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  • does its job:The shoe horn works fine. The questions asked are ridiculous.Replica Gucci Belt White
  • Great shoehorn and would recommend buying it.:I have arthritis in both knees so I can’t get my foot to the right angle to put on shoes without screaming while I do it. This shoe horn was just what I needed to do it, standing, and without pain. It was delivered promptly and everything was as promised.Black Replica Gucci Belt Replica
  • Occupational Rehab gave me a long handled metal one that works fine but is absolutely unyielding so is uncomfortable to use:from the grip handle to the wide bottom this product is superior to any 24" shoe horn i’ve used previously.material seems plenty rugged; likely to last, forever.Black Replica Gucci Belt
  • Indestructable:My wife thought is was stupid when she first saw it. However, now she is totally on board with the Extra Long Handle. Typically, the kid with "kick off" his shoes, even the ones with laces. However, this shoe horn allows him to take them off and put them on quickly while NOT destroying the back of the shoe.Replica Gucci Men Belt
  • Five Stars:Excelent
  • sturdy and the price is right:Quit buying those cheap shoe horns. This stainless steel job is stiff and slick and you will be happy with the way it functions.
  • Happy Feet / Awesome Flip Flops!:I love these sandals. I have two pairs now and plan to buy more colors in the future. I keep recommending them to my friends. When they try them on they love them.
  • Success!:AWsome product works well no need to bend over and fight with getting shoes on nice handle to hold on to
  • zutano booty reaction:I loved these booties for my daughter during the winter! I couldn’t get her to keep socks on, plus I felt like socks weren’t quite warm enough. She still pulled these off every once in a while, but they stayed on much better than socks. Once she started trying to pull up, though, we had to stop using these. They don’t have any grip on the bottom so I didn’t feel like they were safe for her when she was on her feet. I would highly recommend these for younger babies, though!
  • best shoehorn:Exactly what my 84-year old husband needs to assist him with his shoes. Raves about it every day. Thank you.
  • Perfect for me:The real deal. I was somewhat concerned about it being a cheap knockoff, but when it arrived within 4 days I was pleasantly surprised. It is exactly as described and well worth the price!
  • Great for older folks:This was a lovely red plastic based shoehorn that was purchased as a gift for Christmas and looks great. Thanks.

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  • Four Stars:My daughter is happy with her bag. It has alot of pockets very spacious.Mens Replica Gucci Belts Replica
  • So comfortable! I love them:Very lightweight and comfortable for all day walking. Definitely relieved my heal pain without medical intervention.Replica Gucci Belts Uk
  • Not Again!:Come on, people. It’s a shoe horn; you use it to ease the process of putting on footwear. Or, perhaps, for rapping the knuckles of your unruly child. Whatever the case, if you are reading this review I will give you the benefit of the doubt and presume it is because you noticed it was written by moi and are therefore doing so because you appreciate the wit and wisdom inherent in all of my reviews, and not instead because you are afflicted with the kind of neurosis that demands you read shoe horn reviews before purchasing a $7 item that, let’s be honest, is about as safe a bet as you can make. It’s a shoe horn, people. What could be wrong with it? Just in case you ARE that neurotic person, the answer is…nothing. It’s a great shoe horn. It works like a charm. Its smooth, polished surface and heavy duty construction ensure it will bring you many years of footwear-putting-on ease and pleasure.Real Replica Gucci Belts
  • Purse:love it and plan to buy more colorsReplica Gucci Belt With Interlocking G Buckle
  • my favorite purse, big enough to hold everything but fits …:Love it.! Very roomy .i use it every days I will buy it again in a different pattern . Will buy more for sure
  • Make life easier.:Actually, my husband loves these. He loses these like I lose my glasses, so there is no such thing as too many shoehorns. These are extremely well made and the large loop at the end looks like it’s sturdy so there won’t be problem hanging it on a hook so it’s handy.
