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  • Great stuff:This was my second purchase of a leather conditioner to soften up my 1B60 20 eye boots. Having had them for a year and half, and they still made my back ankle bleed, no kidding, but hey the old school way of wearing till they soften was drilled into me in high school. I finally broke down and bought another brand of leather conditioner, the first go around. It didn’t do much, despite rave reviews. So, decided the actual DM leather product would be the best next option. Wish it had been my first. This stuff is amazing! The ingredients are fantastic and it worked like a charm. After so long not being able to wear them without shedding a little tear in agony, now I wear them all day, not a single tear, and just a smile on my face. I am seriously in love with my boots, Docs are some of my favorite shoes, so this experience has made me even happier with the brand. All this after just one easy application, no need to wipe anything off, just rub in, and let soak in overnight, ready by morning. (I’d suggest wearing gloves while applying to make for easy clean up. And have a towel under the boot while doing this, or product may get on the surrounding area.)I’ve read others say there’s a smell: yes, it has lanolin. For the unfamiliar, that’s rendered sheep fat. It’s been used for centuries to soften, condition and water proof leather. The stuff works. The smell is there, when you first open the container, you’ll get the whiff. But, honestly it’s not that bad and yes, it goes away, completely. I know my boots have a lot of leather, I’d smell it if it was there!The cost: "it’s too expensive" I saw other reviews say. Well, let me ask them, how much are you using? Again, my 20 eyes barely took hardly any out of the container to get them like room temp butter. (And I thought I applied a generous layer of it). Once the sponge it comes with, is saturated, you don’t need to rub as much on it after that for it to be be effective. I see this little tub lasting a long while. I could condition at least 10 pairs of boots with it, very likely more.Highly, highly recommend. I will be using this on any other boots, especially Docs, from now on!Cheap Authentic Replica Gucci Belts
  • Just what I was looking for:So glad I finally found this!! This product works so well for my husband who cannot bend over because of back issues. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs assistance with putting on their shoes!Real Replica Gucci Belt
  • The perfect fun every day bag.:Love my hipster! So cute! the colors are so fresh and happy. The hipster is comfortable to wear cross body and lays nice. It’s roomy inside and has just enough pockets – fits everything I need. I even fit my kindle inside. Love it – I just bought another for a gift. 5 star recomendation from me!Replica Gucci Belts Men
  • Perfect:its good product, i like so much this web site and a continue bying in Amazom, but would love to divide the purchases on your credit cardReplica Guccissima Belt
  • Very pleased!:This is a nice light weight crossbody bag. It’s very adjustable and has lots of useful pockets. However, I am only giving it three stars because not one one the inside pockets zips closed. For me this is a must have in every purse.
  • This purse is for The grown & sexy!!!:I FREAKIN LOVE THIS BAG! But I didnt get the Michael kors storage bag like some said they did! They even have there tissue paper with there logo on it!!!!
  • Five Stars:Love the color. Wish it was a tad bit higher so that my tablet would fit looser.
  • The sandals are extremely comfy, but they wear out …:There simply isn’t anything more comfortable you can put on your feet if you have Hugh arches like I do. It’s like getting an arch massage with every step.
  • excelente:muy excelente producto lo recomiendo para el suso personal de los caballeros y las damas, victorinox se caracteriza por sus excelentes productos
  • Strong. Really helps get shoes on w/o damaging backs …:Works like it’s supposed to. Convenient, small metal design.
  • Great shoehorn even if you are not physically disabled.:The quality is acceptable. I don’t want to make it sound really dramatic since a shoehorn is a shoehorn. As long as it doesn’tbreak easily and do the job, it is hard to be remarkable about it. (How much can you ask for? A silky touch with the most modern style? :P) So, for the function part, I would say it is nice and serve the need. I’ll come back to review if it broke on me in a couple week.I usually don’t leave review…simply because I’m lazy. This one is due to the remarkable service they provided. Few purchase I’ve done on Amazon result in getting a greeting and follow up email from the merchandise right after I ordered. Some will argue that it is just a auto-response system that you can get for a couple buck a month, but, hey they did it and nobody else did, right? Recently, I’ve run into a lot of large marketing base consultant who is known to be the guru in direct-response marketing, not calling name out here, that wouldn’t even change their opt-out auto-response email when they change the downgrade membership system. They rather show you some video which talk about a service they don’t provide anymore and email you a letter about the same canceled service and finally spend the money on hiring people answering your question saying it no longer exist. They don’t respect you, and they don’t have to. I’ll give Shacke the credit since at lease they care.
  • 24′ long shoehorn:It is a shoe horn. It helps me get my shoes on. It’s long so I don’t have to bend over too much. I like it.

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  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!:It’s like walking on pillows. My plantar faciitis is relieved when wearing around the house. They do make my feet sweat even though they are flip flops. Small trade off for comfort walking on my hard wood floors. Will definitely take to wear for next pedicure!Tan Replica Gucci Belt
  • Great bag:Love this bag !! It’s the right size and light weight.Replica Gucci Belts For Cheap
  • Awesome:from the grip handle to the wide bottom this product is superior to any 24" shoe horn i’ve used previously.material seems plenty rugged; likely to last, forever.Replica Gucci Womens Belt
  • … my traditional laces on my gym shoes because I hate tying and untying my shoes:Excellent! I love these things. I have a bad back and it is painful sometimes for me to bend to tie my shoes…so I always slips my shoes off and on…I rarely ever actually untie and then tie them back. Now I can do that and not feel guilty about it. ha! Plus I don’t have to worry about the strings hanging from my shoes. These are very easy to use and simple to tighten…and the lock stays locked…I don’t have to worry about my shoes loosening up as the day goes on. Not only that but I like the way the laces look…the design is cute. I wish I had a pair of these a long time ago…they make my day a little easier and help me to have a little less pain by avoiding bending to tie my shoes. Product purchased at a discount in exchange for testing, evaluation and review.Replica Gucci Belts For Men
  • Five Stars:Excellent support, after standing at work all day.
  • This is for a shoe horn not shoes. The …:It is a shoe horn, and what would expect other than it performs its’ duty. I should have purchased a longer one.
  • Great lenght for tall people & sturdy design:I absolutely love this. It is very strong, sturdy, and well made. I use it to put in a pair of side zip Danner work boots. This is helping to save the heals of the boots from breaking down. Now my foot slides right in! A short shoe horn did not work.I can see how this would help others if bending is difficult, or for putting on any other boots.So glad I bought this one!
  • A WINNER:This certainly is a big help after an operation when you can’t bend over to put your shoes on. Thanks.
  • SO Cute and Functional:These are hands down the most amazing baby shoes ever! They are the only thing that my little one keeps on her feet – and they fit perfectly. I love that there is a double snap – so there’s some wiggle room if I want to tuck her pants into them. I started with one pair and then bought 3 more – AMAZING!
  • Looking Good:Larger than I thought it would be but absolutely love it. Great quality and beautifully made. Love it.
  • MK Gold straps bag:Loved it. Did not expect it to be as large as it was though but size is very suitable.
  • Five Stars:I received it in time for Christmas. My wife loved it perfect size for all her stuff. She has got a lot of complements from her friends.