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  • Perfect shoehorn:This is a very well made shoe horn. I just had hip replacement surgery and this is only way to put on a shoe since I am limited to 90 degree bending. Would highly recommend.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Sizes
  • Awesome Bag!:Great quality, pleasantly surprised. Had to sign for delivery. I was impressed at the care and urgency of receiving product. My mother is going to totally freak out for Christmas! Definitely recommend this product! Great price, great product & great service!Mens Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Five Stars:excelente!!!!Real Replica Louis Vuitton Belts
  • Loyal Customer- SO Disappointed!!!!:If you have not tried these, you must give them a chance! I got my first pair in Hawaii, (I had accidentally packed black flip flops but packed two right feet, duh…) I ran to the hotel gift shop and bought these in desperation, and now have at least 7 pairs of them, They last for years, seriously. They are sooo comfortable, and they come in great colors! One review said they do not hold up in water, it is true that they get wet, but I did not have any horrible time with them like the other reviewer. If I wanted to walk in the water I would probably put on water shoes. They are my go-to flip flops in summer, and they make great gifts!Replica Louis Vuitton White Belt
  • I would like to point out that it is very sturdy and …:The shoe horn is great, comfortable to use and built to last. Stainless steel is far superior to the usual plastic versions. I’m really pleased with it.
  • Five Stars:Love my purse. Received in a timely manner.
  • Same review as for the Darn Tough Vermont Men’s Merino Wool 1/4 Cushion Socks, Oatmeal, Large.:Just the right size, super comfy and warm. Well worth the price.
  • or was comfortable to use:This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, the previous shoehorn I had was flimsy and came in two pieces which of course fall apart whenever ANY pressure is put on them.This product is SOLID and you can tell it is of good quality. You can’t tell too well in the picture but the top end is a circle so you can hang this very neatly on any nail in your closet.
  • well made, but baby takes them off, depending on activities…:Used for taking an infant on a Single engine plane. Although he can’t tell me he likes it my older kids say it quietens down the cabin noise as much as their standard aviation headsets.
  • Best shoes I’ve ever worn.:I bought these to replace some other thong sandals that had broken (the toe cloth), since that same style was out of stock. These feel too padded as opposed to providing arch support. I use them mostly when I get out of the shower, rather than wearing them around the house.
  • Love this bag:This was a gift for a friend who travels alot. I read the descriptions and comments, purchased the navy Defea handbag based on other comments regarding size- nothing too clunky for my friend who is rather petite. I received the order promptly and was pleased with the space, compartments, although it seemed a little on the clunky side- larger than I imagined but definitely OK for a travel stash bag. The fabric appeared to have some waterproof elements but on the down side, the navy fabric appeared crazed or snagged lightly through out and the dye took oddly to the aberrations. I believe this look was purposeful but it just didn’t suit as a gift for my friend who is rather chic and understated. Kipling appears to have a hold on a sporty, chunky market but I went with understated travel bags from Clarks. To each his own!
  • Shoehorn:I have a bad back and can’t lean over to put on shoes. The shoehorn is fantastic—long enough so that I can stand upright and get my shoes on.

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  • Easy Squeezy!:great implement for anyone with a bad back or difficulty bending over….sturdy black plastic, 2 feet long, slightly flexible, flared comfortable end, reasonably priced.Replica Louis Vuitton Graphite Belt
  • Well-made:the plastic horn snapped in two after a few months. For the price, I was hoping for something sturdier. To be fair though, since I can’t bend to tie my shoes they need to be pre-tied before they go home.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Size Chart
  • Five Stars:Love these shoes. Where is the "eggplant" color?Replica Louis Vuitton Belt For Men Replica
  • Love my purse:purse is perfect. come in 2 days!!!love love ove the vionic shoesAuthentic Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Winner of a Shoehorn:Just had back surgery and there was no way I was going to put on my old favorite slippers. This did the trick and the handle makes life easy. Warning: The shoehorn was thrown in the bottom of a large Amazon box, covered in 3" of packing paper then my other larger items I had also ordered from Amazon were placed in the box on top of the packing paper. I did not find my shoehorn for a week until I went and got the box I had thrown out back and removed all the packing paper and there is was.
  • SOFT FEELING WALLET.:Great wallet. A little too big for a medium sized purse. Also heavy once you put everything in it. I’ll use it when I’m using a larger handbag. I was disappointed because I really like it.
