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  • Very Pleased with this Shoehorn:I read a lot of your reviews before I purchase anything and I was leery about plastic. But, my husband who broke his hip had no problem putting on his shoes with this. He is loving this !Buy Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • LOVE Sanuk Yoga Mat:Having lived in warm climates most of life, including Hawaii, I spend most of the year wearing flip flops am a serious connoisseur. The Sanuk Yoga Mat is one of my all time favorites. I bought these last summer after trying them on in a local store that only had them in black. I couldn’t justify another pair of black flip flops at the time so I left them behind, but literally couldn’t stop thinking about them.I finally purchased them from Amazon in Aqua (so many colors) and I live in them. The aqua is true to color (on my monitor). They are actually made of recycled yoga mats and Sanuk is a very eco-conscious company, which is important to me. They arrived in a reusable bag that looked like plastic but was made of non-GMO tapioca root. Bags made of tapioca root use less petroleum, energy, and water, thus producing a lesser carbon footprint than ones made of plastic. These flip flops are also vegan (meaning they are not made with any animal products or by-products). Awesome.In addition to having had surgery on both ankles, I suffer from a chronic pain condition, so I’m all about comfortable shoes. The recycled yoga mat soles are incredibly plush, cushiony, and flexible, with a slighter firmer bottom layer that wears well. As with most flip flops, they only have the very slightest arch support, so beware if this is something you require. They soles provide plenty of shock absorption which I really notice when compared to other flip flops.The straps are synthetic and well-made. They do not have that crappy fake leather look. The interior of the straps have an aqua and white gingham design that adds a nice detail and make the Sanuk Yoga Mat Flip Flops stand out. The piece that slips in between your toes is made of a soft canvas-like material that forms to your foot. The entire shoe can get wet without damage.The white Sanuk branding on the heel of these flip flops wears off relatively quickly until it totally disappears. Unlike some flip flops with soft soles, these do not permanently mold to your foot but bounce back each time you take them off.If I had the cash floating around, I would absolutely own a pair of these in every color. Considering we had an unseasonably warm winter, I’ve worn these flip flops almost every day and other than the tiny chunk of sole ripped off by a foster kitten (with seriously sharp teeth who chewed on everything), they still look practically new.Buy these now. Just not in my size!Prada Belts Replica
  • GREAT HANDBAG!:The hipster in general is small for my taste. But shipment was fast and it was exactly what I ordered. I have the midnight blue turn lock wallet and I love them both!Replica Louis Vuitton Belts Price
  • Five Stars:Very nice. Not wide so can be hard to squeeze everything in.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Cheap
  • Warm and Comfortable:Just the right size, super comfy and warm. Well worth the price.
  • Annoying Review Requirement:I really like this sock. I have been trying to get some more hiking socks and this is one of my go-to socks now. I wear these types of socks everyday as I like the extra padding. Please note I am writing this review after a year of wear (ordered 8/12/14), compared to other socks I have this one is beyond solid.Pros:Solid constructionGood padding (without bunching)Lifetime warrantyFit wellCons:Expensive
  • Wrong minimum age:I was initially worried about the size when I ordered them for my son who was 3 months old and small for his age but they fit prefect! I even tried them on myself to see if they’d fit me and they did, I’m only 5’2 but still they fit. We attend football (American soccer) matches pretty frequently and his father, who is not a quite man) normally wears him and with all the cheering and yelling our son stays completly clam and relaxed. He doesn’t even get startled when goals are scored. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to protect your child’s hearing in loud outings or activities.
  • Just what we needed!:This shoehorn makes it very easy to put on shoes and boots. It would be especially useful for older persons. I would recommend it to anyone.
  • As I get older and bulkier, bending is not as easy as it once was.:I love it and I save 2 minutes every morning by not having to untie my shoes to get them on. I also love the handle for easy hanging and it never ends up on the floor. Little things like this make life easier! Thanks for such a great and thoughtful product!
  • works great:It’s a quality shoe horn, strong and built well. It helps me put my shoes on with minimal effort and without tearing up thumb. I’m too old to wear velcro and I’m not untying my work shoes every time I come home.