  • Excellent buy:I have arthritis in both knees so I can’t get my foot to the right angle to put on shoes without screaming while I do it. This shoe horn was just what I needed to do it, standing, and without pain. It was delivered promptly and everything was as promised.
  • It’s plastic, not metal. It should be use as such.:This proved to have what I was looking for in a shoehorn. Length is good and the top to hang it up which makes it easy to find when needed. Smooth so doesn’t catch on socks, stockings, etc when using. Also feels sturdy without being too thick to fit between your heel and shoe. Hopefully will stand the test of time, looking good so far.
  • Great Shoehorn Great Customer Service:The shoe horn is very sturdy, heavy plastic tongue with a circle handle for easy grip. When you’re in a rush and sliding in to your still tied shoes or those "must have" high heels that almost fit this is great – no stopping to find the one place in your bedroom that has a flat surface to sit on and scrunch in your shoes sliding your finger around the back and then breaking a fingernail or snagging a stocking. Perfect length for my husband and me… fast delivery from Amazon. Great follow up from Shacke to make sure everything arrived and you are satisfied. Definitely recommend..
  • No more plastic shoe horns!:This was purchased for my 91 year old Dad, who has to sit down now to put on his shoes and can hardly bend over. He loves it
  • arrived broken:Not as sturdy as I hoped. Had it for a few weeks and the handle already snapped :/
  • I love this purse:I LOVE my purse! I get compliments on it every where I go! Very happy with my purchase!

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  • Customer Service Sold here – Product Provided Free of Charge!:Having back issues, I’m having problems putting shoes on. I never saw a long handled shoehorn before and ordered it. I haven’t been able to try it with boots yet due to the warm weather but I’m sure it will help. That’s what I like most about on line shopping, you don’t have to spend time looking for unique items in stores.Replica Gucci Belt Buckle
  • Five Stars:all excellent! very good and reliable product! 100% recommended. all arrived safely! hassle free! all safe! Thanks for everything! Shop safelyReplica Gucci Reversible Belt
  • Works wonderfully – excellent 10 star customer service:I purchased this as a gift for a friend who has difficulty putting shoes on due to a neurological illness. He was extremely pleased with this product & was very happy to receive it as a gift. It arrived as promised & quality is good.Replica Gucci Belt Replica
  • The Prrfect Bag:I am very pleased with my new Vera Bradley Hipster handbag. I got it in the ‘Night & Day’ pattern and it is beautiful and goes with most everything. It is lightweight and has several pockets, both inside and outside, which I love, as I am one of those people who like everything to have a ‘home’ so I can find things more easily when I need them. I use the front zipper pocket for the two things I use the most often, my wallet and my cell phone. This keeps them safe and but easy to get to. I use the back open pocket for my grocery lists, errand lists and a small notebook.I use a couple of the inside pockets for personal items like comb, lipstick, etc. and then there is the bigger space for anything else I need such as my pen and pencil case, my glass case and so forth. It is just the right size for my needs. I have rheumatoid arthritis, so the lightness of the handbag is wonderful for me. As long as I do not overload it (and I do not) it is wonderful to carry. It does not hurt my shoulder or pull at any part of my body in any way. It has been a real gift to me in this way. I actually am using it in the shoulder bag way as opposed to the cross-body way. I have used it both ways, and find that the should bag way works best for me comfort wise. I know it is different with other people, but it it what works best for me. I think we are just all different in our likes and dislikes and what works and what does not work for us. And using it in the shoulder bag way again is the most comfortable way for me. I have another Vera Bradley handbag in Yellow/White/Black which I love to use in the summer. Now with this one I can switch back and forth. Vera Bradley bags are made so well. You can tell just by looking one of them over the quality of the workmanship that went into them. And they last well. I have had my other one for over two years now and it still looks like it is brand new. I love Vera Bradley handbags and hope to be able to purchase another one down the road, perhaps a smaller one for quick trips to the grocery store and so forth. But for right now I am completely happy with my Vera Bradley Hipster Night & Day handbags.Replica Gucci Belts On Sale Replica
  • Fantastic:This shoe horn is great for older persons. It is sturdy enough and big enough not to lose it. Thank you. Bob
  • Best baby shoes ever:Don’t waste your time with booties and socks that pop off as soon as baby changes positions. The Zutanos are the only pair you need (besides when they outgrow them). We’re on our second pair (1st was 6 months, now 12 months). Also they are a little fluffier and harder to lose between couch cushions, etc…
  • Very good socks:Perfect fit, very soft, very perfect.
