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  • Fabulous Shoe Bag:Bought this as a storage bag for a new blood pressure monitor. I can understand why monitors no longer come with their own storage bag as that particular size is so hard to find. This is a bit large, but all the pieces can be put in without jamming them including the electric plug as well and the computer connection cables. The color also makes it easy to locate. Black bags seem to just disappear in the closet.Replica Gucci Belt Women
  • Come-on, it’s a shoe-horn… It horns shoes effectively.:This review is for a shoe horn, not a pair of shoes. Anyway, it works just as you would expect a shoe horn to work, and it was delivered quickly.Mens Replica Gucci Belts Replica
  • Great find:I absolutely love this. It is very strong, sturdy, and well made. I use it to put in a pair of side zip Danner work boots. This is helping to save the heals of the boots from breaking down. Now my foot slides right in! A short shoe horn did not work.I can see how this would help others if bending is difficult, or for putting on any other boots.So glad I bought this one!Women Replica Gucci Belts
  • Five Stars:Recently used this on a trip overseas – I was perfect for what I was looking for! My partner and I shared the one case for the trip which kept our passports, money, credit cards and other important things we needed organised.Seems well made as we had no problems with the zips or seams over the months we were away.Its fairly basic looking and the coverings are synthetic material (not leather) so not an ideal choice for the fashion forward however fulfilled all my requirements.Recommended.Update: Oct 2012. This wallet continues to be my staple travel accessory. Used on several more trips and always thankful for the organization and convenience it supplies.I originally mentioned its not for the fashion forward however my partner took the wallet on a recent trip and received many comments on how great it looked and asked where she got it. So I may have to retract that remark!Replica Gucci Belt Cheap
  • Love it!:I have a pair of tall boots that I struggle to put on every time I want to wear them. I ordered this shoe horn and am amazed how easily my boots go on now! VERY fast shipping. Very pleased with product and will travel with this shoe horn!!
  • my balance improved with these socks:The black open toe yoga socks are so cute. The socks are very soft and comfortable. I love using them while I do my daily exercises. I have a slippery floor so I always have to watch my footing as I stretch. But with these it helps me stay balanced and I don’t have to worry about hurting myself. The socks grip the floor and prevent any hazardous falls from happening. They’re really comfortable and I can run easily in them. I was sent these for review, however it does not effect my thoughts and opinions.
  • this is the best shoe horn I have ever tried I love it …:Had hip replacement surgery 1.5 weeks ago. Got this so I could put on my sneakers and start going outside. Works perfectly, even with my cushy sneakers. Happy to have it, even after I am past the recovery.
  • Thanks for a good product!:WHY DID I IGNORE THIS GLORIOUS ITEM FOR SO MANY YEARS?! Really simplifies my shoe wearing struggles… Just a perfect little thing to keep by your shoes.
  • works well:Just recently had hip replacement surgery. This device made putting on shoes a breeze. It is long and sturdy. Recommended purchase!
  • update on the plastic shoehorn:I bought two of these to use after my hip replacement and have been using them frequently. Today I used the device for the first time with my snow boots. The loop of plastic broke while I was holding it firmly while putting my non-op foot in the above-ankle boot. Will use the other one gently until I am done needing assistive devices, and then have a little ceremony when I throw them both away. woo hoo!
  • The thing is sturdy, which is always the concern with a plastic …:We purchased one of these several months ago and just receive another in today’s mail !!! We love it, a wonderful help for both of us. I purchased the latest one for my sister as she has serious health problems and it is going to be a tremendous help to her!!We have get another one for ourselves so we can have them in the bedroom an coat closet in the hall!!
