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  • I love love love this cross body:This is my favorite VB pattern (flower shower) and I was thrilled that the bag I got had my favorite flower in it quite frequently (the turquoise flower w/the little flowers w/in it).Replica Hermes Belt Kits
  • Five Stars:ExcelenteReplica Hermes Belt Replica
  • CLOUD FEET:I kind of like my Oofos. So far I’m just wearing them around the house and yard. PROS: They are both sufficiently squishy and sufficiently supportive so I don’t feel like I need to add metatarsal pads to support the broken metatarsals on my left foot, or stick-on arch supports for my falling longitudinals. CONS: I wish they had a leather footbed; the plastic, or whatever it is, doesn’t breathe.Replica Hermes Belts For Men
  • Very Useful!:I am looking forward to using these travel bags on my next trip. Previously I have also purchased and obtained other items byDot & Dot and was so pleased with the construction and quality of their items that I have started to purchase other items that are used for travel as well. I never realized how convenient packing items for travel could be while using these products. It makes looking for clothing items relatively simple while keeping them neatly organized within the suitcase. I just ordered the toiletry bag also which will save me a lot of time as I am searching for all those items that I need when getting ready for the day, I have seen other travel bags by other companies but I would have to say that Dot & Dot is by far the best in design and price.Replica Hermes Belt Sale
  • Perfect weight:my favorite purse, big enough to hold everything but fits against me and is not bulky. I love the bright and bold colors
  • GREAT PURCHASE:I love it because it made my wife very happy. She loves anything Vera Bradley. This bag was in perfect condition and very reasonably priced.
  • My Good Friend Vera:I have wanted this purse for a very long time! I finally decided to order it and was hoping to have it by a certain date and they got it to me by the date I needed it! Very happy with this product!!
  • Love it, but….:I am a collector for Vera Bradley. I have everyday bags to the larger travel bags. They are all very nice. Get many complements.
  • Best Thong Sandals on the Market:Great fit and super comfortable. I tend to pronate and these flip flops help immensely! I have 2 pair already and am ordering more colors!
  • Pack, Pack and Away!:I love this packaging organizer. If you always travel this is the good way to use for your future trip. you can organize your cloths in each bag depend of what you want for in one bag I can put somewhere 15 to 20 shirt and still give me more space to go. It’s very easy open because it has the zipper that go around and a handle on top of it if you decide to carry. For my I’m definitely bringing this into our trip.
  • She loved the pattern and size of the wallet:Should have paid more attention to the size in the description. A little too big for me but the wallet itself is great. Many compartments and card holder places. If you carry a large handbag, you will love this.
  • Three Stars:Nice size for the money. I

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  • Great bag!:Love my bagReplica Hermes Belts For Men
  • EXCELENTE:excellentReplica Hermes Belt Singapore
  • Super Stylish and Organized:As airline baggage policies become more and more strict, it’s imperative for frequent travellers (all travellers, really) to maximize space in their checked, and carry-on baggage.These slim packing cubes are great. I especially love them for my carry-on pieces; the size is just right. I also have large and medium packing cubes but I find the slim size to be a lot more versatile. They fit into a tote, or backpack without taking up any more space than necessary.As stated in other reviews, the double zippers are a great feature. I also love the multiple packs of 4 in one size, instead of a package of 3 – all in different sizes which makes it a jigsaw puzzle to get them to fit just right in your suitcase. The choice of 10 colours is also a great feature; everyone in the family can have their own colour (I plan on getting more in other colours, for that reason), so when you use one suitcase, it’s clear which cube is for which person.An added bonus is the plastic carry-case the cubes come in; it makes it easy to stay organized and everything together when they are not in use.I recommend packing cubes and I highly recommend dot-dot packing cubes above other brands because of the above reasons.Replica Hermes Belt Cost
  • Perfect for road trips !:I got a sample of the x-small sized bag. It is perfect for carrying bottles of nail polish or small travel sized beauty products. The best part is that there is a clip on the end of the bag that can be clipped to your luggage when traveling. Granted, you’ll need a bigger bag for things like shampoo but this will keep all the little things in check.Replica Hermes Belt Black
  • Perfect:Grand daughter received this as a gift- very durable , color very variant -even after a year of wear.
