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  • Great pair of socks for yoga:Very nice socks. I only have one problem with these socks. The toes of the toeless part. See. Im guessing my toes are short in comparison. Because the toe area went way past all but two toes. These more like toe socks to me. Other than that they have excellent grip on the bottom. They are fotted which is expected. They do help to keep you from slipping on your mat.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Bag
  • … this for Christmas and he says it is the best shoehorn he ever had:I love America, so I chose the USA. Things work fine, very much.Replica Louis Vuitton Inventeur Belt
  • Very soft and comfortable!:I was initially drawn to these because of the attractive design. This particular color (pewter straps on a pewter sole) is even better in person! I have since purchased this sandal in several other colors, and the pewter is the only one that has just a hint of glossy shimmer on the straps, which makes it really pop in the sunlight. (I’ve found that the other colors are very matte — still cute, though!) And the uniform color is very sharp looking.Upon trying them on for the first time… Wow! These flip-flops are a DREAM. I’ve gone through countless pair of athletic brand flip-flops with memory foam that are usually fairly comfortable initially, but wear out rather quickly. THESE sandals I can wear for hours! So comfortable. No bottoming out in the heel. No memory foam that becomes flattened and non-existent, ultimately leaving you with a hard rubber flat. I am flat-footed and have a hard time staying comfortable in any shoe for a long period of time, but I honestly forget that I am wearing these. They are THAT amazing! This is the most comfortable pair of flip-flops that I have ever owned, and I will probably purchase a few extra pair for next spring.Belt Replica Louis Vuitton
  • better then I thought socks could be:Love these socks. Not quite as "cushiony" as Smart Wool, but these are nearly indestructible whereas all my Smart Wool socks were full of holes within a few months.Replica Louis Vuitton Belts India
  • liking it:Good fit, especially since other merino socks shrink up. So far seems durable but more time will tell the future
  • Best socks I’ve ever owned.:These socks fit great, but the quality isn’t the best – especially considering the price. After wearing these once or twice, for only a couple of hours each time, I noticed that the area around the back of the ankle was worn down and badly "pilled". This is in the area where the socks rub against the inside of my boots. So far they haven’t worn all the way through, but I expect they might. I have two pair and both did this. I wouldn’t buy these again.
  • comfy! and great for Yoga:First off, we received this product early and was glad about that. Secondly, I bought these for my daughter to dance in and she says that they fit and feel just fine, her shoe size is a 10. I also bought a pair for my daughter’s friend, who wears a size 6, so we’ll see if they fit her as well. Satisfied with the shipping and product thus far. Thank you:-)
  • Five Stars:I love it
  • This is just great, holds all i need for a quick run to the Mall:I now have the cosmetic case roll up, a small duffle and this bag. It goes with alot that I wear. Only draw back is that I would have liked larger pocket inside.
  • Tough as nails:Best socks that I own. My feet feel the difference on days that they are in the wash, I purchased more. I am an R.N. and a hiker so I am on my feet a lot. These socks make all the difference.
  • Great booties – with a small modification :-):They are so cute and warm. Our granddaughter moves a lot, and these stay on better than socks. She still manages to remove them, she loves to put her feet in her mouth! But they do stay on when she is not pulling them off!
  • Excellent socks.:Best hiking sock I’ve owned, so far (and that’s a lot. . .) Also haven’t been attacked by any Grizzlies while wearing these. I’m sure it’s a coincidence. . .but can you ever be sure?