  • PurSabino Bella toeless yoga grip socks are by far awesome ty:So I do some work outs at home and I have a yoga mat and the Pilates big ball and while I was looking around I saw thereabouts toeless grip socks and thought you know maybe theses will be better then my socks or sneakers or being barefoot ,so I asked a few friends that do yoga and so forth about them and one gal said you should get a pair ,so it goes with out saying I got a pair .and I absolutely love my toeless yoga socks , well it was one of the best ideas I have seen ,they fit great and my feet don’t slip or slide any more and they keep your feet nice and cool .So to my friend thank you, and to my family and other friends if you do yoga or even just workout at home get a pair of theses

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  • Excellent product…:there was a gift for my husband and he used every day this organize, its so perfect for himReplica Gucci Belts Women
  • Would buy again:Does what a shoehorn is intended to do but better because of the long handle. Being plastic I wasn’t sure of the durability but it seems very sturdy. Time will tell. The company contacted me shortly after purchase to make sure I was satisfied with the product.Replica Gucci Belt With Interlocking G Buckle
  • Perfect. Extra long so I don’t have to bend …:This is a great shoehorn. It is nice and long especially for people with back problems. You don’t have to bend over to put on a shoe. I bought it for my husband and he loves it. So I ordered three more and will give them as Christmas gifts to my sisters and brothers-in-law.Replica Gucci Belt Uk Replica
  • Perfect:I hang this next to my shoe pile and use it to slip on my boots without needing to ask for help.Replica Gucci Belt Mens Sale
  • Worth Every Penny:I have had Dr. Marten’s for over 20 years, many different styles. But I always use this Wonder balsam and it works great. I especially like it on my motorcycle boots, repels water very well. Two thumbs up….
  • Quality, easy-to-use shoehorn:I have one particular pair of athletic shoes which fit me a little more tightly than normal. It was always a struggle to get these shoes on, but I really liked their appearance and comfort, so I would do anything necessary to get them on. This shoe horn was the perfect solution! With the long handle and excellent design I can easily and simply slip into my favorite shoes! The product is well made and reasonably priced! The seller was in constant contact to make sure I was pleased with my purchase and if it arrived on time. Their excellent communication depicts a company that wants long term satisfied customers. They can add my name to that list!
  • Blood Pressure Monitor fits:This worked great for me for my weekend away this weekend! It was perfect and compact and I was able to keep my shoes separated from my clothing in my small travel size suitcase. Product is durable and well made. Very impressed. The color is true to the pictures. I will be ordering more for Holiday gifts.
  • Sturdy yet flexible LONG shoehorn…:Its extra large!Great for boots!! Makes putting them on so much easier!Love this Shoehorn!i recommend everyone gets one!
  • Great for the entire family:Great, easy laces that my son loves. The company responded to a broken part a month later right away. I highly recommend them!
  • Love it:Love this purse.
  • nice design, durable, spacious:Love them!!!
  • Vera Bradley Hipster Crossbody:I needed a cross body for traveling and thought Vera was the way. I have this pattern in a bookbag and iPad case. But this purse was slightly smaller than I thought it would be. But it still fits all the necessities. I like it, I will use it, but it could be just a bit "thicker" it says it is about 12"x9"x1.5" (or something like that), wished it was more like the mailbag in that it would have the greater width of like 2", but keeping the hipster design (no mailbag flap).