  • Five Stars:Works well. Performs exactly as expexted. Feels sturdy and comfortable on your hands.
  • Nice bright colors:great colors
  • Five Stars:Excelent….
  • Five Stars:So I’m clearly the odd one out here, but this bag is really NOT CUTE. Looks like a quilt my grandmother used to own decades ago. The purse is so narrow that my wallet wouldn’t fit even if I could get past the quilt. I should have paid more attention when ordering. It’s just ugly.
  • works well for workouts:The non slip toeless yoga socks are amazingThey are well made and very durable.Since they are so flexible they provide get protection with no resistance.I like to practice yoga as safely as possible and the yoga socks helps to prevent me from slipping and also protect against unwanted bacteria.I received this product at a reduced cost for my honest review and I use them every time I exercise.I believe they would make a great gift for any yoga enthusiast on you list.
  • Five Stars:All the colors was super vibrant when I actually saw it in person. I ended up passing it on to a 75 yr old woman for her birthday! Colors were pretty, just too bright.
  • The Greatest Sandals:I bought my first pair of Oofos a year ago and a second pair this past spring in another color. These are my third pair. I have bad feet and have worn Merrills so I could walk without pain. I think I have worn the Merrills a few times since I got my first Oofos but these are my walking shoes (due to surgery it is painful to wear athletic shoes to walk) and my wear around the house shoes as my back and feet "work" all day in the Oofos without pain, and going out to lunch shoes….I wear them as much as I can. I do like these shoes!

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  • too large for me:I bought it for my 20 year old daughter for Christmas. She loved it. It’s a perfect size for weekend trips with friends.Replica Hermes Belt Sale
  • Walking on pillows!:I really didn’t believe that these flip flops would work to help my foot to stop hurting (planar faceitis) but I really hoped it could. I ordered them right before I left for a music festival. As soon as I put them on I felt like I was walking on clouds. I use them the whole week of the festival and the only time that my foot started to hurt was when I put on my Keens, which had superfeet inserts in them. I love them. I’m going to get a fuschia pair next pay day!! No more for pain!!H Belt Replica Hermes
  • Very pleased!:This is a nice light weight crossbody bag. It’s very adjustable and has lots of useful pockets. However, I am only giving it three stars because not one one the inside pockets zips closed. For me this is a must have in every purse.Replica Hermes Fake Belt
  • Looks are nothing without comfort:The sandles arrived on time and fit perfectly. The adjustable strap allows for ease of wearing for just the right fit.I also purchased the black.Replica Hermes Belt Gold
  • Five Stars:excellent
  • Five Stars:Perfect crossbody bag for all of my needs!
  • Ellie Blue:This works perfectly to hold my notebook and phone while I’m busy living life and keeps them handy for when I need them. I love it!!!
  • Five Stars:This is for a shoe horn not shoes. The edges are sharp…wish they would smooth the sharpness from the edge more.
  • Would recommend.:This is a pretty good shoe horn, but the Orthostep one on Amazon is much stronger.
  • Like walking on a cloud!!:I have been wearing slide type sandals for years because I couldn’t tolerate the bar between the toe. I really wanted to wear something more up to date, and also more secure as many slides give you unstable footing. On QVC the people from Clark’s said these would be more comfortable between the toes. I did not have a problem with these between the toes, but I did have a little rubbing on the top of my foot at that point at first. I should have slowly started to wear them at first instead of wearing them all day every day. But you may not have that problem, I happen to have very sensitive skin. I loved them so much when I found them on Amazon I watched the price and bought 5, YES, 5 colors when the price was right!
  • Perfect booties:These are super cute and fuzzy. I bought these because my 4 month old kicks everything off of her feet. With the colder weather coming, we needed something to keep her feet warm. These are perfect.

