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  • He is able to get them on very easily with this shoehorn:Well made and easy to use. I like the T-grip on the end vs. a ring because you can grip it, wrap your fingers around it and get more leverage for those tighter fitting shoes. I would recommend for anyone who has difficulty bending to slip on their shoes.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Damier
  • Five Stars:Love it!Authentic Replica Louis Vuitton Belts
  • Love my Oofos:Great shoe, my wife and I wear them all the time, it helps with the pain relief I have in my right foot planter fasciitis, a little big but next pair I’ll order the next size downReplica Louis Vuitton White Belt
  • Love it:Good-sized bag but doesn’t look bulky. Pretty and comfortable to wear. The only change I would make would be to have a small zippered pocket on the inside.Prada Belts Replica
  • Wonderful Product – Great Value:Great length for overcoming stooping when slipping on your shoes.The upper handle section is quite generous allowing for a controlled grip.Seems to be strongly constructed. I like it very much.
  • One Star:Ive owned many designer bags and this one takes the cake its spacious but not too big, it has a modern elegance to it so you can pretty much wear it with anything ! the leather is just fantastic.
  • Very satisfied with this product:This is the best shoe horn ever! It is long enough so you don’t need to bend! I bought boots I could not get on… Once I got the shoe horn I can now enjoy them! Highly recommend!
  • Good build quality:These fit my 6 month old perfectly for a concert we attended. I placed them over my ears before we went and I was pleased with the sound reduction. Also they fit my 2 and 4 year old sons well too!
  • Does what I bought it for…:Great! The shape, the size and material. Think this is the best shoehorn for this money.I’ve ordered it because 72-years person was visiting us for several days, so wanted to make his life a bit easier. But now all family use it because it is very comfortable.
  • Very high quality/value….very happy with my purchase:These slim cubes are perfect for outdoor use where weight and space matters. I do a lot of kayak camping and use a Pelican 1550 dry box to transport gear. My problem until I found these cubes was organization. These cubes fit perfectly into my dry box and give me quick access to what I need without having to empty the dry box. The see thru tops make it easy to distinguish what is in what cube. Additionally I use different colors for different items. Think, Red = FirstAid. If I am hiking I merely pull the cubes out of the dry box and put them into a back pack.Couldn’t be simpler. Great product.
  • It looks better in the photo than in person:I can’t answer the shoe questions, as I purchased a shoe horn. It’s just fine. The length is good, and the strength of the metal is adequate for my needs.
  • Love it!:I absolutely love it.ck