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  • Outstanding product:Personally, I don’t like the handle. I prefer the simple curve, I think those are easier to hold and it also makes it so that I can hang it off the edge of the table by my door.Otherwise the construction seems sturdy, which was the main goal since I keep breaking the ones from Ikea.Replica Gucci Belt Buckle
  • Long Handle Easy Grip Shoehorn:It’s lightweight and sturdy. At some point the handle cracked at the end (probably dropped it on hard floor) but it doesn’t affect my use of it. The shoe horn is so long that I hold it somewhere along the shaft.Bottom line: I can get running/walking shoes on without assistance from another person.Replica Gucci Womens Belts
  • Very helpful for keeping suitcase organized:I like the cubes. They keep me so much organized. The quality is exceptional. Colors are delirious. I bought for my wife in pink and she bought for me in blue. I highly recommend to buy in Large and Medium sized – the most useful for us.How Much Does A Replica Gucci Belt Cost
  • Great for people with COPD:It works as designed, was shipped out right away and is a perfect length for putting on shoes while sitting.Real Replica Gucci Belt
  • Great bag, well worth the price, photos included.:I received this product to review.I love it! I wish I would have gotten the bigger size, because I’m going to have so many uses for this! It’s a mesh bag, but it has a plastic liner in it, which keeps things from leaking out of it if something were to leak inside the bag. It’s got a great clip on it, so you could attach it to a bag by that if needed. I’m excited to get to try this out for travel, I have a trip planned for February. This should be great for travel
  • Occupational Rehab gave me a long handled metal one that works fine but is absolutely unyielding so is uncomfortable to use:Does the job nicely
  • glad i got my own pair!:I love these thong sandals. They provide exactly what I need; arch support and cushioning. I fully expect to purchase more Oofos products.
  • Four Stars:Very comfortable shoe to wear with great arch support
  • Life changing for 10yr old boy and his soccer shoes:SO much better than the plastic ones.this one will not snap in half and its string enough that it won’t bend out of shape
  • Very nice:I am "pre-surgery" for total hip replacement…..and my mobility is presently pretty poor.This item is a GREAT help in getting shoes on. MUCH sturdier than expected, with just the right amountof flex. I recommend this product.
  • perfect packing must have….:Exactly what I was looking for, fit perfectly in my Thrive carry-on luggage! This will make things much easier to organize while traveling. 11 commentWas this review helpful to you?YesNoSending feedback…Thank you for your feedback.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try againReport abusePlease write at least one wordYou must purchase at least one item from Amazon to post a commentA problem occurred while submitting your comment. Please try again later.Sign in and comment Showing 0 of 1 commentsSort by: Newest Oldest There was a problem loading comments right now. Please try again later.Show more comments5.0 out of 5 starsGreat size for smaller items such as socksBySherry Nimtzon April 14, 2015Size: 4-piece setColor: Dark BlueVerified PurchaseGreat size for smaller items such as socks, or toiletries. quality fabric and light weight. Great help to organize your suitcase.
  • Worth the money! Buy it!:It came quickly. It is as described. Could not be happier .

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  • Durable:Great little sturdy shoe horn. It’s wide enough for the heel and does what it’s supposed to with ease. My only problem is I should have ordered 2…one for home and one to keep in my purse!Replica Gucci Belt For Kids
  • Five Stars:i got this wallet to go with my vera bradley clare bag in suzani. i love this print! this wallet is big, lots of room for cash, cards, checks. coupons, and whatever other stuff. i am finding that the turnlock sometimes unfastens itself but its not a major thing. i’m kind of late catching onto vera bradley, but i have the feeling i’ll be ordering more.Replica Gucci Belts For Men
  • Five Stars:Love my hipster! So cute! the colors are so fresh and happy. The hipster is comfortable to wear cross body and lays nice. It’s roomy inside and has just enough pockets – fits everything I need. I even fit my kindle inside. Love it – I just bought another for a gift. 5 star recomendation from me!Belt Replica Gucci
  • Seconds?:This is a lovely purse. It is beautifully made and sewn. It will be perfect for summer use and traveling.Replica Gucci Belt Bag
  • Nice shoe horn:Very strong and sturdy. The length makes it exceptionally useful for people recovering from hip/knee surgery. The closed oval handle allows it to be hung on a hook in the closet. There’s a reason it’s #1 on Amazon, it does what it’s supposed to do, it’s a quality product and it’s inexpensive. I’m going to see if I can attach some Velcro to the handle so it can be used as a back scratcher too. If only it came in designer colors… A Leopard print might be fun… JK
  • runs small:Love these, wish I would have bought them for when she was younger, she is 9 months old so bought size 12 months- they are pretty big, but she will grow into them for now I just put socks under them.