  • Five Stars:Most comfortable sandals you will ever own if you have foot issues.
  • I use this everyday:After 4 years virtually barefoot on the beaches of Naples, Florida, here I am in Kansas City, Missouri where the temperature today is 16 degrees. After buying some heavy duty winter shoes I found that by using my rather pathetic 4" shoehorn it took me about 10 minutes to put on a pair of shoes. But with my 24" Shoehorn I’m ready for action in seconds. Yea 24"Shoehorn
  • Love It….:I love this purse! I have it in another color and recommend it to everyone who has a kid, because you can clean it yourself.
  • Great Product!:My guy and I are not getting any younger and this horn allows us to put our boots on easily withoutbending over. I was pleased with the quality, it seems like it should hold up well and last a long time.It is also nice that it has a large handle that can be hung up for easy access.
  • very pleased:Very nice strong plastic….. Very fast delivery!!!!

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  • VERY HAPPY I PURCHASED THIS ITEM:This shoe horn is well made and work easily. It saves some back pain in putting on shoes and boots. Compared to other similar products it cost more than I think it should, but I would buy it again.Replica Gucci Belts For Men
  • It works as advertised:I does the job. This is the second one I’ve owned. The first one broke when I dropped it on a concrete floor.Women Replica Gucci Belt
  • Great shoehorn:I must have a half dozen different styles but this is the best. It is even nicer than the picture. I received it very fast and I am going to buy five More! Thanks for great service!Black Replica Gucci Belt Replica
  • Great little packing cubes!!:Again Dot & Dot have done it. These packing cubes are great. They are made well and even being slim cubes there are a use for them. Not only for packing suitcases but for storing items in your home or drawers, yes you can use them to organize your dressers drawers!! These slim cases are perfect for storing your socks, ties, scarves, etc. I also found this is perfect size to put my curling and my flat iron in. The zipper is good quality and they have a handle to carry them with. The mesh is great to keep items from getting musty. I really love these packing cubes.!I received this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.Replica Gucci Belt Real
  • I’m 270 lbs and this shoehorn seems sturdy enough to use without any flexing:We have this as a gift to a family member that has health issues which make it difficult to get any shoes on and off. She was really excited to get this and it has made the whole process much easier than any "regular" shoehorn would. The design is very simple but effective (e.g. the T-handle at the top makes it easier to use), wouldn’t change anything.
  • love it:This was exactly what I wanted! It is very durable and it hasn’t broken or ripped in anyway! Definitely worth it!
  • Love this tote:I have been watching this purse for about a year and a half. It finally came within my price range. It is wonderful. I love the many compartments in the bag.I own it and will be buying another one soon.
