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  • Very Pleased with this Shoehorn:I read a lot of your reviews before I purchase anything and I was leery about plastic. But, my husband who broke his hip had no problem putting on his shoes with this. He is loving this !Buy Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • LOVE Sanuk Yoga Mat:Having lived in warm climates most of life, including Hawaii, I spend most of the year wearing flip flops am a serious connoisseur. The Sanuk Yoga Mat is one of my all time favorites. I bought these last summer after trying them on in a local store that only had them in black. I couldn’t justify another pair of black flip flops at the time so I left them behind, but literally couldn’t stop thinking about them.I finally purchased them from Amazon in Aqua (so many colors) and I live in them. The aqua is true to color (on my monitor). They are actually made of recycled yoga mats and Sanuk is a very eco-conscious company, which is important to me. They arrived in a reusable bag that looked like plastic but was made of non-GMO tapioca root. Bags made of tapioca root use less petroleum, energy, and water, thus producing a lesser carbon footprint than ones made of plastic. These flip flops are also vegan (meaning they are not made with any animal products or by-products). Awesome.In addition to having had surgery on both ankles, I suffer from a chronic pain condition, so I’m all about comfortable shoes. The recycled yoga mat soles are incredibly plush, cushiony, and flexible, with a slighter firmer bottom layer that wears well. As with most flip flops, they only have the very slightest arch support, so beware if this is something you require. They soles provide plenty of shock absorption which I really notice when compared to other flip flops.The straps are synthetic and well-made. They do not have that crappy fake leather look. The interior of the straps have an aqua and white gingham design that adds a nice detail and make the Sanuk Yoga Mat Flip Flops stand out. The piece that slips in between your toes is made of a soft canvas-like material that forms to your foot. The entire shoe can get wet without damage.The white Sanuk branding on the heel of these flip flops wears off relatively quickly until it totally disappears. Unlike some flip flops with soft soles, these do not permanently mold to your foot but bounce back each time you take them off.If I had the cash floating around, I would absolutely own a pair of these in every color. Considering we had an unseasonably warm winter, I’ve worn these flip flops almost every day and other than the tiny chunk of sole ripped off by a foster kitten (with seriously sharp teeth who chewed on everything), they still look practically new.Buy these now. Just not in my size!Prada Belts Replica
  • GREAT HANDBAG!:The hipster in general is small for my taste. But shipment was fast and it was exactly what I ordered. I have the midnight blue turn lock wallet and I love them both!Replica Louis Vuitton Belts Price
  • Five Stars:Very nice. Not wide so can be hard to squeeze everything in.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Cheap
  • Warm and Comfortable:Just the right size, super comfy and warm. Well worth the price.
  • Annoying Review Requirement:I really like this sock. I have been trying to get some more hiking socks and this is one of my go-to socks now. I wear these types of socks everyday as I like the extra padding. Please note I am writing this review after a year of wear (ordered 8/12/14), compared to other socks I have this one is beyond solid.Pros:Solid constructionGood padding (without bunching)Lifetime warrantyFit wellCons:Expensive
  • Wrong minimum age:I was initially worried about the size when I ordered them for my son who was 3 months old and small for his age but they fit prefect! I even tried them on myself to see if they’d fit me and they did, I’m only 5’2 but still they fit. We attend football (American soccer) matches pretty frequently and his father, who is not a quite man) normally wears him and with all the cheering and yelling our son stays completly clam and relaxed. He doesn’t even get startled when goals are scored. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to protect your child’s hearing in loud outings or activities.
  • Just what we needed!:This shoehorn makes it very easy to put on shoes and boots. It would be especially useful for older persons. I would recommend it to anyone.
  • As I get older and bulkier, bending is not as easy as it once was.:I love it and I save 2 minutes every morning by not having to untie my shoes to get them on. I also love the handle for easy hanging and it never ends up on the floor. Little things like this make life easier! Thanks for such a great and thoughtful product!
  • works great:It’s a quality shoe horn, strong and built well. It helps me put my shoes on with minimal effort and without tearing up thumb. I’m too old to wear velcro and I’m not untying my work shoes every time I come home.
  • I never want to take them off…:I love these shoes, I have a pair for myself. So when we needed new shoes for our son, this was my first choice.They are very sturdy and have great, non-slip soles. If you kid is very active, he/she should be able to break these in about a year – which is great and you need new shoes by then anyways. My adult version lasted 2 years already and is as good as new.The colors are fun and kids will love them and the show is easy to put on and off.They are sandals, but have the covered toe to protect the foot. Again, a wise idea for kids (and adults too).These shoes are very easy to care for. If they get too dirty, you can just rinse them out with water.All in all a great shoe for kids. If it had more reflective materials on it for safety, it would be perfect.
  • Buy one pair of these a year or month or whatever and you’ve got four or five pairs of awesome socks for the rest of your life:I was looking to replace some of my old socks that have stood by me through thick and thin. A lot of things are often advertised as both "tough" and "comfortable" but these stood out from all the other liars.These socks work better than great. Their wool mix means they keep my feet warm when they have to and dry when it’s needed, built for long walks and hikes, and perfect for feet that see a lot of outings. I’m a size 9-10 with a bit of a wide and flat foot, and these fit perfectly. After a day of heavy use, they leave no smell, which is a great plus. After 20 washes, my single pair had shown no noticeable signs of wear or tear. Planning on buying tons more, now. A sock for life.