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  • Wonderful!!!:Love this bag. All Vera Bradley items are extremely well made with nice patterns. Amazon seller offered this item at a good price, less than retail and delivered within just a few days. Happy :-).Discount Replica Gucci Belts
  • Travel packing made simple:When I saw these Dot&Dot Travel Cubes, I had just gotten home from a trip to California and had arrived home with a very messy suitcase, and I thought maybe they would help me not be such a mess on my next trip. When they arrived, I was surprised to see that they were in a four-pack and were enclosed in a nice plastic/rubber zippered bag, which was pretty nice.While these organizers come in ten colors (black, gray, green, purple, pink, red, light blue, yellow and orange, I chose dark blue because I thought it would help hide any dirt that might accumulate thanks to traveling on our airlines. You can purchase these organizer cubes one at a time, or in a four-pack. I was provided with the set of four large sized organizers and their dimensions are each 19″ x 14″ x 1.3″. They each have a 2-way zipper with nice pull tabs that go around 3 sides so that each cube opens like a book. They seem sturdy and well made, although I haven’t really owned them long enough to verify that statement.These organizer cubes have a see-through mesh panel so you can see inside without having to open them. At the same time, they keep your items separated within your suitcase making your belongings a little more discreet. When I got ready for my next trip, by using these organizer cubes I noticed that I had so much more room in my suitcase, so they really helped me maximize your luggage space.Since they came in a four-pack, I was able to use each one for different types of items. I used the first organizer cube for my gear and clothes for my upcoming half marathon, while I used another organizer cube for all of the stuff I would need to change into after the race, including a towel and some personal needs. Everything fit really well, and it kept my clothes from being so wrinkled since they were folded nice to fit in the organizer.These organizer cubes are very reasonably priced, are well made, and will definitely solve your traveling organizer needs.I received this product without cost in exchange for my honest review.Replica Gucci Mens Belt
  • Five Stars:uses dailyBelts Replica Gucci
  • Five Stars:love itBlack On Black Replica Gucci Belt
  • It is perfect for her:I love it!!
  • I like it:I love my purse Michael Kors , I have plenty of room, to get what I want and three compartment in.
  • Oofos – comfort for your feet:Love, love, love these sandals. My third pair. Have indoor & outdoor pair. Accidentally ordered these for my father so I’m going to exchange them for my size. Got the oofos clogs for my dad from fleet feet
  • Love the Clip:I like this travel organizer. I got the large organizer in black. I’ve been using it to store my baby’s toys when we go out or to visit relatives. It’s roomy enough to fit a 7” Peppa Pig plush, a 7” Daniel Tiger Plush, several teethers, her toy tablet and her toy radio!I received this product in exchange for an honest review.
  • Love this item!:This is perfect for putting on cowboy boots, which are a bit stiff. I bought this because I was worried I would break down the boot trying to work my heel down into the boot. The shoehorn works perfectly, allowing my foot to slide easily into the boot. It is plastic, but very sturdy.
  • Five Stars:excellent I recommend good quality
  • My Vera Bradley:I love it!!
  • perfect gift:This is the 1st Michael Kors purse I’ve bought with more to get…Its perfect love itMK are also mine an my husband’s initials perfect

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  • Handy device!:I have used this 24" shoehorn for a couple weeks. I am a bit like Mr. Rogers in that I change from outdoor footwear into indoor sneakers when I come home. It works well. The plastic is very heavy duty, therefore I think it will last a long time and is warmer than metal.Replica Gucci Belt Men
  • Five Stars:Bought this for my granddaughter and she absolutely loves the colors!!!Replica Gucci Belt Prices
  • This shoehorn is nice, smooth and real helpfully for putting on long …:Very light and strong. Great shoehorn. This is the second one that I have purchased. The first is still in great shape after a year’s use. Use on boots as well as shoes. What a back saver!Belt Replica Gucci
  • Awesome booties, just run very small:Wonderful product and really adorable. A bit pricey for what it is but worth it! Fits true to size but my son has slightly large feet for his age so I had to return for a bigger size. The two snap ankle strap is really nice for a good fit. My only wish is that there were ‘grippys’ on the bottom soles for anti-slip!Replica Gucci Belt Buckles
  • Makes life much easier -highly recommend if you have any trouble at all bending to put shoes on:This shoehorn works the way shoehorns work with the added benefit that it can be used while standing, because of its length, and even sitting there is no bending over. It’s one smooth piece of assistance. Great choice for someone with limited mobility. Looks like it’s made of material that will last.
  • I do like the hipster bags:I Love the Hispter style of Vera Bradley! It holds a lot for a crossbody. The lime’s up colors are so bold and beautiful! Def would recommend Hipster and color
  • Perfect Bag:Love it! Amazing!!! Recommended for you! Shipping is so fast too.