  • If the shoe doesn’t fit, you must acquit:Well-made and functional. It does exactly what a long handle shoe horn should do and the actual loop handle on top is a boon over the curved types. No complaints at all. Highly recommended, plus, it arrived exactly when it was supposed to arrive. This is a good merchant that sells through Amazon.
  • Great Product!:Bought this shoehorn as gifts. I already have one of my own and love it, so I bought 2 more as gifts. These are so easy to use and love the fact the I can slip my shoes on without having to sit down. Highly recommend this product.
  • Plastic is Flimsy:Exactly what we wanted. Strong, long, and smooth. thanks.
  • A MUST HAVE FOR ALL YOGA lovers:As someone who practices yoga very regularly, I know how hard it can be to correctly practice and form your body without injury, while using regular socks. They slip, they slide, and I constantly have to adjust them, so much that I had switched to just bare feet. However, I like the comfort of wearing socks, as they keep my feet warm, and make my feet feel more secure. I had never tried toeless yoga socks before, and received these for free, in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. I wear a size ‘8’ shoe, in women’s sizing, and when trying these toeless socks the first thing I noticed was how comfortable they were, and how they didn’t hug extremely tight on my feet, keeping a balanced flow of circulation throughout my feet. They’re incredibly well made, very durable, and also allow your feet to ‘breath’. I was especially impressed with how well the non-slip bottom performed, and how my feet didn’t slip once, throughout my entire 60-minute yoga session. I also love the black, neutral color, as I usually opt for black colored products. I find it incredibly easy to walk, maneuver and move while wearing these socks, all while experiencing true comfort. I also wear these when I’m stretching before workouts, and even while doing my fitness regimens. I would definitely recommend these toeless yoga socks to anyone who practices yoga, or Pilates, regularly. They’re also great to wear in public yoga sessions at the gym, as they’ll help keep your feet clean, free from the normal dirt and grime that can be present in public workout locations. Overall, I rate these 5-stars, and will be purchasing these as Christmas presents for my friends and family, whom also enjoy yoga!
  • Perfect shoehorn:great tool for putting my shoes on. Recently had a hip replacement and I have certain restrictions for the next couple of months. This long shoe horn is a great help.
  • Very well made!:What can I say that the description doesn’t. Its metal it smooth puts heal of foot right into shoe. They make a 24” one which I will probably get next time since I don’t like to bend over.

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  • Just right:I love it so much !!! I get a lot of compliments on it , Thank you for having so a wonderful bag!!!Replica Gucci Belt Price Replica
  • Love them!:These are the most comfortable shoes I own. I was recently diagnosed with plantar fasciatis. My inflamed heels are cushioned, and I have great arch support.Real Replica Gucci Belt
  • Great product, works as it should!:I travel a lot for work, and I have many shoes…. I love this bag. My boots even fold up nicely to fit in this bag when I don’t want to wear them on the plane. The bag is light, so it won’t add pounds to your luggage. Clunky, dirty workout shoes are no problem in my suitcase anymore.Replica Gucci Belt Brown
  • Odd looking Duck… Works like a Swan:I didn’t expect a product at this price to be as sturdy. I’m very pleased. Handle is long enough for me to get my shoes on while standing.Cheap Replica Gucci Belts Replica
  • Love these laces – so easy to use/adjust especially with …:i didn’t know it comes with laces too! i wonder if i can remove the laces and put it on my son’s other laces. hmmmm i guess i will find out. this is very creative and will use it on one of his shoes.i received this product in exchange for my honest review.
  • bought this as a going away present for my best friend& she LOVED IT:I bought this for a present to myself. There is so many pockets and room. The only downfall about this purse is now I am finding things just to put in there to take up room LOL
  • If looking for a gift for your girl I strongly recommend this:Happy with my purchase it’s lovely l used it as much as l want goes with all my colours coolllll
  • Not a bad fit, somewhat snug but I’m a big man:Instantly solved my plantar fasciitous. I stand about 6 hours a day and was using some thick, soft, foam sandles which i figured out finally it was hurting. these solved.
  • Great product:Smoothly finished sturdy shoehorn that does the job I purchased it for. Haven’t made up my mind about the loop handle.
  • my 8 year old is learning to tie his shoes …:These are awesome!!! I use them for my 5 year old and they have been a lifesaver. He wanted shoes like daddies but of course they have ties and after many many tears learning to tie is just not happening yet. These have solved that problem, we love them! I did receive them at a discount in return fit an honest and unbiased review.
  • Very Useful, Sophisticated, and Well-Made Organizer:I’m not sure why I did not purchase this piece years ago. We travel regularly every year, and only now I decided to buy myself this organizer. Very excited to take it with me on our next trip. Love the red. Recommend it highly. And its not one of those organizers that will rip at seams, its great quality.