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  • Five Stars:My wife loves Vera Bradley accessories and really loves the Canterberry Magenta color pattern. Also gave me many brownie points!Belt Replica Hermes
  • An excellent product:Great shoe horn, I can’t believe I’m righting a review on a shoe horn. But it’s a good one, you won’t be disappointed.Replica Hermes Leather Belts
  • Five Stars:grand daughter loves this purseReplica Hermes Belt H Buckle
  • Great for kids and adults:I bought these for my son as he has a disability and its been a struggle to ever teach him to tie his shos. These work perfect, they are adjustable to fit any size shoe and are easy to cut excess string. It holds tight with the fastener and are easy to place in shoes.*product received at a disc in exchange for my unbiased opinion* The laces have a variety of color choices so a color to suit any ones needs.Authentic Replica Hermes Belt
  • Five Stars:Excellent value, just what I was looking for. Very happy with my order.
  • Five Stars:Finally a sturdy shoe horn that works great and will not break!
  • Very Satisfied:I’m healing a fractured ankle so I’m wearing ankle-protecting hiking boots or high-top sneakers. Since I can’t put full weight on my ankle, it was taking me several minutes to push my foot into the shoe. I got this Shacke Metal Shoe Horn and now I can slide my foot into the shoe easily. Smooth edges so it won’t snag socks and just enough length to help slide your heel into shoe. It does exactly what you expect a shoe horn to do.
  • Wife loves it!:The colors are so vibrant and beautiful!! The prettiest Vera Bradley I have seen! It’s amazing how much room it has since it is not a big purse!! Wonderful purchase!
  • Very prompt!:Love this bag. Super cute print,
  • Packing for Vacation just got Easier…:These are so perfect for organizing your items in your suitcase, especially if you are packing for more than one person in one suitcase. And as we found also makes a great car travel kit organizer for kids, fits right under the seat. Also used one as an overnight bag. Lightweight yet good quality, fold down flat to store while expanding for use. I love the assortment of colors offered & I decided on the darker blue. I like how these bags zip open wide for packing.Not traveling for more than a few hours for awhile but even short distance travel they do & will come in handy for organizing & making things simpler. Rather traveling by air or just a weekend getaway these would be great, recommended. I received this free or discounted product in exchange for providing an unbiased review.
  • can you find a better shoe horn??:Great product! Great quality! Made in the USA…just what I was looking for! I look forward to using this helpful tool every morning when I slip my shoes on.
  • Fashionable Booties for the lilttle guy:Wonderful product and really adorable. A bit pricey for what it is but worth it! Fits true to size but my son has slightly large feet for his age so I had to return for a bigger size. The two snap ankle strap is really nice for a good fit. My only wish is that there were ‘grippys’ on the bottom soles for anti-slip!

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  • A very nice purse:I have the vera bradly check book cover in this same pattern so I bought the bag to match. I received it very quickly and was very pleased with the appearance. The colors are vibrant and the stitching is perfect. There are two pockets on the front and one on the back as well as three in the main compartment so there is a lot of places to store your things from keys to cell phone. Also the main compartment is very spacious as well. I can easily fit my check book and the separate wallet I carry for change cash and cards. Highly recommend!Used Replica Hermes Belt
  • Not just for travelers:This is a great little bag to use for your makeup or other essentials when traveling! It is just big enough to hold everything you would need it also has compartments to keep things secure. I thought it was really useful and it didn’t hurt that it was my favorite color! Thank you Dot&Dot for providing me with this cube to test out.Mens Replica Hermes Belt Replica
  • I thought I ordered the right handed one:This is the perfect shoe horn! This does not bend as others in the same category!!Looking for something that works, this is it…Replica Hermes H Belt Men
  • Five Stars:Love this bag! The main compartment is a little narrow, but otherwise the size is great!Silver Replica Hermes Belt
  • LOVE IT:What’s not to like? Vera Bradley purses are like a sisterhood. We all recognize the prints and it makes for a great discussion. Go this one for my Mom since it’s cross body and she picked out the print herself.
  • Five Stars:Love my bag
  • Like driving a Cadillac!:It was a little larger than I had expected but once I got used to the size I loved it. I originally ordered one and then went back and ordered two more.
  • Great little packing cubes!!:I travel regularly and have recently started using packing cubes. To be honest, I can’t believe I haven’t used them for years! They make packing SO much easier because everything is organized. Some people choose to do different colors for different family members. For this particlar one, I chose the red for first aid items/medicines to easily identify them. The cube is made well and is washable. I’m super happy with my purchase & would definitely recommend it!
