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  • love it lots of room:I ordered this wallet for my niece for Christmas . She loves the wallet .Received on time. Very happy niece.Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Cheap
  • awesome:My 6’3" husband recently had injuries to both his ankles and 1 wrist that has resulted in prolonged and painful swelling of those joints. Manuviering both his wrists to put on shoes was diffuicult in itself; however putting shoes onto swollen feet & ankles makes the situation even worse. My help was not always wanted since I sometimes would accidently bend or twist his foot trying to shove his shoes on.This shoehorn has been a lifesaver! I orgionally wanted steel and was looking for length. Finding such a combo was hard and/or expensive.This is plastic, but VERY sturdy. He travels a lot, so if he needs it on his next trip, I am glad to know that this can easily be packed into his suitcase and not add additional weight.The length is perfect for him to sit comfortably and put on his shoes without having to bend over and cause pressure to his sensitive injuries.The ‘T-handle’ has come in handy to easily hold steady without having to use a tight grasp with his hands.Replica Louis Vuitton Belts Replica
  • calicacion de la porta chequera victorinox:Love the material of this product; durable and sophisticated at the same time. It features many interior pockets to hold all of my travel items. Great buy!Mens Replica Louis Vuitton Belts
  • Love these!:Great comfort and support for a house and driving shoe!Mens Ferragamo Belt Replica
  • love my bag its useful for everything:first time shopping in Amazon, buy it for my girlfriend, she like it very much, and I’ll recommend to my other friend.
  • Winner of a Shoehorn:It’s lightweight and sturdy. At some point the handle cracked at the end (probably dropped it on hard floor) but it doesn’t affect my use of it. The shoe horn is so long that I hold it somewhere along the shaft.Bottom line: I can get running/walking shoes on without assistance from another person.
  • Nice:This is the best wallet I have ever purchase. It has enough compartments to hold all the credit and membership cards I have. The change holder is a little tight and coins are hard to get out, but overall I love it.
  • Extra Long Handled Shoehorn:Gives wonderful assistance to those of us who can’ t reach down to our feet. It’ s sturdy quality is great. Can you telll that I’m very satisfied.
  • Overall a great bag but could be even better with a few small tweaks.:I am not a purse person. Times when I need removable storage to be worn on my body i sling this thing and just go. LOVE this bag it is worth every penny! Great for airplane / theme parks / hiking
  • How does it know?:Well-made and functional. It does exactly what a long handle shoe horn should do and the actual loop handle on top is a boon over the curved types. No complaints at all. Highly recommended, plus, it arrived exactly when it was supposed to arrive. This is a good merchant that sells through Amazon.
  • It Works…Dad Says:This product is great! It is long enough so that when my arthritis is bothering me I do not have to bend over to put my shoes on. This product works as good a I hoped it would.
  • Five Stars:Sturdy and very Functional. Love this. Agree with the other five star reviews.