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Customer reviews

  • Well made Shoe Horn:I put my socks onI put the horn in the shoeMy foot goes in shoeHorn doesn’t break10/10Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Uk
  • Get this now for anyone as a gift…..they will love it – great price too….very sturdy:Sturdy and light. Not all extended shoehorns have this much of a curve to ease the heel into the shoe. This is great and heels just glide in.Replica Louis Vuitton Men Belts
  • This metal shoehorn is great, works well and we love that it’s made …:Beautiful shoe horn plenty long enough for ease of use. Very strong and smooth.Ferragamo Belt For Men Replica
  • Truly Beautiful.:I’m absolutely obsessed! It’s perfect, came on time & it’s exactly like the picture! And it’s authentic! The price wasn’t too bad, also. I love it!Replica Louis Vuitton Belts Replica
  • Five Stars:Excelent
  • Never be late to work again!:Much better than expected! Just the right length (I am six feet tall) & stiffness.It arrived two days ahead of scheduled delivery date!SHACKE followed up by E-Mail to make sure product was 100% OK
  • Where others have failed….aah just right!:We looked for quite some time and finally found your shoehorn.The length is what he likes…he doesn’t have to bend over to put on his shoes
  • Sturdy:I am very happy with my long-handled show horn. I would prefer it be made of metal, but so far the plastic is working quite well. It is great for putting on my boots without having to bend down.
  • Well made:My son was having difficulty putting on his new slip-on Vans. I drove all over town looking for a shoe horn but found none. I found this one on Amazon and am thrilled with the quality for the price. He’s happy and the shoes will last longer if he doesn’t break down the heel putting them on.
  • He’s completely content wearing them and they really do a good job of dampening the loud sounds:Really excelent product, I purchased it for my daughther, we came to baseball and she have really not scared with the noise.
  • It’s OK:This is a fantastic device to assist with your shoes. The flexible handle provides this tool with a sound method of getting your foot in the shoe. Use it every day.
  • Just the right size:I love the bag. I ordered in two colors, and I kept the neon purple, but if purple would not be available, my second choice was red.Lots and lots of pockets, very practical. It’s nice that can be carried in different positions: cross shoulder and just like satchel. Light weighed. Bright colors. I just don’t know why they make in black. I guess they have to.I would recommend it to my friends.