  • Five Stars:Love it
  • Oofos are THE BEST!!!:The second I put these on about 2/3 of my pain was gone; really amazing! The only trouble is that since I feel as if my feet are feeling good I have had a tendency to over work them by being on my feet more than I should. Before these Oofos I was getting depressed with my foot pain as it caused me to have to stop working and lie down a lot. This has been very hard on me (got a bit cranky), I’m an active woman. These Oofos thongs have let me resume activity but I have to learn to remember to lie down and lift up my feet periodically or the next day my feet can really feel the fatigue.I got a size smaller than normal and they fit perfectly. I usually wear a woman’s 8 but these are a 7.I had purchased a pair of Spenco Yumi sandals which claimed "Orthotic-grade arch support" but it turns out that they hardly have any arch support at all. These Oofos are so nice that I ordered a second pair so I have indoor/go-out-and-about ones and outdoor-muck-around-the-duck-yard ones.The "mocha" color is hardly distinguishable from the black ones. I had to paint a nail polish flower on one pair so I would remember which was which and not track duck poop into the house. I will probably get their clog style for when the cold, wet weather arrives. Hope they are wide enough in the toe area.The only negative thing with this purchase is that (I admit sheepishly) I chose this particular item because it came with a foot roller. There are other sellers that offer these sandals for the same price (and even cheaper) and free shipping. Anyway, the roller that comes with this sandal from this company (Medical Department Stores) is very small and difficult to use. It isn’t red but is just plain wood which I don’t really have a problem with; it’s just so small that your foot drags on the floor while you are using it. I think I’ll put it in the kindling box. It’s not worth the wood it’s made of actually.Update May 2015:I wish I had updated this months ago…sigh…I found, after wearing Oofos for a while that my instep started giving me a lot of pain. I found another brand of this same type of rubbery sandal which have turned out to be MUCH better for me. Some people might get along perfectly with the high arch (which did feel really good at first) but, as it turned out, wasn’t good for me. The brand I wear now and have been wearing for a long time is Telic (see link) work very well.I need to warn people that these rubbery, comfortable sandals are very unstable and can really only be used on a fairly flat walking surface. The material stretches so that if you even step on a stone half-way your foot will slip to the side and the straps won’t help much to keep your ankle secure. But since I can’t do much hiking anymore I practically live in these Telic sandals.
  • good product:Excellent product, very nice, comfortable and durable. 100% satisfied.
  • I purchased two!:Works Great – I may buy another to hang by the door so I always have one handy when going out.My sneakers are now easy to put on without bending over.Nice product. Maybe a little pricey, but works great.
  • My husband loves it!:I would recommend everyone have this long handled shoehorn, what a difference it makes in everyday living. The Shacke company has been extraordinary in coustomer service beyond any I have experienced, plus this comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.Great product! Great Service! Thank You

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  • … others who have visited them have used this and liked it because of the durability and length:This shoehorn was exactly what my husband needed. He has a bit of trouble bending down to slip his shoes on and now he doesn’t have that problem. It appears sturdy so it should last a very long time. Thanks.Mens Replica Gucci Belt Replica
  • Love it!:This shoehorn makes it very easy to put on shoes and boots. It would be especially useful for older persons. I would recommend it to anyone.Real Replica Gucci Belts For Cheap
  • Vera BradleyPurse:Love this print on this bag! Goes with everything! This is the second Vera Bradley Hipster I own and I find this style very comfortable and safe for shopping. Can use as cross body and I think this prevents would-be thieves from considering an attempt at trying to steal your wallet. There has been some stealing at my grocery store lately and this bag makes me much more comfortable. And to have a beautiful, go-with anything bag to accomplish this!!!!!Cheap Real Replica Gucci Belts
  • Tight!:Received Darn Tough socks as requested, but not the socks requested. Wanted the multi-color so can easily distinguish between all black work socks, but was sent all black socks. Already missing one somewhere. Not worth the time effort and money to send back.Original Replica Gucci Belt
  • your family shoehorn:Good value for the price. It has a good long handle and a wide heel base made of heavy metal making it very easy to use while saving the back of the shoe from being crushed.
  • works well:the best part pf this shoe horn is that you do not have to bend over to slip it into the shoe. it is rugged and plenty long to help prevent back aches.