  • I never want to take them off…:I love these shoes, I have a pair for myself. So when we needed new shoes for our son, this was my first choice.They are very sturdy and have great, non-slip soles. If you kid is very active, he/she should be able to break these in about a year – which is great and you need new shoes by then anyways. My adult version lasted 2 years already and is as good as new.The colors are fun and kids will love them and the show is easy to put on and off.They are sandals, but have the covered toe to protect the foot. Again, a wise idea for kids (and adults too).These shoes are very easy to care for. If they get too dirty, you can just rinse them out with water.All in all a great shoe for kids. If it had more reflective materials on it for safety, it would be perfect.
  • Buy one pair of these a year or month or whatever and you’ve got four or five pairs of awesome socks for the rest of your life:I was looking to replace some of my old socks that have stood by me through thick and thin. A lot of things are often advertised as both "tough" and "comfortable" but these stood out from all the other liars.These socks work better than great. Their wool mix means they keep my feet warm when they have to and dry when it’s needed, built for long walks and hikes, and perfect for feet that see a lot of outings. I’m a size 9-10 with a bit of a wide and flat foot, and these fit perfectly. After a day of heavy use, they leave no smell, which is a great plus. After 20 washes, my single pair had shown no noticeable signs of wear or tear. Planning on buying tons more, now. A sock for life.

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  • Great pair of socks for yoga:Very nice socks. I only have one problem with these socks. The toes of the toeless part. See. Im guessing my toes are short in comparison. Because the toe area went way past all but two toes. These more like toe socks to me. Other than that they have excellent grip on the bottom. They are fotted which is expected. They do help to keep you from slipping on your mat.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Bag
  • … this for Christmas and he says it is the best shoehorn he ever had:I love America, so I chose the USA. Things work fine, very much.Replica Louis Vuitton Inventeur Belt
  • Very soft and comfortable!:I was initially drawn to these because of the attractive design. This particular color (pewter straps on a pewter sole) is even better in person! I have since purchased this sandal in several other colors, and the pewter is the only one that has just a hint of glossy shimmer on the straps, which makes it really pop in the sunlight. (I’ve found that the other colors are very matte — still cute, though!) And the uniform color is very sharp looking.Upon trying them on for the first time… Wow! These flip-flops are a DREAM. I’ve gone through countless pair of athletic brand flip-flops with memory foam that are usually fairly comfortable initially, but wear out rather quickly. THESE sandals I can wear for hours! So comfortable. No bottoming out in the heel. No memory foam that becomes flattened and non-existent, ultimately leaving you with a hard rubber flat. I am flat-footed and have a hard time staying comfortable in any shoe for a long period of time, but I honestly forget that I am wearing these. They are THAT amazing! This is the most comfortable pair of flip-flops that I have ever owned, and I will probably purchase a few extra pair for next spring.Belt Replica Louis Vuitton
  • better then I thought socks could be:Love these socks. Not quite as "cushiony" as Smart Wool, but these are nearly indestructible whereas all my Smart Wool socks were full of holes within a few months.Replica Louis Vuitton Belts India
  • liking it:Good fit, especially since other merino socks shrink up. So far seems durable but more time will tell the future
  • Best socks I’ve ever owned.:These socks fit great, but the quality isn’t the best – especially considering the price. After wearing these once or twice, for only a couple of hours each time, I noticed that the area around the back of the ankle was worn down and badly "pilled". This is in the area where the socks rub against the inside of my boots. So far they haven’t worn all the way through, but I expect they might. I have two pair and both did this. I wouldn’t buy these again.
  • comfy! and great for Yoga:First off, we received this product early and was glad about that. Secondly, I bought these for my daughter to dance in and she says that they fit and feel just fine, her shoe size is a 10. I also bought a pair for my daughter’s friend, who wears a size 6, so we’ll see if they fit her as well. Satisfied with the shipping and product thus far. Thank you:-)
  • Five Stars:I love it
  • This is just great, holds all i need for a quick run to the Mall:I now have the cosmetic case roll up, a small duffle and this bag. It goes with alot that I wear. Only draw back is that I would have liked larger pocket inside.
  • Tough as nails:Best socks that I own. My feet feel the difference on days that they are in the wash, I purchased more. I am an R.N. and a hiker so I am on my feet a lot. These socks make all the difference.
  • Great booties – with a small modification :-):They are so cute and warm. Our granddaughter moves a lot, and these stay on better than socks. She still manages to remove them, she loves to put her feet in her mouth! But they do stay on when she is not pulling them off!
