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  • So good I bought two:Very sturdy. I’m certain that this shoe horn will last me a life time so long as I don’t lose it somewhere. It’s always a plus to support American made products as well. Highly recommended.Replica Gucci Black Belt
  • Longer than I thought:I bought this shoehorn in May 2014 for $15. My initial thought was $15 is a lot to pay for a plastic shoehorn — but I went ahead w/ the purchase anyway. Upon receipt I was pleased to see that the item was made of sturdy plastic, unlike some of the flimsy, cheap ones that I had purchased historically and threw away before too long. This one is not so thick that it would make slipping your feet into shoes an arduous process. The 24" length is a REAL back-saver too — when you are over 40 like I am (and I’m not saying how far over 40!) that’s a real good thing. I use the item pretty much everyday and after 2 months it seems to be holding up pretty well. In short, this was a good investment and I would purchase the item again should the need arise — which may be a while.Replica Gucci Belts For Men Replica
  • Would recommend.:Sturdy, high quality. Shipped faster than any product I have bought from Amazon.Authentic Replica Gucci Belt
  • They offer great support, do not get slippery when wet and …:I had to start by wearing them for just an hour at a time but once my feet got used to the support they became my favorite pair of flip flops. Need to buy them in every color!!Replica Gucci Belt Bag Replica
  • Five Stars:Just What I wanted. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
  • works great!:I didn’t realize they made such big shoehorns but was told they did and bought this one. Absolutely love it! My son uses it all the time to put his work boots on. After using this one I don’t think I’ll ever use a short one again. This is just too awesome!
  • Great purse:Bought this purse for the summer and I sure am glad I did. Paired with the super fast shipping, I am one happy customer!
  • Best shoe horn ever.:You got to keep this in mind that this is a plastic shoehorn you cannot lift a car with it but it works great for my shoe.
  • Lovin VB:I love my Vera Bradley. The material is so worth buying for along with the pattern. I carry gum and other essential stuff. Everyone liked it but my mom.
  • Simple and Works:This is what I have been searching for. This shoehorn is a great length – very strong and has a hook for hanging. The item came quickly and in great shape. It was a very good choice!
  • Five Stars:Perfect crossbody bag for all of my needs!
  • No tie laces where have you been.:I got these laces for my son who is a runner. He has had other brands of laces, but said that none compared to the quality of these No Tie laces. They are easy to use and very secure. Great pair of laces.

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  • Everyone has to own one!:My sister called me to thank me for the shoehorn. She has diabetes, so her hands have lost feeling. This long shoe horn and the handle at the end save her 10-15 minutes a day in struggles to get her shoes on. Best shoehorn ever!Replica Gucci Belts Replica
  • Five Stars:My favorite shoe. I’m going to order another pairReplica Gucci Belts For Men Cheap
  • Love, Love, LOVE!!!:I got this bag for my daughter and she totally loved it. Its just the right size and shape for everyday use.Replica Gucci Belt For Men Cheap
  • Great product:They are without a doubt the most comfortable sandal I have ever owned and I plan on looking into the slip on shoe that I have seen. They do relax your legs and if you experience any foot problems, you won’t experience it with these sandals.Authentic Replica Gucci Belt Replica
  • A small bag with potential:I love this little bag, it fits perfectly in my purse and keeps all my small items safe and secure. My purse doesn’t have a zipper or flap closure on it so a lot of times small items fall out of it or get lost at the bottom of my purse. This little bag keeps everything safe and secure. And the little mini climbers clip that comes attached to it clips neatly to the hook inside my purse so it all stays put. This little bag has a very strong zipper that’s also very easy to slide open and closed. I love how its mesh so you can see through it so you don’t have to hunt through it or dump everything out of it to find something you need. Its definitely my purse’s new best feature!
  • Game Changer:I need a shoe horn now after I had a total hip replacement. This shoe horn is very portable, at the swimming pool, physical therapy, and the doctor’s office. It is very shiny and smooth making it easy to use. The shipping was fast it arrived on a Sunday. I would highly recommended this shoe horn for people on the go.
  • Perfect:My husband ordered this because he was tired of the cheap small plastic ones and he LOVES it.Works great and is quite sturdy. Very happy with the purchase.
  • Best Xmas Present Ever:This is replacing a much cheaper, thinner quality, shoehorn and it’s great. What else can you say, it’s a long shoehorn with a nice handle which helps you put your shoes one without having to bend over. Awesome.