  • Love these. I was able to fit everything in …:Excellent product. Helped tremendously when packing to go on vacation and to come home. Will Not Travel Without them.
  • Five Stars:Love it!
  • Don’t overthink it.:fast ship.very simple, but sturdy shoe horn. works perfectly as I expected
  • Plenty of pockets:Love it!

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  • no more foot pain:Most comfortable flip flops I’ve ever owned. I have major foot issues and most shoes cause me pain after an hour on my feet. I’ve worn these all day with total comfort. Two of my friends…so far…have ordered their own after trying mine on. Wish they came in lots of colors.Replica Hermes Mens Belt Replica
  • Love them:I can never keep socks on my 6 month old. He is constantly moving, kicking, and pulling at them. These zutano’s stay on and keep his feet warm. They seem to be well made and don’t get dirty too fast. I’ve thrown them in the wash twice now and they still look the same. I’ve already bought him 2 more pairs. He has a larger foot than an average 6 month old, so I bought the 12 month size. He has a little room to grow which is great, so if you aren’t sure on sizing, go up!!Replica Hermes H Buckle Belt
  • love it:Very CuteReplica Hermes Belt Replica
  • excelente:my boyfriend love it, is perfect…he used as a wallet, it have lots of space..i recommend it a lot.. amazingCheap Replica Hermes Belts
  • Love my Oofos!:Bought this again due to wear of other pair purchased a year ago and still the best sandal for me!
  • The Best:Run a little small. Other than that, VERY comfortable.
  • My favorite for everyday!:This was exactly what I wanted! Great purse, good amount of room, and easy to carry. It’s a must have!
  • Durable product:Amazon asked whether my shoe horn fit as expected and can be comfortably wear all day… Interesting.
  • Consider the Source and Motivation for these Reviews!:We have a family member who has difficulty planning and keeping organized. These suitcase organizers allow her to rummage through her belongings even in a large duffle bag without making an overwhelming mess. I am reviewing the Dot & Dot against the Shacke as both came recommended and stand out above others. I admit that I haven’t used these for years but it appears to me that they are a good investment. Size large is good for holding a number of like items, sweaters, beach towels; we prefer to use size medium for outfits.The quality of Dot & Dot is excellent — sturdy,well-vented, washable, and lightweight. The black that you see in the product photos is the zipper. The binding is made from the colored material and the binding is external (unlike Shacke). This makes Dot & Dot noticeably lighter in weight than the heavy duty tape used on Shacke organizers. Both brands are sewn with even stitching and have freely moving zippers. Dot & Dot handles are attached by wide zigzag stitch using an extra patch of fabric on the underside as reinforcement against tearing (unlike Shacke). Dot & Dot puts one stitch line of medium length stitch to secure the zipper tape (one per zipper side). Shacke uses two lines of a very long stitch.The Dot & Dot colors are soft yet bright whereas Shacke colors are dark. The Dot & Dot fabric is quieter, less crunchy. I like Dot & Dot’s tiny beehive imprint. My preference between the two is Dot&Dot due to its lighter weight.
  • Great product for what it is:Wouldn’t think such a sturdy looking product could break, but it did.
  • Bradley Hipster:Beautiful & VERY Versatile
  • Great No Tie:What a nice surprise these laces easy to put in the shoes, good length. I was very happy with he stretch, and the toggle/tie held nicely. Very satisfied with this product.

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  • Got high arches? Get Oofos!:Very comfortable! I use these indoors, and the Orthoheel outside because of its hard rubber sole. I’m very satisfied and would definitely recommend. The soft, almost memory foam top layer provides very good arch support without the stiffness of a regular ortho sandal.FYI don’t try to stretch the top part if it’s too tight, it will loosen with use. I snapped the rubber because I tried to stretch it out. Super glue fixed it like new again.Replica Hermes Belt Uk
  • This is not a shoe. I don’t understand why …:exactly what I wanted. a good sturdy shoe horn. not too short not too longReplica Hermes Mens H Belt
  • Five Stars:Love it!Replica Hermes Belt
  • excelente producto:perfectReplica Hermes Belts Replica
  • glad i got my own pair!:I have only been wearing for a few days. Since I am being treated for back problems and am cautious about evaluating OOFOS for the long term.