  • Excellent socks.:Best hiking sock I’ve owned, so far (and that’s a lot. . .) Also haven’t been attacked by any Grizzlies while wearing these. I’m sure it’s a coincidence. . .but can you ever be sure?

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  • Five Stars:Very nice and classy handbag!Mens Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Five Stars:Love it!Replica Louis Vuitton Belts For Cheap
  • Just loved it ❤️:Nice n came n good shapeReplica Louis Vuitton Belt Men Replica
  • Very versatile, practical travel or everyday bag.:Well built, good quality tough nylon shell. Affordable pricing. Useful compartments for holding passport, cash, cellphone, full size iPad, point and shoot camera, etc ..Zippers slide into individual sleeves thus making this bag quite secured. Bag can be worn as a waist pouch, shoulder or crossbody bag. A good travel companion with your regular backpack or cabin luggage.Salvatore Ferragamo Mens Belt Replica
  • Tricky to fit for half-size feet but so confortable:So disappointed. My 5th pair of these flip flops. Every other pair has been worn DAILY for up to two years. Had these for less than two weeks & they are already starting to flake on the tops and around the edges. Did Sanuk change the way these were made???? Or are these just a defective pair? I used to say they were worth every penny and raved about them but now I’m not so sure I will recommend them or spend any more cash on another pair.
  • love this bag:I like my purse but it says large hipster and it’s not very big. It’s hard to get my matching check book cover in and out of it , not enough room in the opening.
  • Five Stars:Love, Love, Love!!!!! My teenager jumped with joy when she opened.
  • Best socks I have ever owned:Great socks. What else can I say. The reviews were spot on!!
  • Excellent socks.:These are very sturdy, well-made socks. I did not know this brand before I ordered the socks for a trip where I was going to do a lot of hiking. Worked like a charm–I didn’t get any blisters! I bought the men’s small for my medium woman feet (size 8) and they fit fine. Also, I was pleasantly surprised that even though they are thick wool, they dried overnight on the hotel balcony. I won’t travel without them now!
  • Best pair of socks I’ve ever worn!:I had these socks recommended and bought 12 pairs for my daughter going on a tough rainforest hike trip. they are so good I bought 6 pairs for myself, I love them. They give great support and are extremely comfortable over long periods of wear.
  • Helps with my Plantar Fasciitis:These are very comfortable. The fit is right on as well. The first day, I thought I might have got a blister on the top strap, but it never worked into anything, I wear these all the time around my house too to help with my plantar fasciitis.
  • Kipling Defea Handbag:Nice for travel but a bit large for everyday. Good quality and have used it many times.

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  • Five Stars:I love love love it.Replica Louis Vuitton Men Belt
  • For my needs it is perfect.:SolidReplica Louis Vuitton Belts For Sale
  • love this purse!!!:I’m enjoying my new tote. It’s stylish and goes with quite a few things in my wardrobe. Would like a leather MK handbag for the fall and winter.Ferragamo Belt Men Replica
  • Great for kids!:We love our keens. This pair is going to by used again next summer by our younger child. They last long and stay on small feet wellAuthentic Replica Louis Vuitton Belts
  • Solidly built. Well described:I LOVE this shoehorn. It is long, sturdy, and the size and shape of the handle is perfect to hang over doorknobs or hooks. I’ve been using this for about a year now and wouldn’t get any other kind.
  • He seemed pretty content.:These earmuffs are wonderful for protecting little one’s hearing from fireworks, concerts, ect. I would recommend doing ‘practice runs’ at home by having baby wear them for short periods of time to grow accustomed to wearing them so you don’t have compliance problems at the big event when baby really needs to have them on. I am an Audiologist and it is so important to protect hearing at any age, and this product is a great option for protecting hearing of babies and toddlers.
  • Five Stars:A bit large on the fit but a comfortable sock.
  • Size is perfect!:Used to sell these at store I worked in from 2000 thru 2006, loved them. This is the only color/pattern I’ve liked in their designs the last few years. Already have several "bags" in this pattern and expect to purchase more when I can find them.
  • Super comfortable. Wore these during a training ruck over …:Excellent socks. These are my favorite for outdoor activities. They are DARN TOUGH!!!. I buy them a size larger, because they shrink a little if you dry them in the dryer.