  • Very light weight:My first Vera in quite some time. I’ve always loved this style and when I saw that it was available in Midnight Paisley, resistance was futile! Plenty of room for organization with 1 slip and 2 zip pockets on the outside, plus 3 slip pockets on the inside. Now, if you want to carry everything but the kitchen sink, this bag’s not for you. But if you like to travel light, you have a winner here. I love the fabric and think it’s the prettiest that Vera has ever used. This is one bag that’s truly easy to wear crossbody without discomfort. Plenty of room for my phone, wallet, keys, bottle of water and my Kindle!
  • WOW:I bought this for my mom for her birthday, she already owns a Vera Bradley Hipster it a different color. This arrived quickly, perfect condition, I love the pattern. It is slightly bigger than her old hipster it seems, she is happy and so am I, thank you
  • Awesome booties, just run very small:Wonderful product and really adorable. A bit pricey for what it is but worth it! Fits true to size but my son has slightly large feet for his age so I had to return for a bigger size. The two snap ankle strap is really nice for a good fit. My only wish is that there were ‘grippys’ on the bottom soles for anti-slip!
  • Makes life much easier -highly recommend if you have any trouble at all bending to put shoes on:This shoehorn works the way shoehorns work with the added benefit that it can be used while standing, because of its length, and even sitting there is no bending over. It’s one smooth piece of assistance. Great choice for someone with limited mobility. Looks like it’s made of material that will last.

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  • I didn’t use my yoga mat with these! No need!:Really like the look of these socks. Will work great for my next yoga session.Authentic Replica Gucci Belts
  • … what I expected and more as the color is great, size and I know I will enjoy these …:Great quality shoe bag. I particularly like the inner liner so that the shoes do not scuff against each other.Replica Gucci Belt Uk
  • The LAST shoe horn.:The shoehorn is long enough to help me put on my shoes without bending. It is sturdy feeling and I expect it to last.Replica Gucci Belts Uk
  • Great lenght for tall people & sturdy design:great implement for anyone with a bad back or difficulty bending over….sturdy black plastic, 2 feet long, slightly flexible, flared comfortable end, reasonably priced.Replica Gucci Belt For Men
  • Good buy, excellent product:I have several pairs of shoes with ghillie laces, and I was tired of bending over to put them on. I had to hold the back/heel area while trying to slip them on to keep the heel from crushing. A shoe horn was definitely in order, and I decided to try a long-handled one. I bought one at the drug store, and while it got the job done, the curve of the blade was too exaggerated, so my heel didn’t slide into the shoe very easily. When this one arrived, I was delighted! Excellent design, from the curvature of the blade to the length – and even the convenient handle at the top!I’m very pleased with this purchase.
  • I love love love my purse:I love love love this bag. And it’s real. It took a little long to get here but that didn’t bother me
  • Get them you will LOVE them, heaven for your feet:These shoes fit so well and cushion my feet like a cloud. I wear them everywhere around the house due to plantar fasciatis. I am going to get a 2nd pair for work!
  • Great shoe bag for travel:I travel a lot for work, and I have many shoes…. I love this bag. My boots even fold up nicely to fit in this bag when I don’t want to wear them on the plane. The bag is light, so it won’t add pounds to your luggage. Clunky, dirty workout shoes are no problem in my suitcase anymore.
  • Exactly what I wanted:This is a great shoehorn – very sturdy and easy to hold on to it when putting on shoes.Our order came quickly and the company followed up immediately to make sure the product had arrived and we were satisfied.
  • Great Horn:This is the perfect size shoe horn in my opinion. Many of the others are ridiculously long and the traditional shoe horn is too short. This is just shy of 8 inches and ideal in length. It’s solid strong heavy duty steel and the contour is perfect for shoes, sneakers and boots. The wooden and plastic ones don’t always provide the strength that is needed and they can break.
  • Not at all worth!:When this came in the mail it was in a long card board tube. The tube was in fine shape but I could tell before I opened it that it wasin pieces and it sure was. I find it hard to believe that it was broken when it was packaged since the tube was just fine. Anyway, they did return my money fairly quickly. I did have to return the product (no problem!).
  • Great tote:Excellent deal shipped on time. It was a Christmas present for my wife and she loved it!!!