  • Great Weekender bag!:Love the bag, but wish it had a couple of interior pockets. Lightweight. It’s perfect for weekend get a ways.
  • Gift:Fast shipping. Product is exactly what it said. Great price. Will definently order again
  • It’s sturdy, well made:Lightweight and does the job. It is especially good for snug-fitting shoes.
  • BEST SUMMER SHOE:These are the best and most comfortable flip flops ever and the price is amazing! These were on sale compared to the price in the Clark’s store and they’re the exact same thing. My mom turned me on to these as she has had a pair for the last year and a half and they really are the best flip flops. Comfortable, you can actually walk in them for hours, and they look adorable! Much better than any other flip flops I’ve ever owned.
  • Great shoe, my wife and I wear them all …:Love these shoes. I wish there were more style options, but I find myself wearing these overly casual shoes in more situations than I probably should because my feet heart them.
  • I wish they made more colors! Now I need …:I wish I had purchased these sooner. They feel so good. I hardly know I have plantar fasciitis.
  • Great quality organizing:When we travel, we like to bring a wide assortment of clothing; these bags will make it so much easier and neater to do so.

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  • Great Booties that don’t fall off!:Awesome for my 3 month old daughter! There is room to grow in them and they don’t come off when she throws fits and kicks her little legs! (Like in photo!) :) 11 commentWas this review helpful to you?YesNoSending feedback…Thank you for your feedback.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try againReport abusePlease write at least one wordYou must purchase at least one item from Amazon to post a commentA problem occurred while submitting your comment. Please try again later.Sign in and comment Showing 0 of 1 commentsSort by: Newest Oldest There was a problem loading comments right now. Please try again later.Show more comments10 of 13 people found the following review helpful1.0 out of 5 starsAlso injured our babyByAri Nave “arinave”on May 4, 2009We had the same experience. Friends who love and use these for their infant gave us a pair for our newborn. After wearing them for several hours, our baby girl had the same marks – they looked like deep contusions. After two weeks we had our physician look at them because we were getting concerned. It has been three weeks and they look like they are beginning to hear now.Replica Hermes Fake Belt
  • VERY comfortable.:Very comfortable and they don’t slip off !!Replica Hermes Belt Buckle
  • very flashy:I got this as a present for my daughter and she loves it! As the mom of a toddler she loves the pockets and the fact that it’s washable. Great colors, too–very cheerful!Replica Hermes H Belt Replica
  • Four Stars:I received a Slim Packing Cube from Dot & Dot in exchange for an honest review. This is actually the fourth Packing Organizer I have ever used and I must say I am in love with it! I am super impressed. I do a lot of traveling for work and when I visit my girlfriend and other friends so this really comes in handy for those times. They help make packing more organized and easier. This system has helped me pack more efficiently and has saved me a ton of time! What I love most is that you can use these for storage around the house too! I use them to store my hair stuff when I am not using it for packing. They are just super awesome! I would highly recommend this packing system to anyone that travels often or even if you don’t travel they with be extremely helpful for cleaning up and organizing your life!H Belt Replica Hermes
  • Excellent Organizer. I don’t travel that much but when …:This is a great product for organizing your packing. I previously tried to pack in sections in a suitcase only to find everything disheveled after a day. With these cubes I am able to pack a complete outfit for each day that is easily accessible, eliminating the chore of rifling through my suitcase to find what I need. My only regret is that I didn’t have these years ago.
  • Five Stars:Awesome wallet! Love mine so much I purchased this one as a gift.
  • Awesome!!:This organizer was extremely handy. I fit 4 passports, boarding passes and other papers! Def recommend!
  • This bag is excellent, with this you can store an infinite amount …:excelente producto
  • Four Stars:Love it…exactly as I wanted it to be.. Great size
  • Best Socks:I was wanting to find a good pair of socks to wear around the house. We have tile in every single room and having a pair with grip on the bottom was essential for me. This pair of yoga socks was a perfect fit for me. They are not too hot to wear for longer periods of time. They fit very comfortably. I normally hate the feeling of having my toes separated in a pair of socks but these are not nearly as bad as most. I can actually stand to wear them. I purchased this product at a discounted price to give my honest review.