  • Excellent quality-typical Vera Bradley:Vera Bradley purses are all the rave these days. You get a huge selection of prints and solids and styles too. Made very well.
  • Great for plantar fasciitis!:I love the comfort of this shoe. I wish they were a bit more better looking, or came in different was the thong or the slip on and that was it. Bought them in the middle of winter and have been wearing them around the house. Will buy a second pair to wear outside now that Spring is on its way.
  • Very nice and functional:Ordered this for my daughter, she loves it and uses it everyday.
  • Fast shipping, LOVELY BAG!:I LOVE my purse! I get compliments on it every where I go! Very happy with my purchase!
  • Look No Further:I have a disability — leg amputee. I am also 72. The long handle assists me in putting on my shoe without bending over. It is sturdy enough I need not worry about it breaking.

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  • Comfortable!:I have worn these shoes before and they are the ultimate in comfort.Mens Replica Gucci Belt
  • This shoe horn is the perfect size for tennis shoes and boots:Great product – simply design. Sturdy, quality materiel, works exactly as you would hope! Too many e-mail contacts, however.Replica Gucci Belt For Women
  • overall the shoe is made nicely and has good support:These shoes are so great for anyone with foot issues. I had heel spur surgery and now I can’t wear all the cute flip flops I have – EXCEPT THESE so I’m really happy to have found these. My Mom also bought a pair after trying mine on and now my sister in law did the same. They these sandals you will love them.Authentic Replica Gucci Belt
  • They actually stay on:Reviews indicated these may run small, so I got the larger size. Nope. I went back and orderedc3month size for my 1 month olds, and they are a tad bit too big. My kids are now 9 lbs and 7.5lbs, and the little one has pretty long feet. I kept the 6 month size for later, as these are great booties. My girl, I will say though, does manage to kick these off still. We have yet to find a sock or bootie that will stAy on her feet!Replica Gucci Belts For Sale
  • 24″ shoe horn:The handle was broken…..poor quality control
  • Love this purse:I can’t review this purse, it’s a gift not yet given. I have the same purse in a different color. I absolutely love it, especially the outside pocket that holds my phone.
  • Enjoyed my Vera Bradley Hipster:love th bag, got it for my daughter and she could not be happier. Loves that she can wash it when needed.
  • Love my new iPad purse:I love this bag. I am not a big fan of purses but find it nessassary to carry one to work most bags seem heavy on my shoulder and they all seemed to big or to small. This bag I can wear sling style when I walk around the block from where I park to work and feel secured. There are pockets throughout that allows me places for everything my keys and phone are handy and my kindle fits perfect. Love the comfortable strap there is no pressure on my shoulder even when it is full
  • This shoehorn is great due to the length and strength of the material:My husband loves this, he has been very athletic all his life, but his hip is an issue now and makes it hard to put on an take off shoes~ This works like a charm! He uses it everyday! Great product!
  • Cute and functional:These are super cute, very soft, and easy to slip on. Unfortunately, I had to return this item as they were too small for my 9 month year old. Wish they had them in 18 month size. I did reorder from the same brand just had to pick a different color as this one was no available. Recommend to anyone. They came the next day when I ordered.
  • Great product:This is the sturdiest long shoehorn I’ve bought yet. The last metal one I purchased broke after a few uses. I’d recommend this to anyone who doesn’t like to bend over too much to put on their shoes.
  • Five Stars:perfect….