  • used these everyday for pre-walker:Perfect! I was hesitant to purchase due to the price but am now going to order some in other colors. They stay on all the time and keep babies feet warm but not sweaty. Excellent design.
  • These shoe horns are very well made and comfortale to …:Wonderful shoehorn. Solid, sturdy, attractive. Great value and much better than any other horn I’ve bought.
  • Five Stars:Wrong color so I returned it

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  • Fantastically Comfortable!:Soft and comfortable, good cushion, cute design. Although if I wet them it takes long time to dry because of the spongy material, so they not very good to take to the beach and get them wet. In fact it’s better not get them wet at all. Either way, those are my current favorites to wear around the house.Replica Louis Vuitton Belts Replica
  • Almost perfect:I just love this bag sooooo much! I love the color and I love the shape! It’s adorable. And it has a lovely price!Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Sizes
  • Long plastic shoehorn:Bought as a gift……person loves it…….senior citizen and big help on putting on shoes…..Saw a review that thought might break….I don’t think so….not ever !!!Replica Louis Vuitton Belts For Men
  • Great Customer Relations:Excellent product and well made. Half of the shoe horn is reinforced with extra plastic to reduce the amount of give the horn has. I love this feature for it make it easier to get your shoe on for you are not wasting energy/motion due to the shoe horn over bending. Large circular open at the top is easy to grab and makes it easy to hang. Would definitely recommend this product over cheaper large shoe horns. While the cheaper do work you don’t know what you’ve been missing until you ha e this one :)Real Replica Louis Vuitton Belts
  • 24″ Inch Extra Long Handled Shoehorn Review:Awesome product, had a severe episode of patello-femoral pain syndrome, couldn’t bend knees for many days. Difficulty putting on pants, socks but especially shoes. This product was definitely a life saver for the short term and helpful in the longterm, easy to use. Love it. Thanks
  • It is the best designed bag I have ever owned:When I first received this bag I thought I was going to be disappointed. After carrying the bag for about a week, nothing could be further from the truth. The bag holds a surprisingly large amount of stuff and still maintains its shape. It is easy to carry crossbody with the main body of the bag in the front or the back. Even fully loaded it doesn’t put uncomfortable pressure on my neck. The bag is great but could be even better with a few small tweaks. The pockets on the front of the bag need to be a little larger to make them useful. A couple oof slash pockets inside the main body of the bag would be great for organization. And finally, it would be great to have a zipper pocket on the back of the bag. Overall, it is a great bag and I plan on buying another one for fall/winter.
  • Five Stars:The sizing is all wrong I ordered xl and wear a size 11 sock. Right out of the package these socks which should have fit comfortably were way too tight and actually pinched the skin on the top of my foot every time I stepped. I thought it was maybe sticker or one of those plastic tag holders that they shoot into fabric. I took the socks off and inspected them both. Nothing there just poorly built design. I washed them also and now they will never go on my feet again. They shrunk down to about a woman’s size 8 or so. Don’t waste your money on this product or buy about 5 sizes larger than you think you need. I will give these 2 pair to my sister they will probably fit her small feet. I also bought a couple of six packs of 71% morino wool socks sold here. They are a perfect fit, comfortable, priced right and keep their size after washing and drying and made in America. Check them out!
  • Enjoyed my Vera Bradley Hipster:My wife bought this cause she has the matching wallet. She loves it. It is perfect for her.
  • Best socks I have purchased yet:Warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I never thought I’d be so excited about a pair of socks!
  • meh..:I bought this product for my husband because he struggles with bending over to get his shoes on. He is most pleased with the length and the large area at the top which provides a wide grip for "man hands" to maneuver the tool. I was very pleased with the speed in which the product was delivered as well. It arrived a day before expected. He has another long shoehorn, but was not pleased with the length or the single small loop at the top for gripping. This is a great product from a company concerned with pleasing it’s customers! I’d purchase this product from this company again.
  • Well made:This is perfect for what we need. My husband is disabled and can not put on his shoes. This shoehorn is long enough to help him slip on his own shoes. Fast delivery Thanks
  • Perfect for Highschool-Adult:Bag seemed nice and sturdy, very good size as well. Color was just much too bright for my taste. Wish the color that had arrived was the same color as the one that was pictured online. Very disappointing that this hasn’t been corrected.