  • a must have for travel!:Off all of the packing cubes I’ve gotten, these are my favorite! They fit great in my suitcase and really help me pack all our stuff in one bag without everyone’s clothes being mixed up!
  • MK Handbag:Good buy..real..came in all original packaging and earlier than expected.
  • Looks good, works good, lasts a long time.:I discovered a few years ago that I was no longer flexible enough to easily put on my shoes. I needed a long shoehorn. The metal one I had didn’t work well. This one that you sent me works wonderfully. It is stiff enough, but not uncomfortably so. It is just the right length. Thank you.
  • Very satisfied with this product:This is the best shoe horn ever! It is long enough so you don’t need to bend! I bought boots I could not get on… Once I got the shoe horn I can now enjoy them! Highly recommend!
  • Great product.:Nothing to write — it’s a shoe horn. But service and follow-up were good.
  • Five Stars:my mom loved her bag

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  • I appreciate that since bending over isn’t the fun it used to be:this is a wonderful tool for me. I has serious Spinal Surgery for Scoliosis in March, with rods etc. unable to bend the help of this shoehorn, grabbers and etc have saved me. I am 76 yrs young.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Damier
  • Great for travel:Used for taking an infant on a Single engine plane. Although he can’t tell me he likes it my older kids say it quietens down the cabin noise as much as their standard aviation headsets.Mens Ferragamo Belt Replica
  • Quality item!:From the other reviews, I chose this shoehorn and purchased two of them. So glad I did! It is sturdy and well constructed and works extremely well. I don’t think you will find a better shoehorn for the price. This is a great product!Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Belt
  • Great for outdoors:Got these today and was offered a free travel bottle for a five star review… I am satisfied with these slim packing bags which are well made. I expect they will hold up well and be very practical for packing underwear, scarfs, socks and anything else that will fit in them. They seem to be good quality and are the perfect size for packing many accessories neatly in my suitcase and for that reason I am giving 5 stars. This is my first experience with packing cubes. I will need to use them on a few travel trips to give a more detailed review.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Bag
  • Conquered my struggles with a pair of tight fitting shoes!:works as advertised. Did not break/ curve after every day use for a while. Very sturdy. I do not know why some people have problems with this item
  • very nice:Not as big as i thought it’d be
  • Great product!!:I like the length on this, bought it for husband who just had back surgery, it is allowing him to safely put on his shoes without bending over, the quality of the product seems good and sturdy.
  • Great on bringing noise way down:Bought these for my friend who had a baby and she raves about them. The kiddo (6 months) is comfy in them, and now they can go to shows or other loud events or even turn the music up at home and protect baby’s ears.
  • Love Oofoos!:I use these to wear around the house. The arch support is amazing and I believe it’s contributing to a swifter recovery for me from my plantar fasciitis. They are pretty decent looking. Probably adds an inch and a half – two inches to your height (these have thick heels and quite a drop)
  • Another Kipling success:I absolutely love this bag! It looks great, perfect size for everyday’s use. Very happy with the purchase!
  • If I had known….:I actually just got this to help with putting on 8" work boots that have zippered sides which makes it more difficult than standard lace up boots to put on. I was not able to find a shoehorn in between this 24" size and the standard horn for shoes. The extra 12" of length gets in my way but would work out well for those unable to bend over.
  • Where have you been all my life, Keens?! I love you!:We love these shoes for our active preschooler. He measured at at 12.5 at the store so we ordered the size 1 because we have always found that the ankle of the shoe seems too tight and difficult to get on and off if we order a size closer to his exact size. He has a LOT I toe room but the rest of the foot fits snugly. We have put these and the hiking shoe/boots from KEEN through the ringer and they generally survive to go through another active boy (or two!). He has discovered that he hates wearing them to parks with bark flooring because the bark gets stuck in his shoes, but they are otherwise the perfect summer shoe. No socks, appropriate for water, but with great toe and foot protection all around. Don’t forget to sunscreen the top of the foot though or you’ll end up with sunburn stripes!