  • Five Stars:Bueno
  • Strong, Long and Smooth:This really is a BIG shoehorn! Great for the tall people like me who are finding it increasingly difficult to bend down to put my shoes on. Works like a charm and seems sturdy, so not likely to snap. The handle is a bit too large, I think a better design would have a smaller, thinner hole in the handle so the shoehorn could more easily hang from a smaller coat hook
  • No more sliding all over the place:So I do some work outs at home and I have a yoga mat and the Pilates big ball and while I was looking around I saw thereabouts toeless grip socks and thought you know maybe theses will be better then my socks or sneakers or being barefoot ,so I asked a few friends that do yoga and so forth about them and one gal said you should get a pair ,so it goes with out saying I got a pair .and I absolutely love my toeless yoga socks , well it was one of the best ideas I have seen ,they fit great and my feet don’t slip or slide any more and they keep your feet nice and cool .So to my friend thank you, and to my family and other friends if you do yoga or even just workout at home get a pair of theses
  • Where others have failed….aah just right!:My wife bought this for my father in law. It is just what he needed. He loves it and thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread.
  • This thing is great. Works wonderful:Very timely delivery and perfect size. long enough to get in but short of enough to hold in hand. Plus unlike plastic shoehorns this will last. Also fits perfectly in shoeshine box I have next to my shoe stand. Glad I bought 2.
  • Great gift.:Love it!!! Great wallet!

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  • Upon receipt I was pleased to see that the item was made of sturdy …:This is just not any shoehorn. It’s 2 feet long, so you can measure snow with this thing (at least in the part of NY where I live)! And speaking of snow, I bought this shoehorn primarily to assist my family and I with putting on our snow boots. Even though it’s in the middle of summer right now, we broke out the snow boots to test it out, and sure enough — We were able to slip on the snow boots more easily, and quickly, too!This shoehorn is also very well made. It is plastic, but very sturdy and thick (I see no risk of this thing breaking easily). I’m certain it will last us for many years to come. The handle at the top is a very nice feature, and it doubles as a loop to hang in my closet on a hook for easy access when needed. Highly recommend!Black Replica Gucci Belt
  • Five Stars:Weird questions for a review on this, but I get it. Works as expected.Replica Gucci Belt Men Replica
  • Received them today, happy so far…:These come in a set of 4 bags. These are very useful for short trips and light travelling. I ask each family member to pick what they want to take for the trip and pack enough stuff for each person. This makes it easy to unpack and find things. These bags are strong and secure and do not break open easily. These are a lifesaver for frequent travelers. I plan to buy more in different sizes.Replica Gucci Belt Sizes
  • Five Stars:Fast Delivery and BeautifulWhite Replica Gucci Belt
  • Great wallet:I like that the wallet has plenty of storage for cards and information to keep my purse uncluttered. The turn lock area holds cards as well as slots for cash for easy access. There is also the zipper compartment for loose change and more slots to hold cards or other paperwork. I think it is a good size that easily fits in a standard sized purse.
  • Great gift:I love the bag. It would have been perfect if it had been 1 1/2 to 2 inches wider. I bought it for travel and touring.
  • Absolutely LOVE it!!:I’ve actually ordered two of the same bag. My first one broke after 3 weeks – sent it back and ordered another one just like it. Shipping time was great.
  • These sandals make my plantar fascisitis feel good but the shoes look like they are made for …:Feel great!
  • Stay organized at home or while traveling:I got these Slim Packing Cubes to go with my larger size cubes and I’m just as impressed with these as I am with the larger size. The construction is solid. My son thinks it’s a super fun game to put his toys in and zip it up to carry it around, and then unzip and dump (and repeat). They have held up to his not so gentle tugs on the zipper. They are also the perfect size to fit into those odd spaces within a suitcase that you never know what to do with. I’ve used mine so far for jewelry, socks, undies and cosmetics. I absolutely recommend them for the frequent traveler!
  • The picture looked like the background was black but it’s really dark brown:Nice Spring/Summer colors. Love it.
  • Perfect for phablet users!:Finally a cute wallet that can hold ALL my cards!! I love the separate compartments too, for the stuff I don’t use everyday. This is my favorite wallet I’ve ever bought!
  • these are the most comfortable sandals i have ever had on my feet:I usually wear a 7. This 7 runs a bit small. I would suggest ordering up.