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  • Just what I needed!:I have reviewed this item previously, however, I will repeat. Well made and nice and long for those of us who are uncomfortable bending over. Thanks for making this item available to us.Replica Gucci Belt Black
  • A good, solid bag:My SIL, who travels all the time, said this was a great bag because it holds what she needs (plus a little) and is easy to pack along. I am keeping this on my list of easy-to-give gifts because I love all the patterns.Replica Gucci Belt
  • A product I would definitely recommend as I believe it will last a long time:Perfect just what I was looking for. Very helpful slides really easy no bending like plastic one. Even though is metal it Won’t bother whenusing it. I recommend.Real Replica Gucci Belt Replica
  • Perfect size to put on shoes while standing:the best part pf this shoe horn is that you do not have to bend over to slip it into the shoe. it is rugged and plenty long to help prevent back aches.Replica Gucci Men Belt
  • Great product, great service:It does its job well, but I didn’t know how large the shoehorn really was. From the pictures you can’t tell how wide the bottom is. Luckily it’s just big enough where my shoes won’t cringe while I have the shoehorn in when putting my shoes on. It seems perfect for boots, but can be ‘intrusive’ with dress shoes. Overall, great product.
  • The thing is sturdy, which is always the concern with a plastic …:We purchased one of these several months ago and just receive another in today’s mail !!! We love it, a wonderful help for both of us. I purchased the latest one for my sister as she has serious health problems and it is going to be a tremendous help to her!!We have get another one for ourselves so we can have them in the bedroom an coat closet in the hall!!
  • PurSabino Bella toeless yoga grip socks are by far awesome ty:So I do some work outs at home and I have a yoga mat and the Pilates big ball and while I was looking around I saw thereabouts toeless grip socks and thought you know maybe theses will be better then my socks or sneakers or being barefoot ,so I asked a few friends that do yoga and so forth about them and one gal said you should get a pair ,so it goes with out saying I got a pair .and I absolutely love my toeless yoga socks , well it was one of the best ideas I have seen ,they fit great and my feet don’t slip or slide any more and they keep your feet nice and cool .So to my friend thank you, and to my family and other friends if you do yoga or even just workout at home get a pair of theses
  • I love them.:Seems To Be Very Sturdy Lace! Arrived Fast and Secure. We Like! Thank-you!
  • 24″ extra long handled shoehorn does the job:Did exactly what it was suppose to do. Makes putting on tight shoes so much easier. Well made and sturdy. Won’t break or bend like other shoehorns. Thinking of buying a couple more to have in different parts of my home. Definitely worth the money.
  • nice long shoehorn:Just got it yesterday! I’ve had one hip replacement and another on the way! This shoehorn is the best helper I have found!!
  • ust what i needed:This product more than met my expectations. I have had other variations in shoehorns–If this lasts well, it will be the best..John W.
  • Love this Shoehorn !!:After a total hip replacement surgery, this shoehorn gave me independence that helped my healing process. The helplessness of not being able to do a simple task like dressing and getting shoes on is daunting after invasive surgery! This simple product made such a difference! Well made, sturdy and worth every penny! Friendly family owned company only made the experience that much more pleasant!!

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  • Great extended shoehorn for the orthopedically challenged:My wife thought is was stupid when she first saw it. However, now she is totally on board with the Extra Long Handle. Typically, the kid with "kick off" his shoes, even the ones with laces. However, this shoe horn allows him to take them off and put them on quickly while NOT destroying the back of the shoe.Replica Gucci Belt Buckle
  • Five Stars:PerfectReplica Gucci Belt Blue
  • Good product:I have gone through many and they all break. I am happy to say this one strong and of course helpful to me since I cannot bend down and use a regular shoe horn. I chose it because its like the one I saw in my doctors exam room.Replica Gucci Belts Cheap Replica
  • Love:This purse is so beautiful, nice and spacey. I’m in love with the color (Mocha). I would recommend it to the ladies that love big purses.Mens Replica Gucci Belts
  • Amazing!:I bought my first pair of Oofos a year ago and a second pair this past spring in another color. These are my third pair. I have bad feet and have worn Merrills so I could walk without pain. I think I have worn the Merrills a few times since I got my first Oofos but these are my walking shoes (due to surgery it is painful to wear athletic shoes to walk) and my wear around the house shoes as my back and feet "work" all day in the Oofos without pain, and going out to lunch shoes….I wear them as much as I can. I do like these shoes!