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  • Excellent buy:This sturdy, good looking shoe horn is terrific. I have used shoe horns since my adolescent days of sliding into every shoe by crunching down the heels on my way in. I’ve had a long ecru plastic shoehorn for years, but the dogs occasionally mistake it for rawhide and have gnawed both ends into sharp, raggedy hazards. My partner protested it’s presence in the mudroom on aesthetic grounds. I agreed.This one means business and I’m sliding easily into every pair of shoes. The dogs aren’t even tempted. Thanks.Replica Louis Vuitton Belts For Cheap
  • excellent choice for show horn:I’ve been looking for the perfect shoe horn and I think I found it !!!! used to take minutes to put on the boots now is only seconds. If I can’t find the shoe horn I have to look for it. I like it’s large makes it easier to find. great product.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt For Men
  • I Love It!:This wallet is great for organization. It literally will hold anything you need to carry in a wallet. I have a few turn-lock wallets in different colors and bought this one because is is a dark color and doesn’t show dirt as well as some of the lighter colors. It is a great wallet, but does take up a lot of room in your purse, but it is still great.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle Replica
  • Bday gift:Great size especially if I carry my iPad. Ordered the gold MK wallet to match. Love it.Replica Louis Vuitton Men Belt Replica
  • Great bag for travel:I use this for a knitting bag. It’s large enough for many projects going at once. I carry every project in Namaste’s Oh snap it bags plus I can fit my notions bag. A gotta have for the obcessive crafter.
  • Four Stars:Awesome
  • Does the job but has semi-sharp edges:I may be overestimating it but it was a real pain to go without a shoe horn while on a trip in US. I really don’t understand how people there can live without it (in Russia you can find a shoe horn almost anywhere you go and it makes life so much easier).I’m going to bring this one with me on all my trips now.The only drawback (and I’m nitpicking now) is the length: you have to either sit or bend down to use it (at home I have a really long one that you can use while standing almost straight). Though the length is actually an advantage when it comes to traveling.
  • Perfect size:Love! Cannot wait for her to open the gift!!!
  • Stylish:This wallet is great, I love the Island Blooms pattern. It is also great for someone who needs more space for cards in their wallet. There is plenty of room to keep all kinds of papers, money, coin etc inside. Only downfall is that the wallet is on the larger side, so you need to have a larger purse to carry it in. Although, it is also great if you just want to take the wallet along with you without even worrying about a purse! Overall great wallet in a beautiful pattern!
  • versital colors goes with everything:The shoulder strap on this bag is sewn on backward. I have to twist it so the large metal part of the buckle doesn’t lay on my shoulder. The turned back part of the seam sewn at the metal ring faces out instead of underneath as it should. The rings have Vera Bradley etched in the rings, but on the side that faces in, therefore unseen….unusual for a company to not want their logo to be apparent! . For the price, this is unacceptable. If the handle was on there correctly, I would have given it at least four stars. My iPad just fits in there with a few other small items, although they must not be too thick, as the bag is not very thick. My iPhone fits nicely in an outside pocket so that it is easily accessible. The Ellie Blue pattern is cute. Just VERY disappointed in the quality control on the handle! I didn’t notice it when I got it since I didn’t use it for several months….too late to send back.Update: I have been told that the strap is on there correctly. I think it is a poor design if that is true. However, I have updated the stars to three stars because the vendor, OneLittleBox has graciously accepted the return of the bag. The poor design is not their fault, but they did stand behind the product they sold. Great customer service!
  • toasty toes!:These boot socks are absolutely amazing. Keep your feet warm, dry, and blister free. I used these during the winter moths with a pair of scketchers leather boots Wish I knew about these socks while I was in the service, I would have definitely paid the premium to have happy/comfortable feet.
  • 1 month in and already torn!:I have purchased many items from Amazon for many years. This is my first review because these shoes are amazing!! I have been wearing them almost non stop since I purchased them except for the times I needed closed toed shoes and wore my New Balances. But these are even more comfortable and cushiony than those. I went to the beach and boardwalk and camping last week and I wore them non-stop. I had to pain and my feet were supported and did not tire out. I would never have lasted all day in any other shoes, even with inserts. I have plantar fasciitis and can only wear certain shoes and in order to help my feet to heal, I am doing all I can including wearing these shoes. I plan on purchasing 2 more pairs this week in fact. Definitely worth the price. I just wish they could make something besides a slip on. I would love to wear these shoes to work when I start back to the office!

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  • Stylish Tote:Absolutely love the purse. Would definitely purchase from this vendor again! Lots of complements already!!!!Replica Louis Vuitton Belt For Men
  • birthday:Grandson loves thisReplica Louis Vuitton Belt Black
  • Yoga mat top makes feet sweat, or feel like they are.:These shoes are not as comfortable as advertised. Absolutely cannot wear them in or on wet surfaces. They are extremely slippery when wet. A big disappointmentReplica Louis Vuitton Belts For Men Replica
  • Vera Bradley Hipster in Tea Garden:It was the perfect "not too small, but not too big" purse, nice pattern, arrived quickly. She was very happy with it.Belts Replica Louis Vuitton
  • Five Stars:My wife think a great man now.
