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  • Comfortable !:The shoe is comfortable, but there is a lot of extra room at the front of the toes and the extra tends to catch on things and may cause one to trip. I you get a smaller size, then it would probably be too small in the back.Replica Louis Vuitton Belts Mens
  • Love it!:I absolutely LOVE this bag! I ordered it in black and the color is a beautiful true black. The material is a nice durable nylon which is super easy to clean; just wipe it off with a damp cloth or throw it in the washer. The cross-body strap and the shorter handles are the only things not made of nylon. It has 7 outer pockets: 3 zippered on the front; 1 velcro pocket on the front; one velcro pocket on each side (big enough to fit a water bottle) and one zippered pocket on the back. This makes it very easy to organize everything so you don’t have to dig around every time you want to find something. The inside has one zippered pocket, 2 gusseted pockets (that comfortably fit a cellphone) and a pen holder. It also has a key lanyard that you can attach your keys to which makes it very very easy to find your keys inside the bag.The shorter handles are shorter than I anticipated. It still fits over my shoulder but just barely. It doesn’t bother me too much because if anything, I can just attach the longer cross-body strap. It’s a beautiful everyday bag so if you’re still unsure of whether or not to buy it: DO IT! It’s perfect.Replica Louis Vuitton Men Belt
  • Perfect!:I needed to replace my long handled metal shoehorn that I had for years. After reading the reviews, I decided to try this one. I am glad I did. It is an excellent shoehorn. The handle is long enough … and I am tall. It is very strong and feels like it should last a long time. It is nicer than the metal one it replaced.Replica Louis Vuitton Belts For Men
  • On the og type girl*:Had this bag and the strap broke after 6 months – I am so disappointed to spend over $200 on a handbag and have it come apart. Michael Kors has always been a great brand…I don’t know what happened. Maybe this one was defective.Men Replica Louis Vuitton Belt
  • Works great:Ordered this for my husband, who just got some very snug running shoes–no tongue, no laces, just cram your foot into them. He is able to get them on very easily with this shoehorn, and the length and sturdiness of it takes the stress off his back and knees. He was surprised and delighted, and uses it every day, even with other shoes. A very good buy.
  • Gorgeous mk handbag is perfect size for me very well packed:Great quality, pleasantly surprised. Had to sign for delivery. I was impressed at the care and urgency of receiving product. My mother is going to totally freak out for Christmas! Definitely recommend this product! Great price, great product & great service!
  • Shoehorn:This is a high quality product, easy to use at a fair price. If I get a few years use out of it, it will be worth the price and the ease it provides getting my shoes on with a bad hip.
  • Five Stars:Bought this for my chick. From what I can see this is a nicely made purse. She likes it and hasnt complained thus far.
  • love this bag:I do like the hipster bags. I use them every day, and I think I have 4-5 of them – for summer and winter. I definitely do not like a heavy purse, and these are super lightweight.
  • This purse is a perfect size! I love it because I use a …:Love it! Easy to carry and holds all I want. Easy on the shoulders.
  • liking it:Warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I never thought I’d be so excited about a pair of socks!
  • Effective, quick, and comfortable use:My dad was visiting recently and asked to borrow my shoe horn. I didn’t have a shoe horn. He was apalled, and had to use a serving spoon instead. Gross.I got this as a joke for him, but the joke is on me – he freaking loves this thing! It is a nice lightweigh plastic, and he doesn’t have to bend down to use it (he has a bad back). He still talks about how awesome this shoe horn is!