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  • VERY handy, very convenient:Nice wide handle. Standing there is a slight bend needed to use with a height of 5’5", but while sitting the movement of arm alone is adequate. Good price, sturdy construction. Purchased for a temporary back injury, but will hold on to it after recovery due to it’s handiness.Replica Louis Vuitton Belts For Women
  • good tool, lacks second hole for hanging:Nothing more to this than its a shoe horn and helps you slip into your shoes easier in the morning without having to untie them. Before I would struggle a lot to untie and then retie them. Now i just slip them on without issue. Definitely a must have.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Black
  • Five Stars:My wife loved it from the moment she seen itReplica Louis Vuitton Belt For Men Replica
  • These cubes are amazing. I bought the black:Very pleased with the quality of these packing cubes. They are perfect for a myriad of uses, most of which haven’t even occurred to me. For my purposes, when I’m in a rush at my destination and there’s never enough time, I combine outfits for each day. This way I don’t have to waste time making decisions. I just prepack each of my prelabeled bag (e.g., Day 1, Day 2) and toss them in the travel trailer cabinet. Since they have water resistant lining on the underside and sides plus a breathable mess lining, my “show clothes” stay clean and protected. At day’s end, I can use these washable packs as laundry bags.The super cute, bright color makes them easy to find in low light. The clear, protective sleeve in which they come is another plus. Definitely would recommend.Cheap Replica Louis Vuitton Belts
  • Darn Tuff and don’t you forget it.:I am the world’s most frugal person – paying over $20 dollars for a single pair of socks gave me a panic attack with a load of regret.I’m deployed – the preferred pair of boots I brought with me are Men’s barefoot boots – I’m a female, so my heel slides around and rubs skin away when I wear my worn out, cheep "3 pairs for $9" boot socks – I figured that I needed an upgradewhen I got these I was still worried (because for $20 they better be magic socks)… until I put them on… they are SOOOOOO comfy! they are very thick and sturdy – so if my heel did slide around they would act as a second skin. these are super soft… this week was the 4th time I’ve worn them and, even with the terrible washer/dryers out here, they were still soft. the cushioning hasn’t worn down yet.Sizing… the pair I ordered fits perfectly BUT according to the sizing chart I ordered 2 sizes up – I wear men’s shoe size 6 (which should be a small), but I ordered a large (in a care package I received on a previous deployment I got a pair of Darntough socks size small and they are really tight and uncomfortable so I had the advanced knowledge to order bigger)If you buy these (one to two sizes bigger than your shoe size) you will NOT regret it!
  • These boot socks are absolutely amazing. Keep your feet warm:These are the best socks I have bought. After trying all other brands I will use these. I am in the Marines and these stand the test, no others can compare! Quick drying, no smell, and let feet breath easily all with excellent comfort. Cant beat their warranty either.
  • Comfortable but run on the small side:For anyone with high arches, runners, walkers, or those who workout regularly – these are the sandals you need. I would get sore ankles after a day of wearing flip-flops but once I got these Oofos, I can enjoy my day comfortably knowing I am receiving the support I need. Also, it doesn’t hurt that you feel like you’re walking on clouds and they are easy to clean!
  • Five Stars:very good
  • I rate this a “10”:the shoehorn is constructed very well. I believe it will last for years to come.I am very pleased with the product.
  • great summer shoes!:Very durable, but they give my son horrible blisters. I even tried having him wear them with socks and he still has problems with them. I want to like them more, but this is a big problem.
  • Effective, quick, and comfortable use:Had a different long-handled shoe horn of another brand for several years. It looked nice, but had a weak spot right where the "business end" of it connected to the handle. Despite my babying it carefully, it finally broke there, and I bought the Shacke on Amazon to replace it.The Shacke has proved to be just about the perfect size, shape, and strength to work smoothly and keep people from having to bend over or put a knee on the floor. We’ve now bought a second Shackie to keep by the front door for guests. It has simple but good looks. I expect it to last for years.
  • Perfect fit:It’s not 0 to 2 years old as advertised… the package says 3 months and up…but the product is good