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  • My wife loved it perfect size for all her stuff:I love this purse. I can find everything and it is not too heavy because I carry too much – lolReplica Louis Vuitton Belts For Men
  • Perfectly Organized!:Little heavy for me, so I cut it open and removed the plastic stiffeners and the foam padding. Still plenty ridged, because it has a baffle the goes around both compartments. I glued the right side back down, because that is a slide in area. I left the other side open to form a 2nd pocket in the zippered compartment.This item is about one inch thick, but not as wide as a piece of paper folded in half.Take a look at the travel organizer at Scottevest. See if that would suit better. I would have purchased that one, but had already purchased this one.Replica Louis Vuitton Graphite Belt
  • Sanuk is the perfect flip flop for everyday use and for the beach!:My wife bought these flip flops after receiving great reviews from others wearing them. She has a wide foot and usually buys wide shoes. Unfortunately, these were not wide enough. If you have a regular width foot, they would be fine. She loved the look and said the felt great other than not wide enough. My daughter has a pair and loves them.Black Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Replica
  • Love the pattern:Grand daughter received this as a gift- very durable , color very variant -even after a year of wear.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle Replica
  • Five Stars:I loved this bag very much
  • I love my new bag:I call this my iPad purse because my iPad fits nicely inside of it even in the case. It is a really nice bag, beautiful pattern, and nice and thick so if I drop it, my iPad is well protected.
  • Five Stars:After discovering D.T. wool socks, my husband literally can’t & will not wear anything else but these. Sure, they have an initial, higher price-point, but the durability of these is outstanding! Did I mention they have a lifetime warranty?!? As a plus, my husband’s feet feel so much softer!
  • large:Used it to hold 4 Passports plus a visa booklet without any issues. We also had tickets, itinerary printouts, currency, and credit cards in there. The boarding pass pocket was very handy [no need to unzip to get the boarding pass] when trying to push a stroller, carry the luggages and carry a baby through the gate.
  • Not for narrow feet:I don’t think I have wide feet- I usually fit into regular shoes happily, and have never noticed anything amiss. With these, I felt suspiciously wide. The sides of my feet weren’t spilling off, but they are exactly on the edge! I ordered the brown on brown if that makes a difference.I really like the feel of them and I am pretty sure I’m going to keep them, they’re just a bit narrow.
  • Loved this bag:This was a gift for my granddaughter. I thought it was darling, but she will be the final judge on Christmas.
  • Five Stars:love this! A+++++++++++++
  • Fantastic Boot Socks.:Honestly, these guys make the best socks hands down.