little pricey, I still use my bag all the time. Thanks to the reviewer who said it’s washable, I’m not worried about setting it down anywhere. The size is perfect; I was looking for something that was not too big or too small. The adjustable strap makes it easy for the bag to sit where I want it to on my hip. I love all the little pockets, and especially the fact that it zips up.
  • Don’t hesitate!:I was a little afraid to get this for my wife without her first getting to look at it. She loved the purse and walletr…good price too!
  • Love them!!:I have been wearing these socks for a short while, and I am pretty happy with them.They are really comfortable.
  • Skeptical at first, but now I’m sold.:I will NEVER EVER buy another sock other than Darn Tough.For all-weather, its Merino Wool 1/4 Sock Cushion in White, Grey, Denim, and Brown.For winter, its Merino Wool Boot Sock Cushion in any color.For summer, its Merino Wool 1/4 Sock Mesh in White, Grey, Denim, and Brown.What you pay for is a sock that fits your foot exactly, does not ride up or down, does not bunch up, is warm and cushioned, and looks nice.In the long run, you will PAY LESS BUYING GOOD SOCKS LIKE THESE.
  • LOVE these Baby Banz Earmuff’s!:We bought these to take our 3 month old to hockey and baseball games. They work perfect! They cover his little ears and it takes a considerable amount of squirming to knock them off. I can definitely tell the difference in his reaction to the horn, music and cheering when they are on.

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  • Super comfy!:I got these flip flops because my old flips (croc capris) hurt my feet if I wore them too long. The Crocs have ‘nubs’ the rubbed the ball of my foot wrong. I heard great things about the Sanuk yoga mat flips, so I bought them and wore them to a day long trip to Six Flags. They were great that day. My feet didn’t hurt at all at the end of the day. I wore them a few more times for a few minutes at a time and they were fine. The next time I wore them for a day long trip, the yoga mat feeling felt as though it was worn down and my feet hurt very bad at the end of the day. It was almost like I wore them out in just a couple of weeks.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle
  • Versatile and light weight!:I love kipling, this is the second bag.Salvatore Ferragamo Belt Replica
  • Excellent seller and excellent product:I purchased several shoehorns over the past few years. This is the best so far! Good quality. The length is perfect.Cheap Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Great socks:These are great socks, thick, warm and comfortable.Prada Belts Replica
  • Exactly What it Says — An Extra Long Shoehorn!:very useful – love it.
  • These earmuffs are wonderful for protecting little one’s hearing from fireworks:These are great! I bought them to bring my nearly 9 month old son to an NFL game. The roof was closed, so it was VERY loud in there. I wish I had worn my own earmuffs! My son is a very large 9 month old – he wears 18 and 24 month-sized clothing, and these fit him perfectly. They are adjustable, so I’m sure he can wear them for a long time.As for comfort, I figured he’d be ripping them off every 10 seconds. He fidgeted with them maybe 2 times, but then, he was used to them and didn’t seem to mind them at all. They fit over his whole ear so there wasn’t any pressure on them. The inside of the headband part is padded, too, so his head wasn’t bothered. I can’t say for certain that they protected his ears, but I can say that they sure seemed to. They were even comfortable enough for him to take an hour nap on my shoulder while wearing them, and when the touchdown cannons were fired or the crowd got especially loud, he never even flinched. So, I’d say they blocked out a good bit of noise! I’m so glad we decided to get these – they made me feel so much better about bringing him to the game, and I’m sure they made him more comfortable too.
  • Best buy:Exactly what i wanted. It wooden handle and the plastic horn feels and is sturdy,much, much better than my previous all metal shoe horn.
  • Make a great Camera Bag!:I had this bag in purple & used it for travel or a “day bag”. When my daughter had a baby,I insisted she use mine for awhile until she decided what she wanted for a diaper/ stroller bag. The black one is now hers,& she loves it. We’ve recommended it to others also because of its “featherweight”& organization. Awesome bag!
  • Perfect shoehorn:great tool for putting my shoes on. Recently had a hip replacement and I have certain restrictions for the next couple of months. This long shoe horn is a great help.
  • Christmas present for my husband:This is exactly what I needed the shoehorn is greatAll shoes and boots slide right on and it is easy to hold
  • Five Stars:It looks really good but it is a little bit bigger than I thought it would be. Also I wish it had a wrist strap on it. I do love the turn lock however for credit cards and such.
  • Awesome Bag!:Great quality, pleasantly surprised. Had to sign for delivery. I was impressed at the care and urgency of receiving product. My mother is going to totally freak out for Christmas! Definitely recommend this product! Great price, great product & great service!