  • Four Stars:My family and I are constantly traveling; from attending truck shows to our mini explorations, we’re barely home, sometimes it literally feels like we are living out of a suitcase. Although, it’s not ideal, I have never had too much of an issue with using suitcases to pack, except for the constant wrinkling of clothes, because, after-all, nothing says vacation like ironing clothes. So when I was given the opportunity to review Large Packing Cubes by Dot & Dot, a no wrinkling travel alternative, I had to try them out.Available in 10 varieties of colors, Dot & Dot has colors for both men and women; I chose these packing cubes in pink color, which was my favorite, especially because it is more of hot pink shade, my favorite color.Dot & Dot Packing Cubes are available in a 1 piece set or a 4 piece set. I received the 4 piece set for this review.I received these packing cubes, I was literally placing everything in my suitcase, which was so messy and made it hard to find anything. The Dot & Dot Packing Cubes make packing my suitcase extremely easy. Instead of just throwing everything into my suitcase, I can now organize and separate my clothes. I no longer have to worry about wrinkly clothes or a messy suitcase because I never have to dig through my clothes again.Dot & Dot Packing Cubes are made to last and come with 100% satisfaction guarantee. After using these cubes for the past few weeks, I have been pretty impressed with their quality and have had no stray threads and none of the zippers have broken. When I am finished using my packing cubes, Dot & Dot even make it easy to store them with an included carrying case to fit the cubes inside.Dot & Dot Packing Cubes are officially my new “must-have” for travel.*Disclosure – I received a sample of the item, regardless all opinions are my own.
  • Perfect:I love love love my purse!! The only thing, and its minor, I didnt get the dust bag. I was real suprised that I got my package so quickly also.
  • Five Stars:exelente producto
  • Cute bag:Purchased this for my wife, quality is great and price was right. She loves it and made me a happy man :) Highly recommended!
  • Five Stars:I love this bag very good quality!
  • Warm and Comfortable:These socks are very well made and durable. Worth every penny!

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  • Great little bag for on the go:I have got to say that I really like this Multi-Purpose Travel Bag. I have found it very useful. I carry frozen water bottles with me when I go out sometimes. When they start warming up they sweat so bad. This bag works great for that. I also used my bag for an overnight stay. It held a clean t-shirt, pair of socks, underwear, and my deodorant with room for a few more things so I packed in pj’s. This bag seems to be pretty sturdy and I like that it is waterproof. I can also see right where anything is that I am looking for.Replica Louis Vuitton Inventeur Belt
  • Five Stars:I like it but there is no zip to actual close the bag. Its nice though..Ferragamo Mens Belt Replica
  • Server the purpose but don’t expect it to add a cent to your class:i got this product to organize my docs for my trips, is light and very practical, even holds my checkbook and passport, all my creditcards and cashPrada Belt Replica
  • One of the most comfortable flip flops I’ve ever tried on…:I bought these after someone I know recommended them. “They’re soooo comfortable!”Yes. Yes they WERE.I was loving them when I first received them, thinking they were super comfy and squishy. My only gripe was that the right shoe was a tad shorter than the left, so my heel was flush with the very end of the shoe. At least it fit. They were soooo comfortable!Then, I remember taking them out for maybe their…4th spin? I walked in them all day and started feeling something under one of my feet. At first I thought some dirt was trapped between my foot and the shoe, but when I got home I saw that the finish (the top layer) had peeled off. I was not impressed, and exchanged them on Amazon for a new pair. Well, I have my new pair, I wear them – but they are no where NEAR as comfortable as that first pair. They are much firmer and not so squishy. However, I think this pair is more even in length. So….final decision? I guess I’m not really sure. I loved how the first pair felt but was sad to see them disintegrate so quickly, and now my second pair is not as comfy but seems to be holding up better. Not sure I’d buy another pair because it seems the quality really varies. Guess it’s just an average flip flop after all.**UPDATE**Still 3 stars. After some shower shoes failed me on a vacation, I used these in the shower and for walking around. They seemed to dry out enough, which I was grateful for, but I’m tossing them now, because water + yoga mat material = stinky shoes. Guess that second pair held up, which was nice, but the quality variances were too much for me to order yet another pair.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Prices
  • Great socks:I never thought I would be writing a review for SOCKS! These socks are incredible. They feel so good on my feet and regulate the temperature very nicely. They are cushioned in the right places. I wear them in extreme conditions (hot and cold), and have never been disappointed, only very pleasantly surprised. I would recommend this company and their socks without reservation. I don’t usually do reviews unless I am 100% certain that I am satisfied and would recommend to others. They also come with a lifetime guarantee and are made right here in Vermont USA!!. Love it. Buy American and support your local economy.