  • Exactly what I wanted:I FREAKIN LOVE THIS BAG! But I didnt get the Michael kors storage bag like some said they did! They even have there tissue paper with there logo on it!!!!
  • Good Quality!:Love love love it!!!!!
  • Five all the way Vera:I love this wallet. I love the fabric, the design and the compliments I get. Turns out my best friend has one exactly like it! She loves it too!
  • I love it, delivered on time and the best part …:I love all my Vera Bradley purchases! I love all the pockets and space, yet not a big cumbersome purse.
  • Just what I’ve been looking for:This was exactly what I wanted! Great purse, good amount of room, and easy to carry. It’s a must have!
  • My wife has l1 thru l4 fused and I have …:Perfect for putting on shoes after back surgent. Strong and well made. Definitely worth the price over cheaper "Walmart" product which I returned after my first time attempt to use it.
  • beautiful classy bag:Great love it 😍❤️ 0CommentWas this review helpful to you?YesNoSending feedback…Thank you for your feedback.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try againReport abusePlease write at least one wordYou must purchase at least one item from Amazon to post a commentA problem occurred while submitting your comment. Please try again later.Sign in and comment Showing 0 of 0 commentsSort by: Newest Oldest There was a problem loading comments right now. Please try again later.Show more comments2 of 2 people found the following review helpful4.0 out of 5 starsMy First Michael KorsByPatricia Angelica Hands “Patricia Melton Rivera”on June 6, 2014Color: Beige/Ebony/MochaVerified PurchaseThis bag is very nice and is set up very nicely, big enough for me to carry my ipad when i want to. The reason i gave 4 stars vice 5 is because with an expensive bag like this, it should have come with a cloth bag to store it in like Coach, otherwise it is awesome and i love it.

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  • Perfect Shoehorn:No more struggling to get ANY of my footwear on. The 24" length makes it so easy, no bending over.Replica Gucci Belt Uk
  • Beautiful and Practical:I received a Vera Bradley wallet from my Granddaughter for Christmas, and I decided to try to find a purse to match. Found it on Amazon for a great price with no shipping. LOVE the purse, and you gotta’ love Amazon!All Black Replica Gucci Belt
  • Beige/brown/mocha:I’m in love!!!! The packaging was very well done, & the shipping was great had no problems. The purse is beautiful 😊 Extremely happy!!Blue Replica Gucci Belt
  • Five Stars:Beautiful!! Loved it!Replica Gucci Belt Sale Replica
  • It’s easy to handle because of the large grip:I ordered this item to assist my mother with the painful task of putting her shoes on. She is disabled from spinal stenosis and this product will help her in doing small tasks that allow her to keep her independence. Thanks for making the product.
  • perfect product of it’s type–highly recommend.:Christmas gift for my temporarily handicapped brother-in-law. This item is so well made, the handle really makes a difference in gripping the shoehorn. The material it is made of is very sturdy.
  • Five Stars:Fit as expected as it was recommended by neighbor. comfortable to wear. seems well made. look forward to wearing in warmer weather.
  • The sandal is very good..:The best cushion I have ever felt in a sandal, great for after a run, casual, or errands… my everyday go to sandal.
  • Four Stars:Love love love this bag!
  • mom day gift:Awesome wallet!! It seemed a bit big when I first opened the package but once all my stuff I carry around was in it, I realized how great it was. My mom and sisters want one too, it’s a great wallet and super roomy!
  • Perfect:I love this purse! Quality made, easy to adjust the strap. All around this is exactly what I was looking for.
  • Absolutely LOVE it!!:Love it great travel bag. Very spacious and lots of pockets. Note there is no zip to close bag completely. Keep wallet and passport in zippered section.