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  • Fantastic:This shoe horn is great for older persons. It is sturdy enough and big enough not to lose it. Thank you. BobReal Replica Louis Vuitton Belts
  • just the best:Love these socks! Good cushioning,very durable,great fit.Replica Louis Vuitton Belts For Sale
  • … grip handle to the wide bottom this product is superior to any 24″ shoe horn i’ve used previously:My husband just loves this shoehorn!Ferragamo Mens Belt Replica
  • Excellent noise reduction!:We used these at a loud hockey game for our 4 month old and they worked great. She didn’t even try to take them off. I was worried about it being too tied or too lose but neither of these was a problem.Cheap Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Brother’s helper:Great for the boots I have that are hard to get on….no bending or struggling…glad I found this shoehorn before I threw my back out. Super fast shipping!!!!
  • Good, Long Shoehorn with a Few Hiccups:I’ve just used the shoehorn a few times so can’t speak to its long-term reliability, but it seems sturdy (with the end still slim enough to fit into the back of my shoe. Long enough to use from a standing position.
  • This shoe horn is a nice shape, excellent quality and works great:Good shoe horn. Smoothness and stiffness help glide foot into tight bike shoes which I don’t want to untie, or other shoes.
  • I love my Michael Kors handbag!:Great bag ‘ beautiful. Shipped fast.
  • Enjoying this Product:These packing cubes were just the right to fit in my suitcase. Unpacking will be easy because everything of the same type of clothing is together.
  • Great hiking socks.:I was disappointed – the workmanship is excellent nothing at all wrong with that, but these were billed as Extra Large and they really do not live up to that billing. I needed a good boot sock and had hoped for something larger than this. Not worth sending it back – I can use them with my working boots but I would not have been so interested in paying that price merely for working boot socks.
  • Haven’t found a better all around sock to basically wear all winter long:I gave these socks 5 stars because they kept my feet warm, comfortable and dry during a recent snowboarding trip. This was my first purchase of Darn Tough socks, but it won’t be my last…highly recommended!
  • Works as advertised:This is an excellent shoehorn. I was struggling with my garden shoes several times a day as I would run in and out of the house. It’s now a snap to get my Muck shoes on. Just the right length to ease into a shoe without bending over.