  • Beautiful purse- unfortunately I had to return it:Love the color for spring and summer. It is a great purse to keep things organized in. There are several pockets.
  • Four Stars:This is a nice, strong shoehorn. It’s exactly what we were looking for. Received it quickly.

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  • Undercover styling socks:Buttons & Pleats Womens Cotton No Show Low Cut Liner Socks is a pack of 5 different colorful patterns. This pack of 5 socks are very stretchy and comfortable to wear. The low cut style makes them discreet and can be worn with boots, sneakers or just to lounge around to read a book on a cold chilly night. I wear these socks with my yoga sneakers and they dont peek out the sides and feel comfortable, love the colors and design.I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. 0CommentWas this review helpful to you?YesNoSending feedback…Thank you for your feedback.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try againReport abusePlease write at least one wordYou must purchase at least one item from Amazon to post a commentA problem occurred while submitting your comment. Please try again later.Sign in and comment Showing 0 of 0 commentsSort by: Newest Oldest There was a problem loading comments right now. Please try again later.Show more comments5.0 out of 5 starsFun and brightByNina McClainon August 27, 2015Size: 9-11Color: GridVerified PurchaseThese socks are incredibly fun. You can’t like boring socks if you buy these. They are very bright, with circles, lines and squares all over them. They are surprisingly thickish, not super thin like I expected. For more, check out my video review.This item was purchased with a promotional discount or received for free in exchange for testing and giving my honest unbiased opinion of this product. If you found my review helpful please feel free to vote helpful for me below. Thank youReplica Hermes Womens Belt
  • Almost a necessity for extended overseas travel:Would definitely recommend this product if you travel alot. We travel out of the country several times a year and this product keeps us organized. My sister-in-law liked mine so I am buying her one for her birthday.Authentic Replica Hermes Belt
  • Five Stars:I love it. IReplica Hermes Belt Replica
  • Five Stars:I just love this bag—the size, the fabric, everything! Couldn’t be happier.Replica Hermes Belt H Buckle
  • a good sturdy shoe horn:The shoe horn is great and durable. Costumer service is incredible!!
  • Awesome socks!:Purchased these to use during my kickboxing and resistance band workout. I needed something to prevent my feet from sliding during pushups or other floor activities and to also protect my feet using resistance bands. They work pretty well for the price and I’m not a workout person. Just trying to get back into better shape after having three kids. Also got them to avoid stepping in other people’s sweat… GROSS!
  • Size inaccurate:It feels comfortable but I got the 8 women size which is usually my shoe size but it is too small. I will have to order one a size bigger.
  • I want one for me!!!!:This will be perfect for traveling internationally with my family of four. I always seem to be the one in charge of everyone’s passports and tickets, so this organizer will definitely make my life easier. Lots of room for everything I need to carry.
  • Just as I expected:excellent product
  • LOVE IT!!:Item was perfect, a gorgeous Vera Bradley cross body bag. It was a Christmas present and more gorgeous in reality than the picture.
