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  • Easy Squeezy!:great implement for anyone with a bad back or difficulty bending over….sturdy black plastic, 2 feet long, slightly flexible, flared comfortable end, reasonably priced.Replica Louis Vuitton Graphite Belt
  • Well-made:the plastic horn snapped in two after a few months. For the price, I was hoping for something sturdier. To be fair though, since I can’t bend to tie my shoes they need to be pre-tied before they go home.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Size Chart
  • Five Stars:Love these shoes. Where is the "eggplant" color?Replica Louis Vuitton Belt For Men Replica
  • Love my purse:purse is perfect. come in 2 days!!!love love ove the vionic shoesAuthentic Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Winner of a Shoehorn:Just had back surgery and there was no way I was going to put on my old favorite slippers. This did the trick and the handle makes life easy. Warning: The shoehorn was thrown in the bottom of a large Amazon box, covered in 3" of packing paper then my other larger items I had also ordered from Amazon were placed in the box on top of the packing paper. I did not find my shoehorn for a week until I went and got the box I had thrown out back and removed all the packing paper and there is was.
  • SOFT FEELING WALLET.:Great wallet. A little too big for a medium sized purse. Also heavy once you put everything in it. I’ll use it when I’m using a larger handbag. I was disappointed because I really like it.
  • a must have for travel!:Off all of the packing cubes I’ve gotten, these are my favorite! They fit great in my suitcase and really help me pack all our stuff in one bag without everyone’s clothes being mixed up!
  • MK Handbag:Good buy..real..came in all original packaging and earlier than expected.
  • Looks good, works good, lasts a long time.:I discovered a few years ago that I was no longer flexible enough to easily put on my shoes. I needed a long shoehorn. The metal one I had didn’t work well. This one that you sent me works wonderfully. It is stiff enough, but not uncomfortably so. It is just the right length. Thank you.
  • Very satisfied with this product:This is the best shoe horn ever! It is long enough so you don’t need to bend! I bought boots I could not get on… Once I got the shoe horn I can now enjoy them! Highly recommend!
  • Great product.:Nothing to write — it’s a shoe horn. But service and follow-up were good.
  • Five Stars:my mom loved her bag