  • Five Stars:Nice!
  • Vera Bradley Blue:This colorful bag goes with a lot of the colors I wear! I like the adjustable strap, the soft lightweight material, the various pockets and it is the perfect size!
  • Perfect bag for me:Love this purse! It’s the perfect size and has lots of great pockets, including a great one on the outside that’s the perfect size for my note 3
  • Works great made well, but needs an eye at the end:Bought a long shoe horn at IKEA several years ago for just a couple of buck. Absolutely love it and, of course, they don’t carry it anymore. Have been looking for another and bought this one largely based on the reviews of others, even though it’s a lot more money. It works OK, but I like the IKEA one better. The shape of the horn seems awkward and I’m not convinced the spring adds anything. You have to be careful not to get it too far down into the shoe because it doesn’t come out easily.
  • Great value and quality:I love everything about this bag, and I’ve received many compliments on it just in the first week. The color of it and the clean lines go with everything from professional outfits to casual weekend looks. For me though, looks don’t matter much if the functionality isn’t there. I’m happy to report this purse is not only beautiful, but thoughtfully put together for optimal organization. The two pockets on the outside of the purse are deep but quite tight, so they are not ideal for keeping a cell phone or keys in as I thought they might be. You could certainly use them for that, but I would worry that the pockets would stretch out and cause the bag to wear more quickly. However, do not despair. Inside there is a large zippered pouch on one side, and dual pockets on either side of the bag. One side has two pockets that are cell-phone sized and can easily accommodate any device. The other side has one slightly smaller pocket and one slightly bigger pocket. The larger one is perfect for car keys, while I use the small one for lip glosses and such. No more rummaging around for those pesky smaller items that seem to fall into the mysterious bermuda triangle that live in all tote purses. Thank you to the practical geniuses at Michael Kors for your generous use of purse pockets!! The remaining space in the purse can easily fit a tablet or book along with all the other necessities. I am a little concerned by some of the other reviewers who reported straps breaking, but they appear to be well constructed and considering everything this bag has to offer, I am willing to take the risk.
  • but his hip is an issue now and makes it hard to put on an take off shoes~ This works like a charm:Originally thought it might be too long. Length is perfect!The handle on the end is a nice touch as well.For the price, nice and sturdy little "investment."
  • Great product at a great price:Nice product. Arrived as expected. Holds up well and allows for easy use

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  • Perfect:This bag is lightweight, not stiff, washable, can be worn as a side bag or hand bag, comes with a cute gorilla and has just the right amount of compartments. It’s the BEST bag I have ever owned.Ferragamo Belt Replica
  • Quality nice, great service:If you are about to need joint replacement or if your knees / hips make getting on shoes a problem….then THIS is the answer!!!Had my left hip replaced on 7 March 14, out of hospital on the 9th of March and would not EVER be without this Beauty!!This procedure came after having both knees replaced, left May 11, and right March 13.and no….I’m in Great shape 5′ 10" and150# at the age of 59 but be prepared to struggle if you are w/o a 24" Extra Long Handled Shoehorn by Shacke!Replica Louis Vuitton Belts India
  • Great purse – annoying repair experience:Had this bag and the strap broke after 6 months – I am so disappointed to spend over $200 on a handbag and have it come apart. Michael Kors has always been a great brand…I don’t know what happened. Maybe this one was defective.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle Replica
  • im in love:It is so classy, elegant, excellent quality!! It matches with almost all of my clothes…I just love it!!! And I have used for any occasion…Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Size Chart
  • Four Stars:I love my purse!!!! You can wear it for a everyday occasion or even dress up with it!!! The only thing that I don’t like is that it doesn’t zip up all the way just in the middle!