  • Pack Easier and More Efficient With Dot&Dot Slim Packing Cube:My family are frequent flyers so we have learned the art of packing neatly and maximising the space available in our luggages. One of the necessities in our travels are these set of packing cubes that organizes our clothes, underwears, accessories and other stuff in a neat packing cube which doesn’t take much space. I already have large ones (set of 3) from a different brand and they occupy so much space in my luggage.I ordered these slim packing cubes for my travel in pink and I love how easy it is to put my clothes in without overpacking. The size is just enough to accommodate your basic needs and in a way, it helps in keeping tabs of what you’re actually packing.I like that they are stackable and flexible that even when the luggage space gets tight, you can easily squeeze any of them in without fear of deforming them.They are super lightweight and washable too! They have ventilation so air can circulate in your stuff.I also like that they have 2 zippers. It’s very important for me to not fumble looking for zippers because these cases have 2 and it’s easier to open that way.I like these slim packing cubes a lot that I also ordered a separate cube for my shoes (shoe bag – travel packing cubes by Dot&Dot) and als in pink. So now, all my travel cubes are in the same color.I highly recommend this set of slim packing cubes for your travel because they actually help organize your stuff and keeps your clothes neat. They come in large sizes too. However, I prefer having the slim version because it’s easier to pack extra stuff when you’re using big ones. This is just the right size (14" x 5" x 2.75"). This is a perfect packing case for me. 0CommentWas this review helpful to you?YesNoSending feedback…Thank you for your feedback.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try againReport abusePlease write at least one wordYou must purchase at least one item from Amazon to post a commentA problem occurred while submitting your comment. Please try again later.Sign in and comment Showing 0 of 0 commentsSort by: Newest Oldest There was a problem loading comments right now. Please try again later.Show more comments22 of 24 people found the following review helpful3.0 out of 5 starsConsider the Source and Motivation for these Reviews!BySuzanne Namon March 18, 2015Size: 4-piece setColor: Light BlueVerified PurchaseDo you wonder why there are so many five star reviews for these packing cubes? It’s because the company that makes these bags sends everyone who buys them an offer for free stuff if they will post reviews of products. Tho they don’t require you to write positive reviews, some people might feel obligated to do so (or so excited for the free stuff that their judgment gets a little clouded).The products themselves are fine. They work as advertised, they are inexpensive and appear to be well made. The "slim" bags are a very handy size. I use them for socks and underwear, and also use them for socks and underwear for my preschool twins (packed together, their stuff is smaller than mine!). Overall I’m happy with this product and would even buy it again, but not happy with the review program this company has.

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  • I love my new VB Hipster Crossbody purse:This bag was wonderful quality and beautiful design! I absolutely love it and the adjustable shoulder strap helps make it the perfect length all the time!! It’s my go-to bag until I buy another!Replica Hermes Collier De Chien Belt
  • Great shoes:I wear orthotics in my shoes and therefore have a tough time with most flip flop type sandals not having enough support. Not true with these! Great support! Very comfortable! The only flip flops I wear!Reversible Replica Hermes Belt
  • Three Stars:purse is perfect. come in 2 days!!!love love ove the vionic shoesReplica Hermes Belt Women
  • Five Stars:A great summer bag. The strap iscomfortableReplica Hermes Belt Size
  • Excellent Purchase:I love these packing cubes! The zipper runs smoothly and the rest of the cube is made of quality material. I like that these come in a variety of colors and they make traveling and packing so much easier for me!
  • great organizer:Excellent product. It is very comfortable, practical and well organiar many magazines for documents and cards. For people who travel a lot out … I recommend the black!
  • Love, Love, LOVE💘:Love it love it! Love the colors. In fact, I am waiting for the matching wallet to arrive as I ordered that too after I saw how pretty the Hipster was. It is a bit larger than I expected but I can always use more room in my purse.
  • This is a really solid shoehorn that would be perfect for the elderly or disabled who can’t manage that footwear …:I bought two of these to use after my hip replacement and have been using them frequently. Today I used the device for the first time with my snow boots. The loop of plastic broke while I was holding it firmly while putting my non-op foot in the above-ankle boot. Will use the other one gently until I am done needing assistive devices, and then have a little ceremony when I throw them both away. woo hoo!
  • Item was perfect, a gorgeous Vera Bradley cross body bag:I love all the exterior pockets on this one. I wish they had the same bag only slightly shorter and wider in proportion. Items fall to the bottom and it’s a long way down there. Really pretty fabric & colors.
  • … packing cubes from Dot & Dot and was so pleased with my experience:I need to get organized real bad, so when I got the chance to try the Slim Tubes Travel #packingorganizers I was sooooo excited!My views on the Slim Tube Travel #packingorganizers is that they are WONDERFUL!!!! This is a must have if you do a lot of traveling, as you can fit quite a bit in them. They come in a 1 or 4 pack, they are available in Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Black, Gray and Green, so no matter your taste, you will find one that fits you. They are lightweight and washable (a definite plus for us busy mommy’s). They are also available in various sizes as well.Myself, as I don’t travel much, I use them to put things like my craft supplies in, and tuck them away nice and neatly! So the possibilities are endless. I highly recommend these to everyone, as everyone can find their own unique use for them.Disclosure: I received product(s) in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally
  • Love this style purse and the color design:Love this purse.
  • Five Stars:I love my Vera Bradley Turn Lock Wallet