  • Four Stars:This is a shoe horn, not a pair of shoes. I think the title and the actual review are confused.

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  • … due to my back ache & this tool is wonderful & very helpful when I’m putting on my shoes:I purchased this, upon request, from my 92 year old father, who can no long bend to put his shoes or slippers on. I asked him to describe how it works for him and he said "good." There you have it.Cheap Replica Gucci Belts Replica
  • Great for Travel:If you are a traveler, even if just a pleasure traveler, you will not want to leave without these in your suitcase. You can put just about anything in these. You can put shampoo and conditioner in them, all the necessities you need with you, or you can put your under garments in them, anything you want to keep together in your suitcase to keep you organized! You can also use them as storage inside your bathroom for hair ties, or makeup or just about anything you need to organize! These are very strong and have a very nice zipper to keep everything inside! I received these from Dot&Dot for testing purposes and to try and review on my blog and these are awesome! I don’t know how I lived without them! They have different sizes too! Check them out! I would totally recommend these and I want to get a bigger set soon! Thank you for reading my review!Replica Gucci Belts Prices
  • Great product:This shoehorn is one piece, heavy duty plastic. My husband has difficulty bending over to put on his shoes, and this is just perfect. It shipped promptly, in an amazingly long, huge box. That said, it did get here safely. I’ve received glass items packed with less care. Over all, a good product at a good price, shipped promptly.Replica Gucci Leather Belt
  • Five Stars:Not stylish, but great for comfort. I wear them on concrete floors all day…great!Replica Gucci Belts For Men On Sale
  • Works like a charm.:Exactly what I ordered and it shipped quickly. This is for a 13 yr old grandson who will be going to school dances in something other than sneakers. He looked at it strangely but said ok, he will use it. LOL
  • Three Stars:Works great. Just what I needed to get my expensive Allen Edmonds shoes to slip on.
  • Good Buy!:It does exactly what is supposed to do. Solid, does not have working parts. It is very long so it is extremely confortable and easy to use.I had a red one and broke it using it as a baseball bat after several times. Instantly after that I order this black one.So in conclusion, do NOT use it as a baseball bat, use as the excellent shoehorn it is.
  • Great Product!:Excelente Envio rapido tal cual lo queria en el momento de la compra, recomendado para todos los que quieran esto
  • Thumbs up!:This product was everything and more than I expected. The handle is just the right length, and the construction is solid. Extremely pleased.
  • great little shoe lace a bit hard to understand how …:These are nice for people who find it hard to bend over to tie and untie their shoes. Also good for kids. Easy to use.i received this product at a discount for an honest and unbiased review.
  • Glad I found it.:Well worth the money for this high quality extra long shoe horn if you have trouble bending over very far.
  • Five Stars:Great quality product. It’s just a slab of metal, but you can tell it will last a long time.

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  • Great product.:Nothing to write — it’s a shoe horn. But service and follow-up were good.Replica Gucci Belts For Men On Sale
  • Wonderful Product – Great Value:Great length for overcoming stooping when slipping on your shoes.The upper handle section is quite generous allowing for a controlled grip.Seems to be strongly constructed. I like it very much.Mens Replica Gucci Belt
  • every home should have this shoehorn!:I bought this for my father. After I tried it out once, I bought one for myself. I was hesitant about plastic, but this thing is sturdy. I use it all the time now. I highly recommend it.Replica Gucci Belt For Men Replica
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE:High quality wallet as all Vera Bradley products are.Replica Gucci Belts Men
  • Four Stars:I absolutely love these shoes and use them as my "inside shoes" all year!!
  • Satisfied customer.:Excellent…. Great…
  • Much relief from Plantar’s Fasciitis:There simply isn’t anything more comfortable you can put on your feet if you have Hugh arches like I do. It’s like getting an arch massage with every step.
  • Good shoe horn:Great product! Well made, heavy duty construction. It arrived early and was just what my husband wanted. Great customer service from a new family owned business. Thank you!
  • vera bradley:Love how light and roomy this handbag is
  • Nice size, carry a lot!:I love it. It was what I expected. The product came in a timely manner. I paid less than in stores. I can wash the product. It will last a long time.
  • Great for Removing Snow Boots:Just had back surgery and there was no way I was going to put on my old favorite slippers. This did the trick and the handle makes life easy. Warning: The shoehorn was thrown in the bottom of a large Amazon box, covered in 3" of packing paper then my other larger items I had also ordered from Amazon were placed in the box on top of the packing paper. I did not find my shoehorn for a week until I went and got the box I had thrown out back and removed all the packing paper and there is was.
  • I love it!!!:Love this bag, lots of room!