  • Five Stars:Perfect¡
  • flip flops soak up water like a sponge:Seriously, I’ve been wearing sanuks since they only sold them in California, love, love, love them! And the lifetime warranty, most people don’t know this, but if your sandals break for any reason you can get new ones.The Yoga mat flip flops are SOOO deliciously squishy and comfy on your feet I wear them all summer long and they mold SO nicely to your feet. The only thing to be wary of is getting them wet and then wearing them since the thong is fabric. Unlike rubber flops which are ok with this, the fabric in between your toes can wear down and eventually break or come out, I noticed when I walk in them wet that this puts particular strain on that little piece, but aside from that, Sanuks for life!
  • Love this style purse and the color design:Love this purse.
  • “What a great pair of socks:Excellent socks,very well made and best of all they are made in the USA and they are superior to any of the imports in every way’
  • Great quality!:Highly recommended. extremely fast shipping. Really love the content, colors, designs and creativity of the product. Thanks for being an awesome seller!
  • Great socks:I never thought I would be writing a review for SOCKS! These socks are incredible. They feel so good on my feet and regulate the temperature very nicely. They are cushioned in the right places. I wear them in extreme conditions (hot and cold), and have never been disappointed, only very pleasantly surprised. I would recommend this company and their socks without reservation. I don’t usually do reviews unless I am 100% certain that I am satisfied and would recommend to others. They also come with a lifetime guarantee and are made right here in Vermont USA!!. Love it. Buy American and support your local economy.
  • Five Stars:Nice!

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  • Vera Bradley Hipster (Midnight Blues):Love this purse. It’s absolutely perfect!! I have a couple of Vera Bradley Hipsters, but this style Paisley Meets Plaid is my absolute favorite!Replica Louis Vuitton Belts For Sale
  • Great shoehorn even if you are not physically disabled.:The quality is acceptable. I don’t want to make it sound really dramatic since a shoehorn is a shoehorn. As long as it doesn’tbreak easily and do the job, it is hard to be remarkable about it. (How much can you ask for? A silky touch with the most modern style? :P) So, for the function part, I would say it is nice and serve the need. I’ll come back to review if it broke on me in a couple week.I usually don’t leave review…simply because I’m lazy. This one is due to the remarkable service they provided. Few purchase I’ve done on Amazon result in getting a greeting and follow up email from the merchandise right after I ordered. Some will argue that it is just a auto-response system that you can get for a couple buck a month, but, hey they did it and nobody else did, right? Recently, I’ve run into a lot of large marketing base consultant who is known to be the guru in direct-response marketing, not calling name out here, that wouldn’t even change their opt-out auto-response email when they change the downgrade membership system. They rather show you some video which talk about a service they don’t provide anymore and email you a letter about the same canceled service and finally spend the money on hiring people answering your question saying it no longer exist. They don’t respect you, and they don’t have to. I’ll give Shacke the credit since at lease they care.Ferragamo Belt Men Replica
  • GREAT WOOL SOCKS !!!!!!!!!:i never want to own another brand. I don’t even want to take these off.Belts Replica Louis Vuitton
  • Good Quality:very useful – love it.Ferragamo Belt Replica
  • Babe slept through The Zombies,:We put these on our 4.5 month old in the airport when the announcements kept waking her up even though we planned on only using in the airplane. It probably helps that we started putting them on her at home so she would get used to how they feel but she can sleep and play with them on in the airplane. Plus they look super cute on her in pictures.
  • Excellent for Plantar Fasciitis!:This is my third pair of OOFOS sandles. They are extremely soft and comfortable. The only down side is that they only last about 8 months then they are worn out but for the price I don’t mind that.
  • Great purse.:My daughter loves Vera Bradley and wanted this hipster for a purse. She’s 10 and kind of petite,but it fits her perfect and holds everything she needs to carry around with her!
  • Darn Tough sox.:These are awesome socks- and well worth the price. Darn Tough is so confident in there product that they back it up with a warranty.
  • Highly recommended.:Great so far. I’ll be slowly replacing my smartwool pairs with these.
  • Independence After Surgery!!!:I have 3 of these and really love them. Just having back surgery has left me without being able to put my shoes on so this extended shoehorn is just the thing I needed to help me.
  • These worked great at the KINGS STANLEY CUP rally:These fit my 6 month old perfectly for a concert we attended. I placed them over my ears before we went and I was pleased with the sound reduction. Also they fit my 2 and 4 year old sons well too!
  • Wish I’d ordered one for myself!:This has changed the way I look at boots. Every time I have purchased boots previously I end up not wearing them as much because they were such a pain to get on and off. Finally I was told that I should purchase a shoehorn and a bootjack and I cannot describe just how much better it is now. This thing has saved me so much frustration. 5 stars.