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  • you should own it:NOW, that’s a long easy to use shoe horn. Excellent gripping handle. I needed something like this for my motorcycle boots. They are tall and deep. This is great! Just saying…Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Sizes
  • Great product at a great price:Nice product. Arrived as expected. Holds up well and allows for easy useCheap Replica Louis Vuitton Belts
  • love it!!!:Roomy, fits comfortably on my shoulder. I love this bag!!!Replica Louis Vuitton Mens Belts
  • So amazing!:These are great. Perfect for smaller items like socks and undies, but also for things like toiletries, curling irons/straighteners, cables, and medications. Good quality as well. Zipper seems tough.Replica Louis Vuitton Belts For Men Replica
  • great bag:This is just simply a great bag. I purchased this one as a gift for a young girl at our church. Hers had recently broken and she needed a new one. My daughter, however, had recently owned a black one just like it. It was used as a diaper bag and it was great! It’s wonderful that you can just throw it over your shoulder and go! There is a pocket or zipper for everything. The only flaw I could see is that if you are planning to use this as a school bag, folders will not fit completely flat. They will have to be slightly bent to make them fit. Otherwise, it is an excellent bag!
  • Strap broke:I’m in love with my bag,! So beautiful and chic. I carry it at all times. I get lots of compliments from my friends, male and female. The color is so bright and sophisticated! Love it!
  • Great shoehorn:I bought this for my husband who has a difficult time bending. He loves it. It’s just the thing so he doesn’t complain anymore about not being able to get his shoes on. Thank you so much
  • Great for boots.:love this shoehorn. It will also last forever. My wife also uses it. My dog doesn’t like it (thank goodness)
  • Sturdy, easy to maneuver, and sufficiently long.:I have a pair of tall boots that I struggle to put on every time I want to wear them. I ordered this shoe horn and am amazed how easily my boots go on now! VERY fast shipping. Very pleased with product and will travel with this shoe horn!!
  • Organizers for packing , organizing or storing stuff:I bought these especially for use with my carry-on bag, because larger packing cubes are just too big. These are a great size, and perfect for t-shirts, socks and underwear, or even a lightweight sweater. The fabric is flexible and not stiff, so they can be really squished into your bag. I love the double zipper which allows them to be opened flat. There is a webbing carry-handle that is securely stitched on the inside with extra reinforcement – a nice touch. The set of 4 is packaged in a heavyweight plastic zipper bag, which can be used for storage or even for a damp swimsuit on the trip home.The purple color is much more vibrant than in the photos, which is a pleasant surprise in the interior gloom of a dark carry-on bag. I liked these so well I ordered a set of Dot & Dot medium packing cubes for my suitcase! Would definitely recommend these.
  • I Love It:Great socks, Batman! I have been wearing socks all my life. These are the best. Ever. Period.Fit, cushioning, material, shape after washing, etc. All great.
  • sturdy and great overall product:This is our second time to buy Keens for my 2 year old. Although I looked at other sandals, I wanted something that would keep his toes covered, especially since he’s running around in the playground. They stay on his feet, so I don’t have to worry about slipping, or shoes falling off.He wears them daily, both with and without socks. He won’t wear anything else. I’ve washed them multiple times already in the washing machine, and they come out looking brand new. I also bought them a little bigger (first tried them on at a store) in anticipation of his growing feet. I bought them from Amazon because he wanted this specific color, which was not available at the store.We’ve been happy with the durability. The soles on the first pair (that we bought last summer) were worn down, but it’s probably because he wore them everyday from April until October. I had to pry them off his feet when it started snowing.