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  • Three Stars:I got it and loved itReplica Louis Vuitton Belt Price
  • Not as good as they used to be?:I bought a pair on a fluke at a local shoe store. $30 for flip flops, really? I splurged when I put them on. The yoga mat is like a piece of heaven on your feet. I wear flip flops half the year and would buy lots of cheap ones for all the colors. Now anymore.These are more than your average flip flop but if you have to stand on something they are so incredibly comfortable. I had one pair wearing them at our river camp for 3 years. Finally tossed those and replaced them with a brand new pair just to get dirty. I wear them with pants, skirts everything. Totally worth the bucks. Promise.Cheap Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Gift for my daughter:Great size and style for the price! Definitely roomier than I thought it would be. Love that the adjustable strap allows me to wear it comfortably over a large coat.Replica Louis Vuitton Belts For Men Replica
  • My only regret is that I have but two feet:These are awesome socks- and well worth the price. Darn Tough is so confident in there product that they back it up with a warranty.Cheap Replica Louis Vuitton Belts For Men
  • I love this packaging organizer:I like to travel, more specifically go on cruises!!These bags are made well, they have tough zippers on them, they are very sturdy and I like the material they are made in. I am a over packer and these really take the abuse that I put upon them, I use them to their full capacity. and actually match my luggage color perfectly.These have helped me go from 2 large suitcases to one which is great when you take 5 ladies with you on your cruises!!They are good for me because I can pack each days worth of clothes into one pack and I put 2 changes of clothes a day in each one plus a little pack of jewelry as well. They kept me super organized and then they are empty they work great to keep your souvineers in!!I will never pack without these again!!
  • Best socks I’ve ever owned.:I’ve had these socks for 3-4 years. Have never had better socks, my feet love me. I did not treat them well and they still lasted. After about 4 years of usage a few times a week they have worn through at the balls of the feet. I happily bought more Darn Tough socks to replace them without blinking. I am going to try the warranty out. If Darn Tough replaces my socks for free, I am going to give them to friends and get more people hooked on these awesome socks.I copied and pasted this from my review of the Darn Tough Full Cushion socks. I bought them at the same time, have used them just as much, and they have shown the same failure modes. Equally as great as the Full Cushion!
  • Great bag!:Sheer perfection!
  • One Star:Couldn’t find a better hiking sock
  • great product and customer service:Greatest shoehorn for anyone but especially for people who have trouble bending over or don’t have a chair handy to sit on. Very sturdy.
  • Great Product:Superior product, personal service & timely delivery. What else could you ask for? I would definitely use Schake again.Shacke is a small family owned business launched as an offline business in 2009. I received a superior product along with excellent customer service.Support of small business is of paramount importance to me. The rewarding small businesses who offer top-notch products along with exceptional customer service with patronage, as I do, promotes success in businesses that deserve it and failure of those who don’t—as it should be for everyone.You should check out their site—[…]I have NOT received compensation for this review.
  • $$$ – A financial LIFESAVER for little feet – $$$:Last year my mother-in-law spent an arm and a leg at Nordstroms to get a pair of Newport Keens for both of my girls, age 2 and 4. They lived in them! We live close to the ocean, so these shoes went to the beach, biking, hiking, digging in the garden, you name it! If they get dirty, you hose them off or wash them in the sink and they are as good as new. Toddlers trip over their own feet, but even the toe guard didn’t show a single scratch at then end of the season. For parents with kids in preschool, you aren’t usually allowed to send your kid to school with open-toed shoes, so these are a great way for them to wear sandals and keep cool, while still following the rules. My kids will ALWAYS have as new pair of Keens every year. The fit and function of the ones I bought this year are no exception to the great quality we experienced last year.
  • Five Stars:Excellent product – easy to order and prompt shipping. Totally satisfied. If you can figure out a long handled toenail clipper that would be great and solve a similar issue for us older guys..